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petechiae photo Petechiae are flat and rounded shape spot spots, deep red, reaching the size of 1-2 mm in diameter.Petechiae are not detected by palpation and does not protrude above the skin surface.Their size varies from a point to a pea.The main feature of petechiae from flea bites is the lack of a central point.

Petechiae skin first are expressed by a bright red color, which passes into a dark brown.Over time, they lose the brightness fade and disappear, but sometimes behind, leaving a small dark spots.

Petechiae reasons

Their occurrence is associated with small capillary hemorrhages (small hemorrhages) in the skin and mucosa.

reasons petechiae - a physical injury.As an example, this is a severe blow to the skin.

Petechiae skin occur in all age groups (children, adults).Rare causes of facial petihii include coughing, vomiting attack, leading to the appearance of capillary ruptures near the eye.Such manifestations are peculiar to children.

Petechiae can occur after put pressure on the s

kin tissue.These hemorrhages disappear after a few days and do not anything dangerous.

Petechiae skin manifestations of the disease can be thrombocytopenia, which occurs with a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood.This state is able to occur after medication, as well as the presence of infection in the body.Violation of the blood clotting and can lead to petechiae.There are cases where the capillaries are broken after taking certain medications.

list of diseases for which there petechiae: lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, Wegener's granulomatosis, infective endocarditis, scurvy, periarteritis nodosa, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, hypercortisolism, purpura, typhoid, verlgofovaya disease, smallpox, septicemia.

Allocate primary petechiae on the skin, in which the formation of stored up to several days.Over time, their outlines become less bright, and she dims the brightness of the spot.Further primary petechiae on the skin turn into a dark and sometimes become greenish-yellow hue.Sometimes the recorded cases of the appearance of spots barely visible bubbles filled with liquid and having a pussy in nature, but a nature of the disease occurs when the heat return.

Primary petechiae versus less roseolous spots and occur in small numbers.Many patients confuse primary petechiae with insect bites.But it suffices to study spots under the microscope, to understand that it is not.Hemorrhage occurs immediately, but the rapid disappearance makes it impossible to take into account this symptom.

Secondary petechiae on the skin often give oozing blood pigment itself in the surrounding tissue.For secondary petechiae is characteristic not disappear when pressed.For roseolous spots always peculiar to the transition to secondary petechiae.

petechiae in the skin photo

photo petechiae on the skin of the child

Petechiae the child

disease in the baby are small, rounded subcutaneous blood stains that occur after the rupture of blood vessels and the leakage of blood under the very surface of the skin or mucous membranes.The subcutaneous layer petechiae affect dot, and their diameter is 1-2 mm.A feature of these structures is to cover a fairly large area of ​​the skin and mucous membranes.Eruptions impression of flat spots and their color does not change even if you press.There are all sorts of skin petechiae in the areas, including the mouth.

Petechiae in children causes

One of the main causes of illness in children appears the injury as well as damage the capillaries, then there is their break and leak blood, which extends into the subcutaneous surface.

Petechiae in children occur during the game, and the reason - is the occasional drop.The disease is able to occur when septicemia - a blood infection, due to hit the pathogenic bacteria.Septicaemia occurs on the background of any disease.Often kids are suffering an early age, because their immune system is not sufficiently formed to hold the pathological process.

Petechiae appear in the sky because of the injury at the time of eating solid food.Poor care of the baby and malnutrition can cause childhood scurvy, which is characterized by diffuse petechial hemorrhages of the skin and oral mucosa.Causes of bleeding in the skin of children is the lack of vitamin K.

Petechiae in children and their symptoms: high fever, shortness of breath, rapid pulse, the development of respiratory failure and fever.Toxic substances produced by microbes, injure blood vessels and cause the formation of a rash, which is called hemorrhagic.When septicemia sprawl rash occurs during the day.Severe accompanied by fainting and delirious.The development of septicemia is very fast and its timely diagnosis and treatment are essential for saving the life of a child.

petechiae on his feet Photo

photo petechiae on his feet

Petechiae treatment

To solve this problem resorting to cosmetic surgery method.

Treatment petechiae in children include vitamins C, P, K, as well as extracts of the liver and blood transfusions, red blood cells, the introduction of globulins.The fight against pathogenic bacteria involves intravenous administration of the child is very strong antibiotics.Provided that if septicemia caused the infected wound or an infectious abscess, surgery is applied.

endocarditis, petechiae in children occur on the conjunctiva, as well as the body, buccal mucosa, distal extremities, nail hemorrhage.Kids worried chills, sweating, fever, shortness of breath, pain in the heart.Treatment is carried out only in a hospital.The fundamental is the use of antibacterial drugs, taking into account the sensitivity of microbes to them.Infection by fungi is treated with amphotericin fluconazole, given the age dose.

petechiae in children Treatment includes controlling the biochemistry of blood serum, as well as heart rate and control of blood pressure readings.

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