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lentigo photo Lentigo is a benign pigmented spots that are caused by the process of concentration of melanin pigment in chromatophores dermis and basal layer of epidermis.Visually, it looks like a brown skin spots with clear boundaries and rounded shape.This disease is referred to as nevi - Skin tumors that are either congenital or acquired.

Lentigo reasons

influence on the development of lentigines injuries.Multiple lentigines refers to pathologic conditions - lentiginosis.Congenital lentiginosis inherited human autosomal dominant manner.It is characterized by the appearance of the skin (other than skin) a large number of small rounded brown spots.The lesions of the skin combined with malformations such as congenital deafness, heart defects, spina vertebrae.Acquired lentiginosis occurs after liver dysfunction, as well as in old, old age.

Lentigo reaches the size in diameter of 2 cm, but the more common education of 1-3 mm, with a round or elongated shape with a tinge of yellow or brownish-bl

ack color.Spots several sealed and raised above the skin surface.

innate Lentigo often has large size.Malignancy in this is very rare.It is characterized by itching and flaking, increased size, redness, discoloration of stains.

When periorifitsialnom lentigines on the skin almost immediately after birth raises a lot of age spots around the mouth, on the lips, oral mucosa and the anus.In the interval from 10 to 30 years in patients with gastric polyposis appears malignancy, and intestinal polyposis (often small intestine).

There are several types of lentigo: sunny, youthful, senile.

Solar lentigines photo

photo solar lentigines

Solar lentigines

This type occurs on the back of the hands, face and forearms.The causes is frequent exposure to the sun.

Solar lentigines appear as a result of longitudinal impact on the skin to ultraviolet radiation.Users owners of light skin type most susceptible to this disease.A great influence on the appearance of solar lentigines has age - older people are more susceptible to disease.However, solar lentigines able to appear in young people in the case of abuse of a solarium.

Solar lentigines focuses in the hands, face, neck.These spots tend to the gradual spread and increase: the original diameter has a size of 5 mm.

Solar lentigines has a color from light brown to darker or even black.Sweeping pattern: the duration of the disease affects the darkening stain on the skin.

Solar lentigines has no association with systemic diseases, and does not affect the overall physical condition of the person.

Lentigo youthful

first begins to manifest itself in childhood and can apply to any portion of the skin.The second name of the juvenile or simple lentigines lentigo.This kind of lentigo has no connection with the serious diseases that affect different body systems.

Lentigo youthful and causes it finally installed, but found that this species is not triggered by UV radiation.

Lentigo youthful and its symptoms: the appearance of dark spots, similar in shape to a circle or oval, with a diameter of 3-15 mm and smooth edges.Spots lentigines can attack mucous membranes, skin, and have from single to multiple elements of an eruption.Differential diagnosis is based on histological examination.

Senile lentigo

cause of the disease are the age-related changes of the skin.The elderly man lentigo spots often occur on the hands and face area.For senile lentigines uncharacteristic pigment net and no symptoms of cancer of the skin.Visually, the disease presented clearly outlined, flat, pigmented spots.Often occur after sunburn.In form they are larger stains juvenile lentigines, and can reach a diameter of 1 cm. Eruptions are peculiar to the elderly, who have light skin.

senile lentigines photo

photo senile lentigines

Treatment of lentigo

uncomplicated cases can not be treated as delivered only cosmetic inconvenience.

Lentigo does not harm the body, but the lower the probability of its occurrence is possible, if you follow the simple rules: do not stay a long time under the sun, the direct rays and protect the skin from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.It is important to maintain the state of the skin and its youth following a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

How to get rid of lentigo?Items that are exposed to constant trauma, should be removed surgically, and then perform cryotherapy.Surgical treatment of polyposis in the gastrointestinal tract provides regression lentigines.

Treatment of lentigo include methods similar to the removal of freckles, consisting in lightening pigment spots of beauty treatments.

forecast in the treatment of lentigo often favorable.Preventive measures include avoiding sun exposure and trauma lentiginous elements.

Senile lentigo treatment

There is a non-surgical, painless and safe removal of senile lentigines - rejuvenation.This medical procedure allows a short time to get rid of the stains on the skin.The method consists in a pulsed light on the deep and upper layers of the skin.Rays, penetrating into the skin, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.That they include the re-work the physiological processes in the skin, helps rejuvenate.The generated light affects the skin of the target, it creates heat.Targets acts oxyhemoglobin, melanin.Thermal energy, affecting the target cells eliminates the problem, and promotes the synthesis of essential elements of the launch.In this case, the light rays falling on the spot lentigines, affect the cells and remove melanin pigmentation.

Removing senile lentigines, effective on all skin areas, it goes well with a variety of cosmetology effects.The duration of a single procedure to 5-20 minutes, all depends on the area of ​​cultivated land.The course of treatment consists of 3-6 sessions.Sessions give the patient a feeling of warmth.However, after the procedure there is a feeling of a burning sensation and slight redness, swelling of the lungs may be formed.Two days later, all these symptoms disappear.

to solve lentigines better method than resurfacing hard to find.Before using the procedures should consult a dermatologist with a beautician.The main advantage of this technique is non-invasive: the skin is not damaged, do not become infected and do not need a long recovery period.Painless procedure allows women to hold sessions on sensitive areas of skin.This procedure is effective at any age, with a minimum of contraindications.Photorejuvenation is not recommended during pregnancy pass, as well as with a fresh tan and while taking photosensitizing drugs.

Treatment of lentigo photo

before and after the procedure, photorejuvenation

Lentigo Treatment folk remedies

effectiveness of the following recipes:

- one teaspoon of small chips of white soap spoon filled with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, plus added 2-3 drops of ammoniaalcohol.The resulting mass of foam lubricated spots, the treatment is carried out for 15-20 minutes.After all thoroughly washed off and the skin is smeared nourishing cream;

- good effective treatment for pigmentation acts as a lemon, pomegranate, grapefruit, birch, cucumber, Rowan juice, and the juice of black currant, dandelion leaves, fresh parsley.One of juice lubricates dark spots several times a day:

- tablespoon of white clay is connected to the 1 \ 2 tspsoda and 1 \ 2 tsptalc.The mixture was diluted with 2% boric acid solution to obtain a viscous mass.This mass treat dark spots 15-20 minutes, then wash off everything and lubricate the skin nourishing cream;

- pour a glass of elderberry blossoms dry boiled water, and leave to cool.All we filter and dilute the infusion 1 \ 2 cup of pure water.Impose lotion pigment spots on the four times a day;

- combine two teaspoons of glycerin with a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, plus two teaspoons of boric alcohol, and one item.spoon of clean water.This mixture several times a day grease dark spots;

- Art.Spoon cottage cheese is connected with two teaspoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide, plus ammonia (two teaspoons).All carefully mixed and applied in small pieces on the spot.The procedure lasts 20 minutes;

- juice from fresh flowers and leaves of calendula wiped pigmented area of ​​the skin three times a day;

- half art.spoons of white clay mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice until you get a paste.The resulting mass is put on the affected area of ​​skin and hold 20 minutes.

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