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Itching of the skin


itching photo Itchy skin can cause so much discomfort and nagging urge to comb the skin that can drive a man mad, especially when he observed severe itching of the skin.

initially itchy skin starts to appear in the nerves below the skin in a layer of the epidermis, where they are ending.Further, by innervation nerve fiber pulse signals are sent to the cerebral cortex.The whole principle of this process is due to the work of the autonomic nervous system.

There are no specific receptors that perceive sensations of itching skin.In the cerebral cortex under the direct influence of accompanying emotions (boredom, anxiety, etc.) or vserazlichnyh sensations on the skin itching sensation can either amplify or diminish.

Typically, itching independent disease can not be.It acts as the original or one of the common symptoms of an underlying disease of the body.

Itching causes

Itching of the skin may be presented as a symptom of a systemic and cutaneous disease.Itchy skin can also be the cause of an or

dinary dry skin that can appear in a seasonal time of the year.

in localized itching of the skin may be a question about different skin dermatoses.As a rule, dermatoses may occur severe itching of the skin.Such diseases may include: rash, scabies, lice, seborrhea, pruritus, eczema, fungal infections of the skin, atopic dermatitis.There also may include itching in the anus (hemorrhoids, proctitis, diabetes, poor personal hygiene, fissures anus, worm infestations, etc.) Itching of the skin in the genital area can be observed in human papillomavirus infection, estrogen deficiency, diabetesand so forth.

in generalized itching of the skin it is crucial itching without any skin changes (scratches, rashes, erosion, etc.)

Itching in the elderly may be age-related changes of the skin dryness.With age, the skin is thinner, and the amount of moisture therein is also reduced.

Generalized itching may be diabetes, for cancer, hepatitis, depression and psychosis.

Itching legs appear fungal infections in the first place.Athlete may appear in places the skin on the feet, where there may be some moisture accumulation.For example, between the toes.Also, a common cause of itching feet can be disgidroticheskaya eczema (so-called breakdown of perspiration, during which there is inflammation of the skin).Just itchy feet can be caused by exposure.In people, this state is called "oznobyshami" - a localized skin vasculitis.

Itchy skin may occur at various dermatoses.If you have: hives, eczema, neurodermatitis.Also itchy hands always observed with scabies, especially between the toes.Substances causing contact dermatitis or temperature changes, can also cause hand skin itching.In allergic dermatitis, or when taking certain drugs can also be observed this condition.

Itching skin in children is also very common symptom of allergic dermatoses, seborrheic dermatitis, with intestinal dysbiosis, while worm infestations and others.

Itching symptoms

For the appearance of sensations of itching of the skin may be important as its intensity, soand irritant properties.When initially irritating itchy skin, then with an increase in the intensity of pain is replaced by itching.Certain stimuli (eg, quinine, morphine, arsenic, etc.) Have the effect to cause itching of the skin, at the moment as some medications can not call it.

is also worth noting that in the perception of itch, like pain, may be very important subjective element.All patients have a different perception itchy skin, depending on the functional characteristics of the nervous system.A good diagnostic criterion for determining the nature of itching are excoriations as constituting final scratching.Often, there are patients who complain of severe itching of the skin, which deprives them of sleep, but at internal examination they usually do not find any scratching or may be a slight excoriation.In other cases, if a large number of scratches in a patient, substantially no complaints of itching skin.

Neurotics and psychasthenic may complain of severe itching of the skin, while not having a significant clinical signs.For them, this is quite typical exaggeration sensations.Removing neurosis through hypnosis leads to a weakening or disappearance of itching of the skin in general, which is a proof of this.By location itching distinguish between restricted and generalized nature of its location.Example

limited itching may appear as itching of the skin of hands, feet and the skin of the anal region.An example of generalized itching can serve as a senile pruritus (with dry skin or diabetes mellitus).

Itching and the characteristic when it scratches on the skin usually result in visible changes in the skin cover.On scratching the skin can react or blood vessels spasm, or their extension.As a result of vascular ischemia occurs while tissue edema.Most itching passes with urticarial reaction, which is characterized by vascular spasm and their extension along the periphery of the bubble, which can be formed by skin itching.

Prolonged itching of the skin can lead to the appearance of papules, excoriations, lichenification, often to eczematization skin.When these clinical manifestations of the disease need to have regarded as atopic.

Itchy scalp

itching scalp the first thing that comes to mind, the presence of lice or head lice.When lice scalp itch localized to the site of attachment nits (behind the ears, under the fringe, on the back of the head) the most.Itching when lice is very exhausting.These nits can be seen in the form of dandruff, but they do have a shiny surface is hard enough removed from the hair and nails when pressing her to pronounce a kind of click, as if it bursts.

Seborrhea can also act as another frequent culprit of itching of the scalp.The cause of seborrhea is a change in the function of the sebaceous glands.It can be oily, dry or mixed.Often, seborrhea can cause severe peeling of the skin of the head, which is called dandruff.The disease is difficult to cure yourself.Treatment consists of specialist advice, diet and the appointment of appropriate drugs.

Itching of the scalp may occur after frequent change shampoos and hair masks.For the selection of suitable means for hair care is best to turn to trihologu - a specialist in hair.

Great dryness of the scalp can also cause itching it.To do this, experts recommend the use of special moisturizing shampoos and hair products.

Allergy to hair dye often causes itching of the scalp in women.Typically, the composition of these inks has ammonia, which acts as a strong allergen.Hydrogen peroxide also refers to allergens.The use of hair dyes without ammonia will help solve this problem.But people with very sensitive skin of the head, most likely, will have to opt out of this type of paint and start using natural dyes (henna, Basma).

Fungal infections of the scalp cause severe itching and require complex treatment.As a rule, when they prescribe these drugs, which include those present Piroktonolamin, zinc pyrithione Klimbazol.Also, funds can help with tea tree oil and immunomodulators.

When allergy to laundry detergent that is used in the wash bed linen (allergic to detergents), as can be seen itchy scalp.

Itching body

About 80% of patients receiving maintenance hemodialysis complain of itchy skin longer.Itching of the skin of the body is usually observed during dialysis or immediately after it.The cause of itching in uremia may be hyperparathyroidism.

About a quarter of patients suffering from jaundice, complains of severe itching of the skin of the body.This itching can be caused by intrahepatic cholestasis.Observed in 25% of patients with hepatitis and 15% of patients with cirrhosis.

Itching of the skin of the body is almost all patients with primary biliary cirrhosis and can act as the first symptom, appearing several years before the other signs of the disease.

Generalized itching body during pregnancy when there is more than 6 months and disappears after the baby is born.Because moms this unpleasant symptom should not worry too much, as this is a temporary phenomenon.

Certain medications can itchy skin of the body.These include: Erythromycin, phenothiazines, anabolic steroids and estrogens.In the case of reception of contraceptives, in half the cases, itching begins in the first month of use.The risk of side effects from contraceptives are much higher in those women who experienced itching of the skin during pregnancy.

Half of the patients with true politsetimiey experiencing suffering from generalized itching of the skin, which is always amplified after taking hot baths.

Itching body with chlamydia is one third of patients and is always the first symptom of the disease.

anemia and systemic mastocytosis may be accompanied by itching of the skin all over the body, in the absence of skin scratching.And these patients itch starts long before the appearance of anemia.

thyrotoxicosis also manifested generalized itching of the skin of the body.Itching in this case occurs due to an increased activity together with kinins increase in temperature of the skin.

In hypothyroidism there is dryness of the skin, which can provoke itching.

have addicts who inject heroin, there is a chronic itching of the skin of the body.

parasitic infestation contribute to the emergence of itching all over the body.This is due to the manifestation of allergic sensitization in the host organism.

specific form of itching is a high-altitude body itching.It occurs in a small number of people during lifting to a height of 10 km or more.

In diabetes there is a localized itching of the body.It can be either in one area of ​​the body, or just a few.

When scabies, disease of infectious origin, which is transmitted by contact, there is itching of the skin with the appearance of the body itch moves on the surface of the skin.The causative agent of this disease is the itch mite.Starts with scabies rash and severe itching between the fingers, wrists and in the area of ​​the abdomen.When the diagnosis take scrapings from the affected areas of the skin.

neurodermatitis, which can be classified as an inflammatory process, there is redness in the crook of the elbows and knees.Later joined by severe itching of the skin in the affected areas.

Itchy skin

itching skin cause of its occurrence in the first place, may make an allergic reaction.This facial skin can be red, the patient may experience a burning sensation.The reasons for its occurrence can be intolerant of any food and / or medication.

Children itchy skin may be due to lactose intolerance.Women and young girls may be an allergic reaction to cosmetics, which is also manifested by itching of the skin in the cheeks, eyes and mouth.Especially in case of intolerance of anti-aging creams, until swelling of the eyelids.

Dry skin can also cause itching.To prevent it you need to use hypoallergenic cream with moisturizing effect.Also, when you use facial toner it may appear dry.In this case, they are worth giving.

Some people itchy skin can be developed because of the changes in temperature and climatic influences.That is, it may be a reaction to the cold, the wind, the heat.And often such sensitivity to the environment occurs in people who suffer from anemia or hypothyroidism.

Certain medications also can cause discomfort on the face of it itching.Apart from itching, such reactions can be combined with hyperemia and edema of the skin.When such symptoms, immediately seek medical attention.

jaundice may also be itchy skin, and swelling of her.At the same time after scratching the skin may remain characteristic whitish scratches.In diabetes, this phenomenon is also frequently observed.

The emergence of various types of dermatoses, always accompanied by itching skin.But as a rule, they are combined with a variety of rashes on the skin.This is especially true for atopic dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis.

Itchy skin treatment

is insufficient knowledge of the pathophysiology of itching is due to the difficulty in choosing the optimal alternative therapy.On the main site of the different therapeutic measures in case of itching of the skin should be treatment of the underlying disease.Besides should eliminate triggers, for example: dry skin, contacting different stimuli acting degreasing skin (use tonics), eating certain foods (savory products, spices, alcoholic beverages), as well as temperature variations in the ambientmedium.It is necessary to eliminate the long-term use of drugs of potential allergic (local anesthetic), and doxepin, which has been successfully used for atopic dermatitis, but its chemical formula, and due to an increase of T-cell activity is highly sensitization.

Accompanying measures, such as avoiding stressful situations, autogenous training, psychological support, appropriate clothing, the use of wet wraps may alleviate itching.

Depending on the main diseases is considered important to include corticosteroids, anesthetics (Phenol, Menthol, Camphor, Polidocanol), resorcinol, Kliokvenol tar in different bases.In the form of supportive measures applied transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation therapy or acupuncture.The use of capsaicin, which is an alkaloid that is extracted from the pepper, gives good results in the treatment of itching of the skin.

the treatment of itching of the skin should be based on three main aspects.Firstly, it is a causal approach in which exterminated the causative agent.If this is not possible or difficult diagnosis of the pathogen, it is possible to make an attempt to alleviate the symptoms, affecting the release of mediators that cause itchy skin.

causal method in the treatment of itching of the skin may be qualitatively eliminate the symptoms of acute and secondary by the time the forms of pruritus, subject to specified reasons.For example, in most things you can eliminate allergic irritant that causes acute urticaria or other exanthema allergic (allergens in foods, medicines, pseudo-allergy, such as food additives; stimuli of a physical nature, such as pressure, cold and ultra-violet rays).The same applies to the contact stimuli.Parasitic infestations can also be cured using appropriate drugs topically or orally.Quality therapy other internal diseases (liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes) also leads to the elimination of itching of the skin.

itching of the skin with mental disorders and neurotic psihogipnoz good therapy is the elimination of stress aggressors therapy or tranquilizers.

in therapeutic practice in a number of diseases and in many pathological processes, with itching of the skin of unknown character it is impossible to cure the underlying disease.

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