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hydradenitis photo hydradenitis - purulent inflammation in apocrine sweat glands.As a rule, it is considered the originator of Staphylococcus aureus.The disease is a simple language called "bitch udder", and many older women generally believe the disease is a curse or evil eye, so offer treatment vserazlichnymi unconventional ways (to lick the dog (bitch) the affected area, or to speak the inflamed area, etc.)..But in fact, it hydradenitis considered infectious inflammatory disease, the development of which may lead certain causes.

Most hydradenitis strikes apocrine glands in the armpits.But hydradenitis may appear in the groin.Festering hydradenitis extremely dangerous complications such as sepsis.Timely and correct treatment of hidradenitis sup- can avoid major complications, but, however, can not eliminate the repetition of the disease.

hydradenitis reasons

main cause of hidradenitis sup- can be considered: skin lesions (scratches, abrasions, which can also be formed after shaving);immunos

uppressive condition;diaper rash;failure to comply with personal hygiene;depilating use of funds;frequent use of deodorants;endocrine diseases (e.g., diabetes);disruption of the functioning of sweat glands;obesity;obstruction of the ducts of sweat glands;secondary bacterial infection and so forth.

purulent hidradenitis more common in women.

localization of hidradenitis sup- Sometimes such as its definition in the groin area.The reasons for the emergence of hidradenitis sup- groin is carelessness when shaving hair, poor hygiene personal.Additionally, provoking factors can be both hypothermia and decreased immunity.

hydradenitis groin important to distinguish from the boils.Despite the coreless structure formation in purulent hidradenitis in the groin, the disease process can take place several times heavier than the abrasions.When hydradenitis groin appear dense nodular formation in the subcutaneous layer.Their development is accompanied by minor pain and itching in the first stage.Later, nodules increase and become purple-bluish.When purulent inflammation of the patient may feel a sharp pain in the groin, fever, difficulty in movement.

During childbearing expectant mother can also visit hidradenitis.

hydradenitis during pregnancy can contribute to weakening of the immune system and provoke fever and cause pain and malaise of the body.Aggravating factors of hidradenitis sup- during pregnancy may serve mainly physiological depression of immunity during pregnancy, non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, common cold and herpes disease.In the event of hidradenitis sup- during pregnancy, it is important as soon as possible to consult a surgeon for an autopsy purulent education and purpose of anti-inflammatory and local antibiotic therapy, because the prolonged duration of the disease and so at reduced immunity in pregnant women can cause serious complications for the body of the mother and unborn baby.

hydradenitis symptoms

At the beginning of the disease can be detected by palpation small dense knots, which may be located poodinochno.Their localization is in the dermis or hypodermis.In this period of the disease the patient feels relatively very big pain in the area of ​​formation of knots.But hydradenitis continues to progress, nodules relatively quickly grow in size, their welding starts to happen with the skin.Some time later they begin to take a pear-shaped appearance, determine the shape of the nipple.

patient skin becomes bluish-purple hue, and then starts to happen swelling of the surrounding tissues, the localization region hidradenitis sup- becomes very painful.Sometimes isolated nodes can merge into one common inflammatory education, there is painful fluctuation, and after a while they randomly opened, with a small amount of pus is emptied, which may be present mixed with blood.

During the course of hidradenitis sup- no education rod necrotic nature.In certain cases, it may appear diffuse dense infiltration.In this case, the patient may feel pain not only during movement but also in a state of rest.In the end, the patient may lose the capacity for work, his state of health is very poor, almost permanently.

Generally, in the process of maturation of inflammation appears malaise, the patient's temperature rises to subfebrile digits, pain in the affected area becomes very intense.Later, when both the pressing units are opened, the pain gradually reduced.A few days later, on the ulcers begin their scarring.In the case where the disease occurs during the infiltration, its resolution will take a longer period of time.But after reducing the symptoms of hidradenitis sup- often relapse occurs because hydradenitis can last for a long time.

hydradenitis usually takes about ten days, but relapses of the disease course of the disease longer.Such a course of disease relapse may relate to obese people who may complain of diabetes and hyperhidrosis.More relapses hidradenitis sup- susceptible patients, not watching the hygiene of the body.

Basically, hidradenitis sup- diagnosis presents no particular difficulties.Because of the peculiar localization of inflammatory process, as well as very typical for his paintings, a doctor performs an attentive examination.From boils hydradenitis distinguishes the complete absence of the rod.Hydradenitis important to be able to distinguish from tuberculosis kollikvativnogo.When kollikvativnom tuberculosis disease process longer, and the disease begins with inflammation of the lymph nodes, but the pain in their area the patient does not feel.

photo on the face of hidradenitis sup-

hydradenitis facial photo

hydradenitis armpit

hydradenitis under his arm - an inflammation, the formation of pus in the apocrine sweat glands, which is caused by staphylococci.Staphylococci penetrate into the prostate through their ducts, minor injuries of the skin that occur during shaving axillary hollows.

hydradenitis armpit is often at a young age, when the apocrine gland function is particularly active.The inflammation is localized in the armpits, which is associated with the main localization of apocrine sweat glands.

process begins with inflammation of one or more dense painful nodular infiltrates in the thickness of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which gradually increase up to two centimeters in diameter.They can be soldered with the skin in the affected area, which becomes red, later purplish-bluish tint.

Somewhat later infiltrate begins to acquire a conical shape at its center, through the formation of an abscess appears fluctuation and fistula through hole which is formed soon, emptied creamy pus.This process may take an average of two weeks, resulting in scarring.

general condition of the patient changes little, can be fever, marked weakness, blood tests - accelerated ESR, leukocytosis.With weakened immunity, the process may take a chronic relapsing, inflammatory nodules form conglomerates in various stages of development.

Treatment of hidradenitis sup- under his arm at large and multiple infiltrates, which hamper movement with antibiotics: penicillin 250 000 four times a day, lincomycin 250 000 three times a day, Erythromycin 250 000 four times a day, vitamin A, B, Corally;Ichthyol ointment topically to the skin around the inflammatory focus;wipe 2% salicylic alcohol.Showing as dry heat, UFO, UHF, ultrasound.When melt infiltration can be given treatment by surgery - opening the abscess, and after the bandage with trypsin himopsina.

Prevention hidradenitis sup- under his arm is obligatory observance of rules of personal hygiene, careful shaving, deodorant properly selected.

Photo hidradenitis sup- under his arm

hydradenitis armpit photo

hidradenitis treatment

Treatment of hidradenitis sup- mainly should be done under the close supervision of a specialist.In general, for treating diseases assigned therapy using nitrofurans, antibiotics, sulfonamides.It can also be used autohaemotherapy.When the patient has recurrent hidradenitis sup- form, then it can use the immunotherapy treatment, prescribe medications that have a general strengthening effect on the body.

as a medicament for the topical treatment of hidradenitis sup- successfully applied ichthyol ointment.During discharge of pus from the nodes used ihtiolovye cake twice daily.At the same time for comprehensive treatment using dry heat, UHF, ultraviolet irradiation, as well as walks in the fresh air.

therapy for hidradenitis sup- topically can be used not only synthetic drug money, but also the tincture of herbs on alcohol (Sophora, St. John's wort, arnica), eucalyptus and sea buckthorn oil, juice of Kalanchoe.

in the disease process when an abscess, it must open with a small surgical incision.Subsequent therapy is conducted with the use of herbal medicine.To close the wound after surgery, in any case it is not necessary to use a bandage that can be in motion to rub the pus in the skin.Because you should use the patch bactericidal action.

hidradenitis sup- therapy will be effective if you start it at the first stage of the disease.In the early days of the disease should be independently heated inflammation of the affected areas of the body, dry heat.The procedure should be carried out every three hours.At home this can be done using the bath towels, which pre-iron with a hot iron.

To prevent further spread of the disease in the sweat glands, which are located side by side, should be enough to accurately cut out the scalp, which grows in the affected area.

Also, do not take a hot bath, while there is a treatment of hidradenitis sup- because the water can contribute to the rapid spread of the inflammatory process.After sealing patch of the affected area, you can take a shower.Twice a day the site of inflammation is necessary to wipe the cloth, which is moistened in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

The complex procedures which are aimed at hidradenitis sup- therapy, is considered an important subject to the special diet.After the occurrence of the disease in the first three months strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, spicy food, seasonings.Be sure to stop smoking.

To prevent hidradenitis sup- important to observe good personal hygiene.Clothing must comply with humidity and air temperature.Do not wear tight synthetic clothing.

overweight people cost to take steps to normalize body weight.It is important to conduct thorough daily hygienic procedures in the armpits and use hypoallergenic deodorant-antiperspirant.Too frequent shaving of hair in the armpit can be a cause of the disease due to the emergence of micro traumas.Through these microtrauma can penetrate the skin infection.Therefore, this procedure must be carried out hygienically as needed, using special shaving.

In specific cases, the appearance of hidradenitis sup- could provoke perfume compositions that have an irritating effect on the skin.Because you need to avoid cosmetics and perfumes with poor quality.

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