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Annular erythema

Annular erythema

annular erythema photo Annular erythema - a disease that is characterized by polymorphism and erratic growth of annular elements.The second name of the disease - the centrifugal erythema Daria.The disease occurs in chronic and occurs after poisoning the body, allergies, infectious diseases.

Annular erythema reasons

reasons for the annular catalyst for the development of erythema, often rooted in genetic predisposition.

centrifugal annular erythema Daria rarely has a connection with such diseases as cancer and myeloproliferative diseases.Most often it occurs in people reaching the age of fifty of either sex.However, more common in men suffering from chronic diseases (sinusitis, tonsillitis) or with changes in the immune system.

Annular erythema symptoms

Annular erythema stands rings protruding above the surface of the skin.Bright color is characteristic of the outer edges of the rings, which are united in the chain as well as half-rings.Stains can have across up to eight centimeters.Somet

imes stains peel and cause itching.

Annular erythema is usually manifested by the following symptoms: the patient has headache, malaise, fever, swelling in the body are found.The disease is difficult to diagnose and may be confused with other diseases (leprosy, drug reaction, lupus erythematosus, mycosis).

centrifugal annular erythema Daria often develops acute, but has a protracted course and treatment.It starts with peeling erythema and swelling of the pinkish-yellow or red spots.The process turns into multiple erythematous elements having an annular shape with urticaria edge and pale center.In the center of the chamber has a flat, smooth surface, reaches a value of up to 2 cm. The color of the central part gradually changes to lividnogo and then brownish color.During the growth of the peripheral elements attain a diameter of 15 cm. Some rings are combined and form a scalloped elements, arches, garlands.The duration of the elements is a scalloped 2-3 weeks, then they disappear, but leave behind a wildly-stagnant pigmentation.Soon there are new annular elements.What place is the location of the trunk and limbs, much less neck, face, buttocks, lips.At the same time, there is no sensation in the patient, but are able to attend the itching and burning of the various plan (in intensity).

clinically isolated species erythema Darya, which differ in the following forms:

- flaky form, which is characterized by peeling a thin white border around the outer edge of the centers of

- vesicular form of erythema Daria, manifested in the rapid disappearance of vesicles located at the edges of the elements

- Simple girlyandoobraznaya erythema stands Term of small spots, which include a few hours or a few days

- Persistent mikrogirlyandoobraznaya erythema, including small up to 1 cm in diameter elements.Histological examination reveals the epidermis with dyskeratosis elements round bodies and grains.Rarely can be seen in the epidermis blisters filled shrunken cells having grain.

Erythema giperkeratozprovotsiruyut Darya and the formation of horny plugs.

Annular erythema in children

Children erythema Daria characterized by the formation of spots round, which merge into the ring.Children, adolescents, erythema takes the form of a pale pink, sometimes purple-red and bluish-pink or semi-closed rings are often intricately combined with each other and create an interesting lacy pattern skin.Separate colored line rings capable of skin is slightly lifted.Inside the rings are familiar skin or pale in color.

Annular erythema Leiner in children suffering from rheumatism, as well as having heart disease.Eruptions appear in the body, have a ring-shape and merge into one another.The color is usually bright red, and the size of a five-kopeck coin, no peeling.The rash can exist for a long time, it all depends on the complexity of rheumatic process.Improvement occurs immediately after the disappearance of the symptoms of the underlying disease.

Annular centrifugal erythema Daria has a toxic-allergic.The trunk, limbs, feet and hands have multiple urtikaropodobnye spots.Their color is red and pink, the size of 3x4 cm or more.Ability spots gradually expand and merge with each other.This form shapes resembling garlands with scalloped edges, arcs, concentric circles (ring ring).For the elements characteristic of the expansion without peeling, leaving a moderate, short-lived pigmentation in the center of the rings.The child does not feel special sensations.The disease is able to take up to several years.

Annular erythema in children treatment involves finding out the causes sensitization of the organism.Sometimes prescribe antibiotics, antimalarial, sulfa drugs, vitamins A, E, D, B. Showing the complex rehabilitation measures where there are pockets of chronic infection in the child.Try putting your baby for the weather and prevent cooling, but tempering the child's body does not hurt.Annular erythema in children occurs rapidly and can also disappear very quickly.It tends to occur in any phase of rheumatic attack.It happens that precedes the manifestation of rheumatic fever, while others sick children manifests itself in a period of recovery, after the disappearance of clinical symptoms of rheumatism activity.

often chronic variants of the disease have recurrent rashes.Doctors have their re-emergence associated with severe cardiovascular system.

annular erythema on the trunk Photo

photo annular erythema on the trunk

Annular erythema treatment

diagnosis of erythema Daria set visually on the extensor surfaces of the limbs, neck, face, oral mucosa.Examination of rashes with scalloped edges includes mandatory study on pathogenic fungi.All therapeutic interventions directed to the treatment of primary infection, as well as making drugs that relieve symptoms, thereby facilitating the patient's condition.

Annular erythema and its treatment of malignant form does not accept.Appointment of Medicine includes a hyposensitization agent (sodium thiosulfate, calcium supplements, antihistamines).

Annular erythema and its treatment is not without broad-spectrum antibiotics: penitsilliinovye drugs, azithromycin, erythromycin, doxycycline, fluoroquinolone drugs (Abaktal, Tsifloks).Are important in the treatment of vitamin A, E and C. Recommended follow-up.Local patients received corticosteroid ointment.Overall prognosis is favorable and fleeting.

Annular erythema and preventive measures include the treatment of the digestive system, as well as a healthy lifestyle and, of course, subsequently correct and balanced diet.

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