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erythrasma photo erythrasma - a dermatological disease caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium minutissimum, which affects the top layer of skin, while not spreading to the nails and hair.Erythrasma name, which in Greek means "beautifully decorated" because of the disease has a reddish glow of the lesion during the fluorescent diagnosis.Most often the disease occurs in adult males, is characterized by a sufficiently long course, without having any subjective negative feelings.

erythrasma until recently equated to common fungal diseases such as microsporia, athlete, favus, trichophytosis, chromophytosis and actinomycosis.This was due to the fact that the microscopy combined with lesions resembling scales to detect the presence of the fungus mycelium winding thin filaments.Modern Dermatology refers to the so-called erythrasma psevdomikozam - diseases that by their clinical picture is very similar to the fungal infection of the skin, but at the same time having a completely different etiology.

erythrasma reasons

causative agent of erythrasma always acts related to Corynebacterium Corynebacterium minutissimum, which has a fairly low infectiousness and low pathogenicity.Normally, this pathogen is almost always healthy people on the surface of the skin, speaking so-called saprophytic microorganism.

transmission of the infection always occurs by contact.For example, while walking barefoot on the beach or on the ground, when visiting the pool or sauna, during sexual intercourse, as well as through personal care.The causative agent of erythrasma always affects only the epidermis (superficial layer of the skin), without affecting the nails and hair.

Development erythrasma, due to the penetration into the epidermis of the pathogen can contribute to hot and humid climate, the change in pH of the skin, rash, diaper rash, skin maceration and friction, lack of personal hygiene.

erythrasma symptoms

erythrasma at the initial stage of its development, always begins with the development on the surface of the skin yellow-brownish, brownish, red brick circular noninflammatory spot diameter of the read millimeters to several centimeters.The edges in these spots are usually rounded, but sometimes there are scalloped.

As the disease progresses and thus increase the seats of erythrasma in size, they coalesce, thereby forming a large single center erythrasma smooth, covered with fine bran flakes and clearly delimited from healthy skin.Over time in the central part of the lesion marked blanching color, or in contrast, a more intense brown pigmentation.

Photo groin erythrasma

erythrasma inguinal photo

erythrasma often localized in large skin folds.Women erythrasma usually observed in the axillary and umbilical region, as well as in skin folds under the breasts.Men most often affects the skin around the anus, inner thighs and groin (erythrasma groin).

Most often no subjective sensations erythrasma not accompany that often leads to late enough treatment by a dermatologist.Only sometimes patients complain of slight itching at the site of injury.In most cases, erythrasma occurs for more than ten years, with alternating periods of remission and relapse.The most common acute illness occur in the summer, when warm ambient air contributes to a more active growth of bacteria.

If the patient has diabetes, obesity, or hyperhidrosis, erythrasma takes over complicated with secondary infection of the lesion, the occurrence of diaper rash and eczema symptoms accession.In addition, the development of complications can contribute to the pollution of the affected area of ​​the skin, humidity and friction.Complicated erythrasma proves painful lesions, itching and burning of the skin.

Due to fairly typical clinical picture and typical lesion location, erythrasma diagnosis presents no particular difficulties.Also, as already indicated above, in conducting studies using fluorescent lamps Wood observed typical brick-red or coral red fluorescence lesions.

erythrasma differentiate diseases such as the perianal dermatitis, microbial eczema, skin candidiasis, pink zoster, rubromikoz, colorful lichen and jock itch.In particularly difficult cases, for fine differentiation in order to identify the pathogen carried tank.sowing scraping.

erythrasma treatment

usually carried out local treatment erythrasma, comprising rubbed into the affected areas of the sulfur-tar and / or erythromycin ointment.This procedure should be carried out for a week, twice a day.After this period, erythrasma spots may persist for some time, and then gradually begin to fade and eventually disappear.

In the event of the accession of secondary infection and inflammation in the lesions, shows them additional treatment with aniline dyes and / or resorcinol alcohol.If erythrasma covers large areas of the skin, it shows a systemic antibiotic therapy.

Good disinfecting and drying effect have ultraviolet rays, which are also warn relapse and promote rapid healing of the lesions.That is why patients recommended passage of procedure of the local UFO and systematic presence on the evening and the morning sun.

With a view to the successful treatment of erythrasma and to prevent possible samoinfitsirovaniya, should be permanent disinfection of bedding, personal items, clothes and shoes of the patient.This linen and worn under clothing items should be washed every day, be sure to proglazhivaya them then iron.

erythrasma of treatment in patients with a serious disease like diabetes means obligatory preliminary consultation of the endocrinologist, who will determine the permissible in this case the drugs to correct blood sugar levels.

primary prevention erythrasma includes adherence to strict hygiene of the skin, giving up wearing tight synthetic clothing, combat excessive sweating and overweight.Secondary prevention of this disease is aimed at preventing the development of a possible relapse.It is held during the month after the disappearance of symptoms of the disease and is a thorough treatment of salicylic or camphor spirit of all skin folds, followed by the application of these places talc.

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