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Marbled skin

Marble skin

marble skin photo Marble Skin - a pathological condition of the skin, reflected in the uneven bluish color in the form of a mesh and tree pattern of blood vessels.The disease is the second name in medicine --lived.There are several types of diseases , depending on its causes.Why marble skin?Most women are concerned, as well as young mothers, detecting disease in the baby.

Marble skin causes

marble skin in adults occurs when there is a change in the circulation of blood through the capillaries and, as a consequence there are small vessels of the skin.This phenomenon is not dangerous, but it is one of the symptoms of changes in the central nervous system, as well as increased intracranial pressure, hydrocephalus or cysts in the brain.

Marble color in adults also occurs because of tuberculosis.In this case, the drumstick skin appear pale-bluish spots.

Marble skin after a bath, use of heaters, various heating occurs directly in the form of redness, rolling in a grid pattern.

Marble skin at low t

emperature is non-durable time.Blood vessels thus react to cooling.This problem is typical for girls and women who do not protect themselves in the cold season.Also can serve as a cause of the disease dermatitis, as well as the disruption of the internal organs.The skin is covered with patches of pale-bluish color, but when pressed they disappear.Their place is of course, but also the side surfaces of the body.Often the spots are arranged symmetrically.

Marble skin diseases on the background of systemic lupus erythematosus, atherosclerosis, malaria, tuberculosis, heart disease, accompanied by the appearance-branching tree-like spots with bluish-red.Their dimensions are different.Upon cooling, the skin patches become more visible.Rarely in the area of ​​their presence there of skin necrosis.If you ignore the illness, marble figure of the skin spread over the skin.

list of diseases that provoke the appearance of a marble pattern on the skin: periarteritis nodosa, tuberculosis, malaria, dermatitis, induratum erythema, lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, dysentery, syphilis, chronic tonsillitis, tumors, intoxication (alcohol withdrawal syndrome), as well as hypertension,heart disease and atherosclerosis.

marble skin on the child

photo marble skin of the child

marble skin of the child

This disease is widespread in infants.Why baby skin a marble?Leather baby is spotted or marbled shade because immature blood vessels that are close enough to the surface.Some vessels are narrowed, which gives the skin a bluish tint kid, and some are expanding, which gives a reddish color.Thus, there is a very similar pattern on the mesh.It turns into a significant figure when the child's body freezes and fades after rewarming the baby.

marble skin of the child causes

However, to change the color of the skin may still following reasons: too long feeding, if Mom has a lot of milk, and the baby has to feed a long period.In this case, marble skin in infants occurs because of the pressure of blood vessels.

kid, eating large amounts of milk, dilated blood vessels that affects the loss of elasticity.They become visible through the thin delicate skin of the child.

marble skin of newborn violation occurs after vascular tone and the reason appears autonomic dysfunction.This is because long childbirth.At the same time the head and cervical subject to additional loads.

Marble Leather infant is frequently caused by hypoxia and fetal anemia.This is due to illness during pregnancy and adverse affects on blood circulation to the baby's birth.The child is restless, he cries often, very little sleep and not eating.

marble skin of the child occurs if there is a problem with the heart as well as the genetic inheritance of vegetative-vascular dystonia.There is a rare form of the disease - is teleangiektaticheskaya innate marble skin.A special feature is a color grid on the skin, which is bright and does not disappear after the baby warmers.This state often is fixed in children who live in cold climates.

skin in infants is particularly soft, supple, rich in blood vessels, velvety, elastic and easily vulnerable.Especially the skin of newborns is a horny, thin layer and according to this it needs a careful, gentle care.The skin is soft to wipe a sheet using the method promakivaniya.Always important to clean your hands and all that with the skin of the child contact.

Marble skin treatment

Before treatment is necessary to pass a series of studies that confirm or refute the diagnosis.

More important to find out the cause of the marble skin of adults.If the consequences of other diseases that we treat them.Parallel to take calcium, vitamin E, C, PP, warm baths and massages.According to the testimony prescribe physiotherapy.

marble skin in infants special treatment is not needed.Marble color the baby in many cases, does not conceal the dangers and disappears by itself after a child gets older.The kid growing up, become more seasoned, and the autonomic nervous system to mature, better control the tone of subcutaneous blood vessels.However, it must in any case show the child to a neurologist.Effective in the treatment of regular massage, early swimming, gymnastics, long walks, and the right attitude to clothing and food.It is important to avoid overheating and over-feeding a baby.

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