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Plantar warts

plantar warts

plantar warts pictures plantar warts - is education, which is caused by the human papilloma virus.This virus can cause such as education and other areas of the body.Plantar warts often appear on the reference point of the foot, which accounts pressure.These places are the heel and toe pads.As a result of pressure on the plantar warts favor the formation of calluses.Education is fairly widespread, affecting the skin of people of all ages.These ugly growths that are on the surface of the skin is visually reminiscent of convexity, which are painted in different colors and shades, including solid and black.

Plantar warts do not pose a serious danger, but their appearance gives a person the aesthetic inconvenience, disfiguring skin surface.So many people try to cure as plantar warts, and all other entities that appear on the skin.These growths can appear on any part of the body, the genitals, and the folds of the skin.

causes plantar warts

As a form of simple tumors, plantar warts attributable to the

simple subspecies on the basis of localization, as well as the corpus.This build-up is education, consisting of epithelial cells, which are located on the surface of the skin with a benign course.

plantar warts and its causes - is overgrown cells of the epidermis and papillary layer of the skin.It goes for plantar warts are benign, which means it in the cancerous degeneration will not be observed.

HPV infects the skin, the more often the hands and feet, sometimes there are education under the hair on the head or on the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract (larynx, mouth, intestine) and the urinary organs.Human papilloma virus infects the skin and body parts, depending on type.

plantar warts on the feet develops under the influence of HPV 1, 2, 4 types.Papillomavirus type 1 carries out the development of the deep plantar warts, papilloma virus type 2 leads to a mosaic formations, 4 types of leads to small entities.This education on the legs up to a third of all skin tumors.Human papilloma virus is not transmitted by inheritance.But be passed genetically from parent to child features of the immune system can.

papillomavirus infection may occur following contact with the carrier - a person.The virus can persist in the skin for a while and activated after the failure of the immune system.The virus enters the bloodstream, if the surface of the skin, there are scratches, cuts, and other microtrauma.Risk of contamination faced by people involved in travmaopasnyh sectors: meat processing workers and fish processing plants, construction workers, and people often shaving arms, legs and other body parts.

really infected with HPV can be after visiting the pool, because it is moist environment of concrete and tiles easily injure the skin.These microtrauma allowed to permeate into the body by human papilloma virus.Those at risk include people with weakened immune systems, and the following diseases: cancers, AIDS, allergies.The danger is the virus for people with transplanted organs being treated by means of depressing the immune system, as well as early sexual debut.

After the blood was human papillomavirus, while he kept dormant.It all depends on the immune system that does not allow him to temporarily multiply.Therefore, from the moment of penetration of the human papilloma virus to the development of education is able to go from two weeks to several years.

itself the speed of development of the disease depends on the immune system.So, what are actively working the body's defenses, the longer the virus does not manifest itself.If a person is already a carrier of the virus, then immediately at the time of a serious immune failure (stress) education is able to reproduce.

Thus, the cause of plantar warts are the following states of the human body: psychological trauma, stress, reduced resistance, vegetative neurosis, acrocyanosis, hyperhidrosis, Koebner phenomenon (rapid spread).Single plantar warts capable of reproduction, that is, to grow.Often grow those entities that are subject to mechanical stress: squeezing, rubbing.Koebner phenomenon is noted in the following origins: Located at a short distance from each other, education apply to the healthy part.

plantar warts, concentrated in the interdigital spaces will grow very quickly in comparison with the entities that will be located on the arch of the foot.

plantar wart photo

photo plantar warts

plantar warts symptoms

neoplasm horny layers of the epithelium, as well as sprawling surface indentations in the form of small warts.The color varies from yellow, gray, pale, brown-brown to a normal skin color.Shape rounded.Groove formations represent the views of the crater.Surface itself has a rough surface with a porous structure.Such a structure is acquired as the disease.In the beginning, education is a small, brilliant ball.If you cut the top layer of education, will become visible round, small, black dots, representing the blood, blood vessels clogged with blood clots.

plantar warts on the feet is able to act on the surface of the skin 1-3 mm.The disease tends to sprawl.Simultaneously with the formation of a large number of small form beside.So the process of self-infection and spread of the virus.

plantar warts on the feet of a few overgrown education can form a mosaic structure.When walking, it is extremely painful, often itchy, causing a lot of inconvenience and discomfort while wearing any shoes.

plantar warts in a child

Children these formations are often very painful when walking.

What is plantar warts in children?

plantar warts in a child is flat, surrounded the perimeter of dead skin, which allows us to differentiate it from calluses.Education Center celebrated dark dots representing the vessels clogged thrombi.The diagnosis of plantar warts in a child is determined after inspection.The disease must be differentiated from Reiter's syndrome, corns and syphilides.Currently it allocated to the 70 types of human papillomavirus.

plantar warts in children disappears with time on their own.In the special treatment is not needed.Provided that plantar warts in a child grows or bleeds, it serves testimony to its removal.

Photo plantar warts in a child

plantar warts in a child photo

Plantar warts treatment

First we need to make the analysis to find out the type of human papilloma virus.In identifying a virus related to cancer, removes plantar warts.Upon detection of human papilloma virus, a non-cancer pathology, the removal of plantar warts should be solved in terms of aesthetics and comfort.If the formation of breaks and prevents the normal functioning of the body and also acts as a cosmetic defect, in which case it is removed.

Plantar warts usually always removed as education due Spent stop proliferating.Expanding, they can be quite extensive, if time does not begin to treat a single education.

plantar warts is complex in its removal relative to other entities.Surgical removal leaves behind unhealed scars, which can not guarantee a full recovery.After a few years of possible relapse in the same place.

Removal of plantar warts

can use surgical or chemical method.However, modern methods are three groups to remove plantar warts.

Removal of plantar warts should be addressed individually with a physician.Effective methods: destructive (destroying), treatment chemicals, acids, caustic treatment.The method of treatment picked individually, taking into account the specific characteristics of education.It is important to take into account the concentration of neoplasms, degree of proliferation, as well as its size.

basic principle held by doctors when deciding whether it is "do no harm!".In some cases, plantar warts is better not to touch, if at the moment there is no distance to load it.Since the removal of plantar warts can lead to the formation of extensive scarring and subsequent relapse in the center of the scar.If it is impossible to remove the education process it is necessary to systematically special preparations to prevent increase in size.The destructive treatment comprises exposing the liquid nitrogen, surgical excision, radiation exposure.The destructive method is very effective at removing persistent plantar warts.

Removing plantar warts is accompanied by a relative morbidity, which is transient.

How to remove plantar warts?

remedy for plantar warts, is used in the treatment of caustic acid: acetic acid Kantaradin.All perfectly caustic acid is removed small size formation.However, the acids are able to leave behind scars, and at the time of application to cause a chemical burn, resulting in the death of plantar warts.

Plantar warts treatment include the following chemicals: Bleomycin, Tritenoin, 5 - fluorouracil, glutaraldehyde, salicylic acid, cimetidine, Formalin, retinoids.

Removal of plantar warts lead to side effects.These include allergic reactions, scarring, blisters, pigmentation disorders toward the darkening or discoloration.

How else to bring plantar wart?

X-ray radiation in the treatment considered ineffective because it affects susceptibility of tissues to relapse and re-infection.

Plantar warts in pregnant women treated with local media and exclude chemotherapy.Unfortunately, to date, there is no method that will guarantee a complete cure.This is due to the nature of viral origin.In order to understand completely removed if plantar warts should carefully consider the location, where previously housed an education.

Removal of plantar warts laser

Today, medicine is the most effective method of treatment of tumors.Laser therapy is carried out carbon dioxide laser, which acts on the skin surface, the skin without causing microtrauma.

Removal of plantar warts laser is carried out by evaporation.Until the complete disappearance of Education will take some time.

Removal of plantar warts laser has virtually no contraindications.The process itself is painless, without side effects, and the reviews of people show consistent results.

If you have symptoms of plantar warts immediately contact a specialist to determine the best method of disposal of education.Prevention of plantar warts involves good personal hygiene.Systematically need to handle the feet and hands disinfectants.If there is enhanced sweating of the feet, it is advisable to use special drugs to decrease it.It is important to wash in the limbs, treating them with antiseptic solutions.

qualitatively dry the entire shoe, because the humidity is the ideal environment for the papilloma virus.Visiting refrain from strangers slippers, and avoid wearing someone else's shoes every day.Floors should be kept clean, and be sure to walk around the living rooms in the shoe.

plantar warts folk remedies

1. Fill a basin with warm water, plus put two spoonfuls of salt, and add two drops of tea tree oil.Hold clean feet 15 minutes in the resulting water.Repeat this procedure for 10 days.

2. It is effective in the treatment of dandelion juice, the juice of celandine.Treatment is carried out up to 10 days.

3. At night, apply to the formation of a baked onion or shelled raw potatoes.Secure quality bandage.

4. Use succulent gruel of garlic and apply to education during the day.

5. Prepare a tincture from the herb wormwood and grease (part of) the affected areas.

In the case of unsuccessful treatment, consult a dermatologist.

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