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papillomatosis photo papillomatosis - is epithelial damage that occur in the affected area of ​​the human body papillomavirus.Papillomatosis characterized as multiple warts on the skin and mucous membranes of humans.Warts can appear in the form of genital warts, and as ploskostenochnyh.Localization is determined papillomatosis of the skin and / or mucous membranes of genitals, in the armpits, in the throat, hands and feet.But more frequently detected in the genital papillomatosis.

papillomatosis causes

The nature of papillomas is not fully understood, but with great confidence we can assume that it is the expression of the gene in cells E5 suprabasal, which are located in the middle layer of the epidermis.Such expression may induce cytokine production, which activates the basal cell growth;which, in turn, leads to changes in the structure of the epithelium.

papillomatosis is considered a viral disease of the skin and / or mucous membranes.Viral papillomatosis caused by viruses of the family P

apovaviridae.These viruses include double stranded DNA is a circular 7000 bp in length, and their life cycle is closely related to cell differentiation.Virus DNA contained in the basal epithelial cells, in turn, mature virus particles can be detected only in the superficial layers of the epithelium.Character defeats papillomatizom directly depends on the sensitivity of cells to viral invasion papillomatosis.That is, the infection depends on the immune system, both locally and overall.

papillomatosis has a characteristic tropism for cells and tissues of the mucous membranes and skin.Different types of papillomatosis usually begin to develop in epithelial tissues.

Types papillomatosis can be divided into two groups, which can affect the skin and multiply on or in the mucous membranes.
This type of papillomatosis as the vestibular papillomatosis is quite "interesting" in origin.The emergence of the vestibular papillomatosis contributes not viral papillomatosis, but some other reason, which is still not clear.But according to a study of this type of papillomatosis, the scientists proved that the appearance mikropapillom in the genital area in this type of help to external influences (for example, allergic reactions to vaginal secretions or sperm microtrauma during intercourse, chronic skin diseases, hidden urogenital infections).There is also a relationship occurrence vestibular papillomatosis using tampons in women.

But as itself papillomatosis is considered a viral disease, it can easily be passed from partner to partner during intercourse, with cracks and microtraumas household by.

papillomatosis long time may be in the form of latent asymptomatic.Its development may also contribute to smoking, gerpevirusnye infections, HIV infection, or any other type of immunodeficiency.Also, the general easing of immunity can cause rashes and its manifestation in the form of warts.

papillomatosis symptoms

papillomatosis urogenital area characterized by lesions of the entire urogenital area.It generally affects only squamous epithelium.The disease can develop both on the skin and on the mucous membranes of the genital area.It manifests as warts or warts on the labia in women, penis in men, the perineum and anus.

at papillomatosis Warts are elevated above the skin formation that looks very much like a mole (papilloma) or wart.Subclinical it presents no special feelings but discomfort by rubbing the affected area and, consequently, pain.Especially when a large number of observed papillae.

papillomatosis in children can be caused by household contamination through objects of common use, microtrauma and cracked skin;infection during birth from the mother.

vestibular papillomatosis appears as a kind of state in which the naked eye on the mucous and skin in anogenital visible formations that look like warts exophytic.These warts are mainly localized within the vestibule in women.These formations are of a size smaller than usual warts and genital warts and is not larger than 3 mm, villous form.Located in the vestibule and posterior commissure periureteralnoy zone and the lower third of the vagina.Clearly visible at colposcopy.

But men such education in the penis are a variant of the norm, because like forty percent observed pearl color papules on the penis, which are represented as education fibroepithelial nature, located in the coronal sulcus and frenulum of the penis.Because many experts going wrong interpretation of physiological entities, which, in turn, can lead to unnecessary manipulations in this area.

Manifestations papillomatosis is directly dependent on the type and severity of the immune response.The latent (or hidden) period can last up to five years, but usually is from one to two months.

Laryngeal papillomatosis

When papillomatosis of the larynx are formed a large number of warts on the mucous membrane in the throat.They start their development of transitional or squamous epithelium and are defined on the surface of the larynx in the form of small papillae, or grapes.

cause of laryngeal papillomatosis believe DNA of HPV, which refers to the sixth and tenth papovirusam types.

disease is quite rapidly and tends to relapse.Often, when laryngeal papillomatosis can occur a significant narrowing of its lumen or stenosis of the larynx.In adults, the disease often occurs in the age range from 25 to 30 years, but can also occur in the elderly.In children, it can develop at a younger age.Frequent relapses forced to conduct regular surgeries to remove diseased tissue, which in turn leads to scar tissue strain in the larynx, and in exceptional cases, there may be a violation of the vote.Children may receive pneumonia, because at a young age when enough high level of immunity to papillomavirus can be spread to the trachea, bronchi and lungs.

main clinical features are: hoarseness, breathing disorders.Disease severity is determined by frequent relapses.To determine the exact diagnosis is going to be confirmed history and the frequency of relapses.Endoscopic picture when laryngeal papillomatosis as follows: numerous tissue growths with a papilla papillomatosis, in which they have a fine-grained surface and of a type similar to the mulberry and can have color from pale white to bright red.

Since laryngeal papillomatosis can lead to malignancy, should immediately seek an oncologist with the appearance of the following symptoms: erosion and ulcers in place papillomatosis, marked limitation of vocal fold, keratosis tissues.In such cases resort to histological examination.

therapy laryngeal papillomatosis is to limit the spread of the pathological process to other tissues and areas in reducing the recurrence of the disease, in the restoration of vocal function.Also appointed surgery, after which, as a topical treatment appointed cytostatic and antiviral drugs.

papillomatosis skin

When papillomatosis observed the appearance of the skin on the skin papillomas.They are characterized by numerous clusters of papillomas in a certain area, and single warty education.On the open skin papillomatosis occurs infrequently, it is mainly localized in the armpits and on her face.

However, in exceptional cases, patients may experience papillomatosis of the skin on the legs and feet.Last papillomatosis is considered a precancerous condition of the skin and can be characterized as psevdoepitelialnaya hyperplasia of the epidermis against the backdrop of an early present with chronic dermatitis (eg, eczema, atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, lichen planus, lupus vulgar and so forth.).The process often develops in conditions acroasphyxia and impaired circulation.Age of patients at the same time is from 45 to 80 years.Most susceptible men.The clinic of this type of skin papillomatosis is symmetrically located on the front side in the shins and polymorphic warty growths of vegetation in the form of plaques in diameter with palm and more.Lesions can dramatically protrude from the skin about 1.5 cm. Their surface can be present with tumor formation myagkovata texture and color of raw meat, or its appearance to resemble a cauliflower.

In some cases, the lesions may ulcerate, emitting a fetid smell, the type of putrid.During this type of papillomatosis is quite long with a mandatory transformation into squamous cell skin cancer.A prerequisite for treatment is a histological examination of the affected chamber, in which is found psevdoepitelialnaya epidermiza hyperplasia.

exclusively surgical treatment followed by plastics and the appointment of the following drugs: Prospidin (rate of 2.5 grams / m), vitamins, Teonikol (0.15 mg three times a day for a month), topically: compresses furatsilina and potassium permanganate, treatment with hydrogen peroxide.

Any papillomatosis of the skin shown antiviral treatment with immunomodulators.For example: Panavir 5 ml three days course and 5 vials Lavomax scheme.If you have a single small growths on the skin papillomatoznyh shown moxibustion Salkovagilom, iodine, kriodestkutsiya, laser and radio wave therapy, with a mandatory examination of the resected portion of the histological method.

papillomatosis treatment

The treatment of papillomatosis should be individualized and take into account localization papillomatosis and clinical manifestations.

For small or single papillomatoznyh expansions of prescribed treatments without surgery, ie the method of local influence.

urogenital location papillomatoznyh centers of therapy administered to both partners.During therapy is contraindicated papillomatosis sex life, and after treatment showed barrier contraception for six months.

drugs prescribed for local effects on papillomatosis should be appointed after a well-conducted examination of the patient.

Kondilin as a 0.5% gel is a plant of the antimitotic drug Podophyllin resin.Treatment with this drug lies in its application with a cotton swab to the affected area two times a day for three days.Four days later to repeat courses of therapy.The number of courses may be up to five times.

as imiquimod 5% cream stimulates the production of interferon and other cytokines, as a local immunomodulator.Application is made manually to the affected area three times a week, every night for 16 weeks.After treatment the affected area, after 8-10 hours it made washing of water with soap.

Bihloruksusnaya acid as an 80% solution is used in the treatment of small papillomas weeping in the genital area.Therapy provides a doctor on each papilloma.The number of procedures is determined by your doctor.

Panavir injection is used to treat severe forms of papillomatosis.Introduced intravenously in a specific pattern.

Applications with solkoderm held glass capillary once.

Epigenes a spray has anti-viral, anti-pruritic, and interferonogenic immunomodulatory actions.The therapy is carried out by spraying the affected area papillomatosis up to six times a day for a week.

In more severe cases, and a large area of ​​destruction papillomatosis appointed: cryosurgery, radio wave therapy with immunomodulators (Indinol, topical administration of interferon).

When papillomatosis in children shows systemic treatment using both immunnomoduliruyuschey therapy and surgical treatment of some forms of papillomatosis.

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