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felon photos Whitlow - is acute purulent serous or inflammatory tissue fingers.Progression of the disease is almost always begins with the penetration of pathogens of purulent infection (either Staphylococcus aureus or its association with other microorganisms (streptococci)) in the tissue when the finger injury.Much less felon cause gram-positive or gram-negative bacilli, E. coli, Proteus, anaerobic non-clostridial organisms, pathogens rot infections.

Whitlow is localized in the upper layers of the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, tendons, joints and bones of the fingers and often is acute.The disease usually affects people of working professions, for example: drivers, carpenters, plumbers, carpenters, builders and so on. There may also be vulnerable to the disease people with diabetes.

Whitlow reasons

appearance of felon by a variety of local factors: dirty hands;effects on skin irritants;maceration of the skin;humidity of the skin;cooling, which causes the disorder works microcirculation and

trophic tissue;skin lesions on the hands and fingers, as well as the nail bed;disorders of the immune system, metabolism;endocrine diseases.

skin felon, as a type of inflammatory process appears on the back of the fingers and / or toes.Beneath the epidermis begins to accumulate pus, forming a bubble.Inside this bubble serous fluid accumulates muddy color.In certain cases, pus may join the blood.Skin, which is adjacent to purulent inflammation, has a strong flushing.The area where there was felon, has a fairly intense pain.Some patients complain of a burning sensation in the art.When felon begins to increase, increasing with it the area of ​​inflammation and, thereby, affecting the deeper layers of the skin.

subcutaneous felon is defined as a form of acute suppurative inflammatory process that occurs under the skin to the palmar surface of the fingers.Skin in this area is sufficiently dense palm.In particular, it concerns male hands, which often can be corn, because of which the pus is unable to empty out, thereby penetrating into the deeper tissues.This kind of felon facing its development in the tendons, bones and joints.

Whitlow nail also is a kind of inflammatory processes, which is also called hyponychial felon.Whitlow nail affects those tissues, which are located under the nail plate fingers or legs.Hyponychial felon develops, usually because getting splinters under the nail bed, or because of his microtrauma.

okolonogtevoy Whitlow, who is also called paronychia develops near the nail fold.Manicure conducted in aseptic conditions, contributes to the development of this type of felon.

bone felon may be as independent of inflammatory process, which usually develops as a result of an open fracture or injury to the bone;or be the result of subcutaneous felon.

articular felon may call another festering arthritic joints.There is a connection between it phalanges.Inflammatory processes of the parts of the hand develops after limb injury happened, and entered into a joint infection.Often articular felon may be a complication of subcutaneous inflammatory processes.Often, the affected interphalangeal joint in the thumb and index fingers.

tendon felon considered a disease called tenosynovitis.This kind of felon, which affects the tendon is considered severe forms of inflammatory processes in the panaritiums.It is quite difficult to give in therapy and may for a long period of time disrupt motor function of hands.Tendon felon has a bright symptoms of a severe tumor finger intensity of pain in the inflamed area and limited mobility.The area covered by tenosynovitis, usually located in a bent position.Straighten the finger brings great suffering to the patient due to the severity of pain.

Herpetic Whitlow is caused by the herpes virus.It is characterized by the absence of explicit felon external entities.However, in some cases, there may be erythematous areas of skin covered with small bubbles.At the beginning of the disease the patient feels pain in the palm and back surfaces of fingers.After several days the formation of abdominal formed, so called vesicles.In such form, felon pus is formed.Clinical manifestations appear harsh and quite acute.The incubation period is absent.The danger of the felon in the fact that the disease often involves the inflammation process not only soft tissue, but nerve endings, provoking the emergence of neuritis.

Herpetic Whitlow not be treated with surgery, as it will worsen the progression of the disease and may lead to the development of herpes zoster.

Acute inflammatory processes of the body are always accompanied by fever.All forms have similar symptoms as with purulent inflammatory disease: intense pain pulsating nature in the affected area;redness and swelling of the skin at the site of felon;limited mobility of the limbs due to the inflammatory process.Photo felon finger

Whitlow finger

Whitlow finger is characterized as an inflammatory process of tissue and tissue periungual bed.

Unfortunately, fingers are often exposed to trauma (skids, cuts, bruises, etc.).Depending on the type of injury and immune status may felon.At times, even minor injuries, such as splinters can cause severe inflammatory processes.Whitlow finger occurs when the affected area after mikrotravmy not been subjected to an antiseptic treatment, thus the skin over Microtrauma tightened, prevent the spread of infection deeper into the epidermis.Immunosuppression is always promotes felon.At normal immune protection in the event of cuts and splinters, felon, can generally be avoided.

panaritiums pain when finger is twitching pulsating character.It is constant.May be increased by moving the brush and the load on the affected finger.Under the skin in the affected finger of felon accumulated pus, which is visible through the skin.The finger swells and swells, the skin around the felon is very hyperemic.

pain syndrome can be so intense that the patient at night, can not sleep, and for him the character of the pain, over time, becomes an intolerable character.When connecting this type of symptoms you should immediately contact the emergency room or call the ambulance brigade emergency, since it may be the development of inflammation of the finger to the bone, and his complication accession osteomyelitis.In addition to the local increase in body temperature can occur malaise and fever.

Reasons hyponychial felon often are splinter, cut under the nail, improper manicures and trauma of the cuticle.One should distinguish between primary and secondary hyponychial felon.In primary hyponychial felon, infection falls directly under the nail bed;the secondary - it spreads under the nail, subungual hematoma as a complication or subcutaneous felon.

In primary panaritiums finger inflammation for some time is limited at the distal phalanx of the region, affecting only a small part of the nail.In such cases it is advisable to resect the nail bed, remove the pus, necrotic tissue, foreign body, to make inspections and to provide the resulting outflow of pus.When purulent inflammation is at the root of the nail, it requires complete resection of the nail.

Whitlow finger treatment

initial stage felon considered the best moment for his therapy.At this point there is still pus formation, the wound edges and lack of fresh edema allows drugs to penetrate the tissue.

the treatment felon finger the best choice is to use trays, followed by treatment of the affected area with antiseptic solutions (Miramistin, Hlogeksidin, Furatsilin).The acceptance procedure trays should last about 15 minutes in water with a temperature of 60 ° C.

also have good curative effect compresses.It is convenient to use at night.Decoctions compresses prepared from chamomile and oak bark.

In the acute stage felon finger recommended surgical treatment followed by drainage and washing fabrics finger.In no case can not be opened independently felon.Thus, we can bring an infection to deeper tissues or spread it to healthy tissue (in the form of a herpetic whitlow).

the treatment of subungual felon adhere to the following tactics: the small lesions of the nail bed, it is a resection of the distal nail;with the defeat of the entire nail plate, but without its detachment operation is conducted Kenevela removing the root of the nail;with the defeat of the nail bed with his detachment shows the complete removal of the nail.

After resection of the nail shows the following methods of wound closure: powder, ointment dressings, bandages kleolovye solidifies kollodiynye bandages with placental membrane.

Consequences hyponychial felon represented as trophicity nail disorder and deformation.Unfortunately, surgeons do not consider that the strain on the finger nail bed interferes with work, and in some cases causes the change of working specialties.In addition, the ugly nail can cause moral oppression and depression in anxious and passive personalities.Photo paniritsiya on foot

Whitlow on foot

Whitlow on foot is also called paronychia, when inflammation occurs around the nail bed toe.Whitlow on the leg may be characterized by swelling and hyperemia in the region and around the finger nail, the patient always feels pain.

can diagnose the disease at internal examination, the surgeon.Often, the cause of the foot is a felon on the ingrown nail on the big toe.
If the disease is observed in the initial stage, to not resort to surgery.Recommend soaking the patient's finger in a solution of potassium permanganate compresses with healing antiseptic ointment (Dioksidinovaya ointment Levomekol, Levosin)

therapy should begin with applying under the nail fold a piece of bandage.That is, before therapy ointment, applied to the affected area of ​​the roller sterile bandage or sterile swab, then apply compresses with ointment and a bandage on top of record.There is evidence of the good effect of the alcohol lotion on the area affected felon on his leg.The temperature of the alcohol is recommended just above room temperature.Keep lotion in the toe should be about 2-3 minutes, then wrap the leg in a towel.But it should be remembered that the accession of purulent process is strictly forbidden to warm the inflamed area.

hyponychial felon toe may develop because of fungal infection with streptococcal or accession to penetrate the nail bed infections due to entry of a splinter.Therapy hyponychial felon on foot surgeon performed only by surgery.When inflammation began around the edges of the nail bed, the doctor makes an incision gently on the skin at the edge of the nail, rinses the wound with antiseptic solutions and performs processing of overlaying an antiseptic dressing.When the inflammation covers a large area of ​​the nail need either a partial or complete removal of the nail plate.Further treatment is carried out by dressing with antibiotic ointment.

Panaritium the child

felon The child begins a purulent inflammation in the soft tissues of the fingers on the hands or feet when hit by pathogens.This process begins after when the infection gets into the deeper layers of the epidermis.This happens as a result of cuts, scrapes, abrasions or getting splinters.As a result, along with the foreign body under the skin it penetrates infection.The agents of infection may include: streptococci, staphylococci (especially Staphylococcus), fungi and viruses.They are the originators of the development of inflammatory processes.

Skin of an adult denser structure than the skin of the child, so children are often exposed skin trauma.It is necessary to take great care with which the child plays with toys and that picks up.Any cut or scratch the most minor should be treated with antiseptic drugs (chlorhexidine, Miramistin, hydrogen peroxide 3% furatsillina).This will prevent the occurrence of inflammatory processes as a felon in children.

Some young children have to lick your fingers addiction.Half of them bites his nails, thus constantly injured nail plates.All of these habits can lead to a felon subungual or periungual.

Sometimes the appearance of felon and a newborn baby.Basically, there is a form of development okolonogtevogo felon.The reason for its development is unhygienic nail treatment in children.

The body of the child infective process spreads rather quickly.Therefore, an urgent need to show the child's surgeon or to drive to the emergency room.You can also call an ambulance.Felon self-medicate a child is not recommended to do, because you can only aggravate its course.

Whitlow treatment

felon Treatment should only be done by a qualified surgeon.Surgical interventions for severe or complicated forms felon should be conducted in a surgical department.Therapy outpatient appointed only at the location of the purulent focus on the surface of subcutaneous or hyponychial felon.If you need to re-operation, the patient must be hospitalized in the department of surgical infection.

Conservative therapy is possible only on serous-infiltrative stage felon.Successfully applied: local hypothermia, salt and soda baths, poluspirtovye bandages, UHF therapy, electrophoresis of drugs, ultrasound, radiotherapy.

can be effective proteolytic enzymes and antibiotics.Enormous role played by immunotherapy (antistaphylococcal gamma globulin, staphylococcal toxoid antistaphylococcal hyperimmune plasma, etc.).Development felon of serous-infiltrative stage purulent stage is considered an absolute indication for urgent surgery.

Surgery at panaritiums should provide the possibility of competent necrectomy be a little traumatic, spare countertops fingers to prevent violations of sensitivity and education of rumen contractions character.

Surgery lies in the opening of purulent inflammatory focus, the removal of non-viable tissue, postoperative wound drainage cavity.In some cases, it may use other types of anesthesia (intraosseous, intravenous regional, introducer in the wrist) or general anesthesia.

to prevent bleeding at the surgical site recommended tourniquet on the forearm or the base of the finger.Surgery complete drainage of the wound cavity mikroirrigatorami.Once fully necrectomy and drainage of the wound cavity mikroirrigatorami recommended the imposition of primary sutures on the wound surface, which significantly reduces the time of treatment.Mix well.

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