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boil photos Furuncle - is an acute disease of the skin with formation of pus in the affected area in different parts of the body.Typically, the process has a necrotic character in which there is not only the inflammation of the tissues, but the process of inflammation of the hair follicle , from which begins the whole pathological process.Starting assumes folliculitis, with subsequent spread to the surrounding connective tissues.But the boil of folliculitis is distinguished not only vast area of ​​destruction, but the clinical manifestations.

Since the boil is caused exclusively pathogenic flora, trapped in the follicle, the main culprit for its development seems to Staphylococcus aureus.Less can be detected and streptococci, as well as fungal infections of the skin nature.But it was staph infection most often accompanied by the formation of boils.

Furuncle reasons

Since the main cause of staphylococcal infection appears to boil, you can talk about the nature of bacterial origin.In many stu

dies, it was found that the staphylococcal flora present on the skin is normal, that is considered a specific composition of the total number of the microorganisms living on the surface of the skin in humans.But about 10% of the total number of staphylococcal flora are considered to be an infectious disease pathogens.Patients furunculosis this relation is violated, the number of pathogenic microorganisms and can reach 90%.This violation of the microflora of the skin cover may be formed as a result of non-compliance with health skin, her trauma with infection and decrease the activity of the immune status of the organism.

lowered immunity, usually due to chronic foci of infection and disease chronicity.Such diseases include: tuberculosis, chronic pyelonephritis, hepatitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis.Also as metabolic disorders diabetes and pathologies of endocrine systems can lead to the development boils.Suffice it to long-term therapy with corticosteroids and use of cytostatics (drugs to suppress the immune system) also provokes the formation of boils.

Contact staphylococci in the follicle with consequent formation of boils can induce maceration of the skin under excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, as well as her injury.Itching for dermatological diseases (atopic dermatitis, eczema, scabies, seborrheic dermatitis, jock itch) is the gateway to the penetration of pathogens.

furuncle in the ear or the nose may develop as a result of chronic exposure to purulent discharge from the ear or nose when adenoids, sinusitis, otitis, rhinitis.

Furuncle the child triggered largely by external factors.But it can also develop as a result of hypothermia and, as a consequence, reduce the immunity of the baby.Often, the child boil appears on the face.In such a case, it is not recommended to self-medicate, and as soon as possible to show the baby specialist.

boils diagnosis is not difficult.These education should be differentiated from gidradenity, anthrax trichophytosis.Anthrax initially characterized by papules, vesicles black-brown crust on the surface, with extensive infiltration of the dermis and is accompanied by intense pain with deterioration of general condition of the patient.Hydradenitis defined as an acute purulent inflammation of the apocrine glands;he did not observe the formation of a necrotic core.Granuloma trihofitiynaya often localized to the scalp of the head and the beard.For diagnosis has an important role history (information gathering), absence of pain and necrotic rod detection of fungi in the collected material to the affected area when examined under a microscope.

inflammatory processes covering the entire hair follicle and then the surrounding tissue.

first histology is similar to sycosis, later revealed necrosis of the pilosebaceous unit and surrounding tissues with extensive leukocyte infiltration.The connective tissue that surrounds the hair follicle, a large variety of blood vessels, is triggered by significant swelling.In the affected area collagen and elastic fibers virtually destroyed.Kollagenizirovannye cluster durable fiber ring surrounding the lesion, thereby making it difficult getting an infection from the affected focus in the body.

Photo boil on the eye

boil on the eye photo

How does boil

Furuncle has several stages of its formation and development.

For the first stage is characterized by the appearance of infiltration.In the second - the development of pus and necrosis in the affected area.When the third - the healing process.

At the first stage, the boil around the follicle of the hair, a solid towering infiltration with hyperemia, blurred, which is accompanied by a feeling of tingling and / or minor pain.Later transformed into a dense infiltration of the tumor, which becomes painful;observed swelling of surrounding tissues.

On the third day comes the second stage of the boil, at which it is up to 3 cm in diameter, in its center is formed purulent necrotic core with pustules on the surface.Furuncle formed into a cone-shaped tumor with smooth skin.In this period of pain becomes more pronounced, the body temperature rises to 38-39˚S can join the symptoms of intoxication.Later, the surface blisters artificially or spontaneously opened to the outside, and emptied purulent boil, sometimes mixed with blood content.After the rejection of the rod infiltration, swelling and pain disappear.And the rest of the formation of a crater filled with granulation and for several days the scar.Initially, the scar has a blue-red color, later becomes white color.With adequate during the inflammatory process development continues to boil a little more than a week.

When worn clinic inflammatory infiltrate formed with frisky soreness without the formation of pus and necrosis.At small sizes boil folliculitis differ from the development of the central necrotic core.Some patients, who are usually exhaustion other diseases, boils goes into the formation of an abscess.

Boils can stay on any cutaneous area of ​​the body except the palms and soles, where there is the follicles.Single boils are often formed on the back of the head, the back, the skin of the forearm, buttocks, abdomen, lower limbs.

Boils external ear differ excessive soreness.When the location of boils on his chest, neck, hip, near the lymph nodes develop acute lymphadenitis and lymphangitis.When boils metastases can be detected in kidney, liver and other organs.These complications determine abrasions sometimes as a very serious disease.

happens that localizes to the boil ear.Signs of boils in the ear are throbbing, intense pain that can give to the jaw in the whiskey.Pain might spill on his head.Pain syndrome may be exacerbated if the ear pull, in some cases, the deterioration observed after moving jaw.Furuncle ear looks like a congested and swollen area of ​​skin with a characteristic sheen on its surface.

Photo boil on the lip

boil on his lip photo

Furuncle lip looks like a tight formation with the rod in the center, it is extremely painful on palpation.The patient's condition is deteriorating badly.The danger of this education on the lip that it is localized near the front face of the veins and the cavernous sinus.If you get an infection from a boil in this area of ​​the patient can occur death, because it may develop meningitis or cavernous sinus thrombosis.

Furuncle may also develop on the edge of his lips.Two days after getting an infection in this area, the patient can observe the extensive swelling, burning and itching.Furuncle lip may look like a bleeding ulcer.It is small in size but usually brings a lot of trouble to the owner due to a permanent injury.

Furuncle Facial

Furuncle on his face often appears as a single focus, but may appear in the form of a group of lesions.First, boil is defined as the formation of red color on the skin and is often confused with common acne.However, after a few days, this formation begins to rise.

Size boil on the face may be different.Certain of them reach the size of 4 cm in diameter, but such dimensions are very rare.In the cavity of the boil slowly begins to accumulate pus, which on the surface is illuminated through the thin skin.

ultimately, boils on the face, usually opened, the pus flows, and the wound site is starting to heal.The whole process of the formation and development of the boil may take as a matter of days and weeks.After healing of boils on his face, his traces in the form of scarring usually remains.This is due to the cellular structure of the skin.The exceptions are cases where boils reach impressive sizes.

cause of boils on the face of a bacterial flora, mainly coccal nature.It may contribute to the development of low immunity in a patient, inflammatory skin diseases in the facial area.Herpes infection in the face of often contributes to such complications as the development of boils.The child has a boil on the face may be caused by atopic dermatitis, hypovitaminosis.Also boils appear on the face when trying to squeeze a pimple on the face.

The issue boils on the face is that on the face of the circulatory system is closely linked to the brain.The danger of education in the face is that when it is probable that the development breakthrough of pus in the area of ​​the brain.

With the development of boils on the face in addition to local treatment, the doctor may recommend the appointment of broad-spectrum antibiotics inside.Can be used tetracycline antibiotics, penicillins and cephalosporins.These very sensitive coccal pathogenic flora, in particular Staphylococcus aureus.Can be used: JUnidoks Soljutab or doxycycline, ceftriaxone, amoxicillin, Amoxiclav, Summamed, Azithromycin, and the accession of secondary infection, together with a core group of antibiotics can add the use of antimicrobials as Trichopolum or metronidazole.

Photo boil on the face

boil on the face photo

Furuncle nose

Furuncle nose is considered acute purulent inflammation of the sebaceous glands, and / or the hair follicle on the inner or outer surface of the wings of the nose, on the partition, or the tip of the nose.

In education furuncle of the nose, as well as other acute purulent inflammation of the hair follicle and its surrounding tissues, there are two forms: the first form - the stage of infiltration.It is characterized by pain in the affected area, flushing of the skin, formation of a dense infiltrate with a central location necrotic core.The second form - the stage of abscess formation.It is characterized by necrotic spread of pus in the surrounding tissue, thinning of the skin in the affected area and the fluctuation in the infiltrate.

As and when a boils in another area of ​​the body cause boil nose is aureus and beta-hemolytic streptococcus A group.

emergence and boils in education nose largely represented virulence and pathogenicity of microorganisms on the one hand and on the other hand, the combination of different endogenous exogenous factors that form the propensity to develop inflammatory processes.Entrance for infection appears to breach the integrity of the skin of the outer vestibule of the nose, which occurs when it is traumatizing (scratches, maceration).

Failure to observe basic hygiene rules of the daily care of the facial skin, the skin effect on production factors: cement, coal dust production, fuels and lubricants.In addition, the appearance of boils in the nose helps overheating or overcooling, which adversely affect the stability of the anti-infectious skin.

an important role in the pathogenesis of boil in the nose by many different factors endogenous character, with whom is no longer valid bactericidal properties and sweat secretion of the sebaceous glands, thus disrupting the functional activity of the immune system.The above violations favor the persistence of the pathogen in the skin, the development of a staphylococcal flora, education and re-occurrence of boils in the nose.Also, a pathological effect on the percentage of occurrence of the process flow and boil on the nose have conditions that are accompanied by a lowering of the immune system: diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Furuncle nose is often located on the wings and on the tip of the nose or on the skin of the nasal septum.Gradually begins to develop the process of inflammation, which is initially located at the back of the hair follicle, then extending further inland.During the two days there appear redness, induration, swelling and soreness that increases when chewing.

Such changes are usually accompanied by weakness, headache, fever appearance.The changes in the peripheral blood revealed a left shift of leukocyte formula, ESR acceleration.Later, with a good flow of the process for a few days, the density of the tissues in the inflammatory foci decrease in infiltration develops softening, leaves a small amount of pus, necrotic core is torn away, and wound abscess cavity is cleaned and filled with granulation.This reduces the intensity of pain syndrome, normalization of body temperature returns to normal overall health.In some cases, there may be a progression of inflammatory lesions, increasing the area of ​​soft tissue necrosis, thinning of the skin, with the development of fluctuations.

With the development of boil in the nose of the patient hospitalization.

During elevated body temperature shows a strict bed rest, intake of food and fluid restriction of facial expressions of emotion (not smiling, not frowning, do not laugh).After lowering the temperature recommended the appointment of physiotherapy.These include solljuks UHF and which have good anti-inflammatory effect.

Tactics of treatment depends on the type of inflammation.At the stage of infiltration correct recommended rubbing and soaking the skin around the area of ​​the purulent focus alcoholic solution.In the first days after the occurrence of infiltration good effect gives regular processing pustules 5% p-rum iodine.Topical therapy is the use of ointments.

Photo boil in the nose

boil nose photo

Ointment for boils should have good antibacterial properties, it is desirable that a broad spectrum of action.These types of ointments include ointment 2% mupirocin ointment and 2% fusidic acid.By systemic antibiotics (oxacillin, cefazolin, vancomycin, Amoksillitsin, Linezolid) resort with extensive inflammation.

Surgery shows the appearance of an abscess in the development of boils.The incision formed an abscess, or make use of local anesthesia or under general anesthesia - it all depends on the affected area.After draining pus and detritus in the affected cavity drainage and put bandage with antiseptic solutions.

Hospital account for about 1 week in uncomplicated boil, and complications of septic character hospital can be up to 21 days or a a day.

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