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Lichen photos Lychen - the name of which includes a set of various skin diseases, regardless of their origin and is characterized by nodules, small eruptions.With the Greek term refers to an infection or ringworm. long been in medical practice, the term is used in the wider application indicate different diseases.In the 19th century F. Hebra has made clear in the very tangled issue of Dermatology, referring to the lichen skin diseases.

for all diseases are characterized by nodular lesions, not passing into other elements rashes - blisters, bubbles.The group carried: Lichen red flat lichen line (strip-like), a brilliant lichen, lichen amyloid, lichen tropical hair lichen, lichen myxedema, scrofulous lichen, chronic simple lichen Vidal, lichen-spinous Krokkera Adamson, lichen sclerosus white atrophic.

Lychen reasons

analysis of the alleged trigger points has shown that the majority of cases have infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.Many have been identified and vulvitis vulvovaginitis,

human papilloma virus, cystitis, herpes simplex, pyelonephritis, nephropathy, enuresis, polycystic and other infections.Many patients living in industrial areas, areas near the nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants.

chronic nasal infection, including sinusitis, adenoids and tonsillitis in children have been reported in small quantities.

reasons for provoking lichen, act gastroduodenity H. pylori etiology tubinfitsirovanie, hormonal dysfunction, endocrine pathology, uterine hypoplasia, hyperandrogenism, dysmenorrhea due to estrogen deficiency, allergies, atopic dermatitis type of neurodermatitis, allergic rhinitis, hay fever.

Autoimmune diseases (autoimmune thyroiditis, diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, alopecia areata, localized scleroderma, psoriasis, celiac disease) - it also causes lichen.Another group of diseases - causes of lichen presented genetic abnormalities and chromosomal aberrations: the disease Daunav conjunction with congenital heart disease, mitral valve prolapse, anomalies of the heart, increased pulmonary artery.

Photos of oral lichen

lichen oral mucosa photo

Types lichen

Lychen brilliant, being a rare skin disease was first described by Pincus in 1907.The pathogenesis and etiology of the disease is unknown.Lichen planus is similar in origin to a brilliant superimposed lichen.Often, they suffer from the boys.The disease is characterized by two types of changes: limited, as tubercle granuloma, located in the papillary and upper part of the dermis which is composed of epithelioid cells, lymphocytes, giant cells, fibroblasts;and netuberkuloidnaya inflammatory granuloma.The clinic is manifested in the form of round, small or pearl-shiny, flat, smooth polygonal, sharply bounded and slightly rising nodules typical of normal skin color.For very dense knots peculiar location, which is not peculiar to merge.At the same time there are no subjective sensations.Places where the lichen are often brilliant in the skin of the penis, much less on the skin of the body, the knee and the elbow.

sometimes brilliant Lehen can be common in such cases, no rash on the scalp, face, soles and palms.For mucous membranes tend to defeat only in rare cases.Often the disease is chronic.Disease diagnosed and recovered by the following features.From goose skin lichen stands a brilliant character knots, and localization;characterized by the absence of a rigorous lichen group arrangement of nodules and their brilliance;from the spinous lichen characterized by the absence of group rashes and brilliance of the red flat depriving distinguishes small amount of color and the absence of rash merger and the formation of plaques.

Lychen brilliant diagnosed by the presence of small rounded and smooth polygonal pearl shiny and slightly rising papules on the skin surface.

tropical Lychen is a synonym for the following diseases: flat tropical zoster, actinic lichen planus, lichenoid dermatitis atebrinovy, lichen flat atypical - tropical dermatosis, lichen planus New Guinea, a tropical lichen is characterized by a rash of small, nodular elements similar to the type of lichen planus.It affects the exposed areas of the skin.The disease is characterized by seasonality, characterized by worsening in the summer.

Lychen tropical sometimes grouped into rings and half-rings;often observed in individuals with the islands south-western Pacific Ocean, taking antimalarial - Atebrin (Akrikhin).

Lychen tropical characterized by multiple polygonal flat papules pale pink color, centered on the extensor surfaces of the forearms and much less on the limbs down.

Lychen line attributed to unknown etiology.The disease develops in children, for which the characteristic rash unilateral linear arrangement of the limbs and neck.

Lychen spinous stands synonymous for such diseases: spinous keratosis pilaris, lichen spinous Krokkera - Adamson.For lichen spinous peculiar red papules with thin horny spines, which are located predominantly on the extensor surfaces and neck.

Lichen sclerosus first received the description in 1889 as sclerotic form of lichen planus.The disease of white spots and white lichen Tsumbusha played for a long time synonymous with the diagnosis.

were subsequently marked sclerosing form lichen.This primary sclerosing lichen, as well as secondary, which appears in the background of normal red lichen.Mostly diseased growth lichen sclerosus occurs in all countries, girls and young women.

Because of the likelihood of scarring of the genital mucous membranes is the analysis of outcomes of clinical manifestations and the search is conducted successful treatments.

Lichen sclerosus, being a chronic, rare disease, there is a focal atrophy of the skin and mucosal atrophy on the external genitals.The development of the disease assigned the role of endocrine, infectious, neurogenic, and other factors, but is currently still explored the origin of the autoimmune disease.According to information received from the girls found a reduced level of estrogen synthesis, observed later date pubertal maturation, as well as the symptoms of menstrual dysfunction.

Lichen sclerosus genitals able to be combined with localized scleroderma and lichen planus, autoimmune disorders of the skin and mucosal abnormalities.Cases of lichen sclerosus transformation into squamous cell carcinoma.A variety of factors starting, as well as the clinical manifestations of the disease makes the necessity of a complete examination of patients.The survey includes bacterioscopic, immuno, bacteriological methods of investigation of the infectious process, as well as evaluating the immunological status and the clarification of the level of sexual hormones.

Onset of the disease is accompanied by severe itching, as well as the formation of whitish, convex plaque sclerosis, which are characterized by disruption of combing and beneath the open ulcer or erosive surface.The disease is characterized by skin thinning, vulnerability, inflammation in contact with the wound pathogenic microflora, resulting in papular and pustular dermatitis resembling median stages of eczema.Areas where more likely to develop the disease process, it is part of the groin.Message to a specialist on the lichen sclerosus in the feet or the back is a rarity, because the symptoms are not particularly worried man.

Photo Lichen on the legs

lichen on the legs Photo

Lichen sclerosus of the penis

disease in men is accompanied by the formation of the foreskin on the white sclerotic ring and the patient suffers from severe itching.Often during intercourse occur sclerotic education breaks with the appearance of a long time healing wounds and ulcers.If you do not provide the treatment at this stage or if the foreskin is cut off, the whole pathological process is transferred to the head of the penis to the skin scar.

Lychen penis consequences - obliteration of the urethra and phimosis.This sex life is not possible, and the process of urination due to prolonged straining need.

Later stages of penile lichen characterized by the formation of granulomas on the head, is very reminiscent of malignant tumors.

Lichen sclerosus of the vulva

Women vulvar lichen symptoms appear as severe itching, as well as the appearance of white seal on the vulva and the anus.Often the area of ​​pathology taking shape eight.Further there is obliteration of the vestibule, on the clitoris and the labia appear sclerotic plaques and granulomas.

Lichen sclerosus and its clinical forms: vitiliginoznaya, maculopapular, erythematous, edematous, bullous, erosive and ulcerative, atrophic.

Papular form is expressed in the form of flat, individual plaques, which are located on the inner surface of the genitals, the labia majora.Behind this form of whitish leaves space surface atrophy.

erythematous-edematous form shown by the type of atrophy areas of whitish color on the background of hyperemia and edema of the labia, which is typical of patients with allergic history.

bullous form is manifested in the form of bubbles with serous subepidermal hemorrhagic content in the background mucosa atrophy and hyperemia.Symptoms are accompanied by itching, burning, characterized by persistent over.

Vitiliginoznaya appears the most common form of which is shown depigmentation centers superficial atrophy, as well as cracks mucosa.This form is often perceived as vitiligo or leukoplakia and proceeds without any feelings.

erosive and ulcerative form is characterized by spontaneous formation of ulcers or painful, bleeding erosions on the background of hyperemia and atrophy of the mucosa without causing bubbles.

atrophic proceeds as tissue paper with a clear characteristic atrophy of the mucous membrane.

Treatment of lichen

lichen patients receive qualified treatment in a hospital.Complex therapy includes drugs that improve the microcirculation.It Dipyridamole, retinol acetate.Locally applied intraoral ointment Solkoseril, Aktovegin, which applied a thin layer.To enrich the blood with oxygen, as well as anti-inflammatory effects of hyperbaric oxygenation rates apply.One of the most important, there is a method in the treatment of lymphotropic therapy, which is performed in the subcutaneous space shin Lydasum (hyaluronidase) with heparin and hydrocortisone.Individual readings provide a basis for the appointment of physiotherapy patients.

Children designate causal treatment, basic therapy, allergen immunotherapy and symptomatic therapy (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Diclofenac).

brilliant Lehen treated with fish oil, iron preparations, vitamins D2, A, B1, C, includes the total UV radiation, as well as salitsilovo- resorcinol and locally salitsilovo- sulfur pastes and ointments.Forecast favorable treatment brilliant lichen.

How to cure lichen sclerosus?

Because the causes of Lichen sclerosus is unknown, it is completely cured it fails.Therapeutic measures are aimed at addressing the symptoms, and the exclusion of further spread of disease.

Men advisable in the early stages is circumcised.With the spread of the urogenital canal surgery is needed expanding access canal and the plastic head of the penis.Women diseased tissue is dissected and if necessary, carry plastic vulva and anus.

Conservative treatment of lichen sclerosus involves the use of corticosteroid ointments, length of treatment up to two months.Note that relapses are possible as ointments and operations may not always eliminate the compulsive disease.

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