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Erythema nodosum

erythema nodosum

nodular erythema photo erythema nodosum - a disease manifested by inflammation of the blood vessels of the skin and subcutaneous fat-fiber.Women are usually worried about the disease more often.Age range of cases erythema nodosum 30 years.The risk category get pregnant and women who use contraceptives.Erythema nodosum thoroughly described domestic specialist NFFilatov.He gave his own definition of the disease, it is - the "disease in stockings."The causes of the disease are infectious diseases and primary manifestations in the skin is red spots.Externally, red spots look like formation of nodes and deliver a touch uncomfortable.These formations are able to disappear for a few days, but can save up to ten days.

erythema nodosum inflamed subcutaneous fat in the skin.The ability of rash appears to gradually increase their size up to ten centimeters.Feet often prone to rashes and in most cases it is the inner side of the thigh.But the upper limbs less prone to rashes.At first, the rash intensely pink,

then they become a purple hue, and then turn yellow.Thus, to change the color of subcutaneous hematoma.At first spots have intense color, and by the third week, they disappear.If nodal erythema becomes chronic, the spots disappear for a short time, then there are merge into units and migrate.

erythema nodosum just diagnosed.However, there is difficulty in determining the causes of disease.The reasons can be explicit or not manifest itself.

erythema nodosum - an unpleasant disease, but not a threat to the patient's life.

erythema nodosum causes

main thrust of acute erythema nodosum is a respiratory and acute viral illness.Many cases are marked with the appearance of spots by raising body temperature and poor health.The disease is characterized by unpleasant sensations in the joints of the feet.

erythema nodosum may be physiological and appear after the various effects on the skin.The cause of erythema nodosum is a massage, rubbing the skin warming creams and alcohol tinctures.Sometimes the disease nodular erythema appears after making medicines, but there are times when the appearance of nervous intensity.The disease loves workaholics often feel nervous stress.But often causes severe erythema nodosum appears tubercle bacillus, coccal infection and yeast pathogens.

erythema nodosum symptoms

The disease is caused by the emergence of hyperergic drug reactions, bacterial allergens.But the main places of concentration of the rash is the front and the side surface of the tibia.Status sick erythema nodosum aggravate chronic diseases.This dental disease, tonsillitis, tuberculosis, otitis media, and other viral infections.Under a separate disease nodular erythema falls at a loss to figure out why.

erythema nodosum may appear completely at any age.Occurrence of rash preceded by a prodromal period characterized by malaise, low-grade fever, weakness, bone pain, and gastrointestinal disorders.

erythema nodosum appears in dense knots located in the lower dermis.At the same shade of red skin smooth.Pain syndrome of the disease varies, and prone to various expressions.It is manifested spontaneously node palpation, itching while uncharacteristic.On the fifth day begins permission nodes that appear in the seal and not accompanied by the collapse.

erythema nodosum released feature to change the color of the skin over the nodes themselves.Initially the color of red, then brown, then bluish and greenish-yellow.Visually, the disease resembles a bruise.Typically

sites focus on the front of the leg with the characteristic symmetry of lesions, although there are one-sided and rash.Elements of erythema nodosum occur in the subcutaneous fat layer: calves, forearms, thighs, face, buttocks.

erythema nodosum often begins acutely, with fever, accompanied by weakness, malaise, and chills.In the morning, it marked stiffness and painful probing.

erythema nodosum in children

Most suffer from the age of six girls in the cold season.Symptoms of the disease appear on the sixth day.

erythema nodosum in children manifests itself in general malaise, moods, accompanied by abdominal pain and joint pain, headache.In children, there are hot, painful nodes (to the touch), located on the front or side of the leg, thighs and forearms.Units are characterized by hemispherical shape resembling a nut, as well as the rise above the surface of the skin, symmetrical arrangement without borders swelling.A distinctive feature of the nodes performs a color change from red to bluish, followed by their conversion to yellowish-green.Gradually, the rash becomes flat.

erythema nodosum in children is sometimes combined with lesions of the joints, which are characterized by swelling, redness, pain on movement.Within a few days the inflammation in the joints disappears, and pain in them persists for some time.Over time, the nodes are 6 weeks is enough.

erythema nodosum in children and its treatment includes bed rest, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs - aspirin, Brufen, Indomethacin.Affected place topically treated with a hot compress, ihtiola include sodium, heparin ointment and corticosteroid.It is important to promptly about the illness notify your doctor, as self-dangerous.

treatment of erythema nodosum

After going to the doctor to the patient appoint undergo an X-ray of the lungs, to prevent tuberculosis and sarcoidosis, recommend to make a smear on streptococci, analysis of Yersinia.To eliminate the infection appoint various blood tests.

Particular attention should be paid to situations of suspected tumor, and autoimmune diseases.Home treatment involves the reduction of emotional balance and eliminating negative thoughts, as a source of destruction of the body.It is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, to purge the body of toxins.It is necessary to pay special attention to the liver and intestines.You must enter a rule to periodically starve.If it is impossible to starve, you can use the weight loss diet (vegetable diet, berry diet, kefir diet buckwheat diet, fruit diet).

How to treat erythema nodosum ?

disease nodular erythema is treated with dry heat.Recommended Bile charges, consisting of herbs (lemon balm, mint, immortelle, birch leaf).When deterioration obyazateono access to a doctor, who will ascribe vitamins, antihistamines, pain relievers, calcium, antibiotics, corticosteroids, peripheral gemokinatory iodide, alkali, adaptogens, and angioprotectors disaggregants.Local treatment involves application of Dimexidum, occlusive dressings.

erythema nodosum during pregnancy creates most of the difficulties in providing assistance in treatment, since this period is dangerous because of the decision of the majority of drugs.

erythema nodosum during pregnancy has long been perceived by doctors to immediately interrupt.Today, doctors have changed opinion since found that the risk of erythema nodosum for future mothers minimal.

But pregnant women to successfully treat erythema nodosum need to be examined and cure related illness.It is very important and timely treatment of nodular erythema has been held in the third trimester.

erythema nodosum during pregnancy and its treatment involves the use of the following drugs: indovazin, chimes, Paracetamol, aspirin, ointment Deep Relief.The only condition is that the drugs must be used in small amounts.Future moms to refine the treatment, it is important to respect the day with frequent rest.

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