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Peeling Skin

peeling skin

peeling skin Photo peeling of the skin - is excessive rejection of dead cells of the epidermis.Condition of the skin is often a reflection of hygiene and care for her.Using too hot water for washing, using lotions on alcohol and soap is made provoking flaking skin.

Signs peeling known many women, and men, this problem does not get round.However, women pay more attention to their daily appearance and more experienced because of peeling of the skin.In addition, men have sebaceous gland function differently than in women.That's why men rarely observed these symptoms.

peeling of the skin can be exposed to all types of skin: oily skin, dry and combination skin.But, first of all, prone to flaking dry skin type.

Causes skin peeling

Chief among the factors that affect the condition of the skin is considered the external environment, although often peeling skin causes serious dermatological diseases that are considered to be common these days.

signs of skin peeling are: redness of specific sites in

the skin, pain in friction, periodic or constant itching.There may be a crack.At the touch of the skin becomes rough, it loses its usual smoothness and elasticity.

addition to the reasons that cause cosmetic defects of the skin caused by provoking environmental conditions or poor care for the skin, can be submitted and a formidable base.Many dermatological diseases is also combined with the peeling of the skin.

Ichthyosis is considered a hereditary disease and its causes are still unknown.When ichthyosis skin peeling, itching may join.The color of the skin becomes dirty gray, tiny flakes appear.Their appearance is due to clinical symptoms of ichthyosis.It may be white, pearl, xeroderma, ichthyosis, and other shiny.Skin person who suffers ichthyosis, highly inflamed and does not tolerate chemical irritants, such as soap.From a peeling of the skin increases, can appear dermatitis.

to other diseases that cause peeling of the skin include: psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, erythema, dry, diseases of internal organs, systemic lupus red, pink zoster, fungal infections, scarlet fever, secondary syphilis.

In this disease, as a dominant ichthyosis, flakes look localized and arranged in the shape of a rectangle.

peeling skin, usually appears suddenly.In this course of the disease can be a main cause dryness.That is the deeper layers of the epidermis lack of moisture.Dryness of the skin contribute to alcohol lotions and tonics, weather conditions, peelings and some systemic diseases.

When gipoavitaminoze also observed peeling of the skin.At deficiency of vitamin B2 are beginning to peel off his forehead, nose, ears.Other signs of a lack of this vitamin: cracks on the lips and in the corners of the mouth, tongue color purple.

With a lack of vitamin A, also appears on the skin peeling.There may be a connection of pustules and dryness of mucous membranes of the eyes.It is also a common symptom of vitamin A deficiency, is a "night blindness" - a sharp decline in vision at night.

Hormones also play a role in the skin.Of particular importance are: the level of hormones of sex glands and thyroid hormone levels.With a lack of hormones or abuse their skin immediately reacts to dryness, reduced flexibility and scaling.An example of this can serve as a condition called hypothyroidism.

Women in menopause there is a significant deterioration of the skin.It appears peeling and wrinkles.It appears as laxity, which is associated with the level of sex hormones, especially estrogen.

Dermatitis also have a place among the causes of peeling skin.For example: contact dermatitis, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, seborrheic and atopic dermatitis and so on. In this case, the cause of peeling of the skin - increased congestion and the formation of dead skin cells and scales.The result appears on the skin layer of dead skin cells, which causes peeling.

peeling of the skin on the face

Among the women peeling of the skin on his face is a fairly common problem.Men usually do not show symptoms on that occasion.This is due to the fact that the sebaceous glands in men different from women.From a young age must be properly care for and monitor the condition of the skin on the face.

peeling skin occurs because of dryness of the skin that can be caused by climate change.Excessive or abnormal facial (using toners, scrubs and lotions) can lead to dryness, and later to the peeling of the skin.It is considered unacceptable to wash the skin with soap or products containing lye.

Women with sensitive skin on the face, peeling occurs on a background of excessive rubbing of the skin after washing, causing damage.To prevent skin trauma on the face should be blotted movements after washing to remove residual moisture from the face.

Vitamin deficiency can also cause peeling of the skin on the face.It may be a seasonal period.Prevent winter beriberi can use nourishing cream on oily basis, multivitamin supplements, and eating fruits and vegetables.

provocateur peeling skin on the face, in the form of an allergic reaction may include certain chemicals contained in cosmetics for washing.Usually lanolic acid and lanolin are very strong allergen.Furthermore, flowering plants and food products also can provoke allergies, and after it, and peeling skin on the face.

Since dehydrated skin is considered the main cause dryness and peeling of the skin - it is important to eliminate the various negative factors that provoke this problem.That is, you must stop using soap for washing the face skin and make its replacement by a delicate cleanser without alcohol with a hypoallergenic composition.

If it is not possible to use such means for washing the face, you should use the soap, which is present in the composition cream or oil with moisturizing effect.After washing the face skin, use a moisturizing cream to her treatment, as it prevents excessive over-drying the skin.
should also eliminate the use of alcohol-containing agents for peeling skin on the face.
In addition, it is important to use a cream with a protective effect, which is suitable to the time of year.But we must remember that it can be applied not later than half an hour before going outside.

peeling eyelid skin can be caused by a wide variety of reasons: lack of the body micro and macro, moisture and allergies to excessive dryness of the skin all.Cosmetics that properly chosen and the use of soap can lead to dryness and flaking of the skin on the eyelids.

Trihinillez as a parasitic disease caused by worms, may also lead to skin peeling eyelids.This peeling skin century is considered a reliable sign of this terrible disease.

ciliated mite can also be another factor provoking.Peeling skin and eyelids can cause demodicosis, which is usually associated with redness of the eyelid skin and loss of eyelashes.

peeling scalp

Flaking of the scalp can be caused by several reasons goals.

Choice shampoo to wash your hair is very important when it comes not only to wash the hair, but also about the proper care for the scalp.A wrong shampoo often leads to dandruff and flaking of the scalp.

worth to choose shampoos without content lauryl sulfate, parabens and sundry.These substances provoke peeling, dryness, and allergies.

Flaking of the scalp may occur in psoriasis.This disease is caused by a fungus, which causes rapid death of the cells of the scalp, is their actinic and later flaking of the scalp.In this case, contact the trihologu or dermatologist to assign adequate treatment.

itself also causes dandruff flaking.And very protracted and chronic nature.The fact is that dandruff is the result of an imbalance of work glands of hair follicles.Dandruff provoked by frequent change of shampoo to wash hair, immune diseases (abnormalities in the thyroid gland, intestinal dysbiosis, and so forth.), Bad ecology of water, which washed hair, itself a frequent hair washing.Dandruff is usually accompanied by severe itching of the scalp.But not all patients are placing on this complaint.In the treatment of dandruff is very good half board washing hair, scalp paste Soultz 1 and 2%.Do not use shampoos with triclosan (for example, Heden sholders or Nizoral).The fact that it is possible to addictive scalp dandruff can then be constant companion patient.Seborrheic dermatitis

also seems important cause of the appearance of flaking of the scalp.His symptoms is the formation of scales and crusts of yellow color with an oily sheen on the surface.Accompanied by itching and flaking of the scalp and face.Often it occurs in children.Seborrheic dermatitis treated by a specially selected diet and drugs in the form of tablets and ointments.

peeling of the skin on the hands

first cause of dryness and as a consequence, its peeling skin of hands is a violation of the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for its hydration.By provoking the peeling of the skin on the hands factors include: low humidity in the room, household chemicals (dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, bleach), temperature changes (wind, heat, etc.), hypo - and avitaminosis, heredity, diabetesdiabetes, various dermatitis.

may also be peeling of the skin on the fingers, which can be triggered by the reasons described above, but more often, it speaks of the systemic nature of the disease (problems with the liver and gall bladder, diabetes, iron deficiency anemia and intestinal dysbiosis).Also worm infestation may cause peeling of the skin of the fingers, especially in children.

Lack of multivitamins as a cause of peeling skin on the fingers and hands as a whole can lead to suppurative complications and fractures.It should be given in this case, the preference receiving multivitamin supplements with high concentrations of vitamins A, C, B, E, and balanced nutrition.

If you have flaky skin on the hands after using household detergents need to wear gloves while cleaning or washing.When the weather is bad, it is important to lubricate the skin of the hand cream in the heat - it is important to drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day in addition to soups.

necessary to understand the fact that to get rid of peeling skin of hands is very difficult, especially if it is caused by diseases of internal organs.In this case, it is important to engage in causal treatment of chronic diseases, which led to the peeling of the skin on the hands.

of dermatitis and the disease leads first to the skin peeling of hands.This is especially seen in contact dermatitis.Later joined by inflammation and redness of the skin on the hands.Usually, peeling skin on the fingers and hands for dermatitis accompanied by severe itching.In this case, you must always consult with a qualified professional to find out the cause of the dermatitis.Then proceed with the therapy in the form of application of corticosteroids and antihistamines.

In some cases, the peeling of the skin on the hands can help massage with nourishing oils that stimulate blood circulation in the upper layer of the skin.It also helps to stimulate the sebaceous glands.

peeling of the skin on the feet

Unfortunately, the skin on the feet is also often subjected to flaking.If a person is concerned about the peeling of the skin on the feet, do not be amiss to visit a dermatologist for a screening for a fungal infection.From the outset, it begins tenderness in the affected area of ​​the fungus.This can be seen covering the leg skin small bubbles, especially in the area between the toes, where there is still the strongest and unbearable itching.Later he joined the defeat of nails and nail bed, develops skin peeling feet.

ichthyosis (skin fungus) is considered to be an infectious disease.It is highly likely transmitted through the contact form of transfer (in saunas, bathhouses, when wearing the overall shoe).Fungal infection in ichthyosis loves humidity.Symptoms of chronic course of ichthyosis can be thickening and yellowing of the nail bed and the nail there is perishable.Cracks on the heels also apply to chronic ichthyosis, which are always accompanied by dryness and flaking of the skin of feet.In the treatment of important point is the use of antifungal ointments, liquidation or cutting the affected nail, careful hygiene of the skin of feet.In severe cases may require the use of oral antifungal agents (Fluconazole 150 mg three times per week for several months).

Sometimes there may be peeling of the skin on the legs and the thighs and calves in the area.The reason for this is the strong dry skin.Inadequate fluid intake (less than 1.5 liters per day) also contributes to dry skin.It is necessary to use at least 2.5 liters of water, and only in pure form.Also cause peeling of the skin on the feet in the hips may seem a thorough exfoliation procedure or the use of anti-cellulite treatments, which are often "dried" skin to withdraw excess fluid from it.

Immediately it is worth considering that the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues, which leads to the development of cellulite develops due to metabolic disorders and therefore the cellulite on the legs should be treated not massage, and properly chosen diet with the appointment of a certain kind of drugs (Hofitol,Essentiale, Wobenzym, etc.).

diabetes as many already known to lead to skin itching and flaking.Because peeling of the skin on the feet can be a consequence of diabetes.Do not neglect the trek to the doctor if you have flaking skin on the feet, as it can be a formidable sign, especially in old age, when the risk of developing more than a few times due to the fact that diabetes occurs due to disturbances in the development of insulin,where the main body, it generates, is considered the pancreas.Because of its prevention and early diagnosis is very important.

peeling of the skin on the legs and often appears when sweating.The skin is softened quite simply, it starts peeling, and then drop the humidity and there is peeling.Fight sweating feet must be complex.You should check the hormonal status, ascause sweating of the feet may be hyperhidrosis feet.After that, it is important to get rid of poor-quality shoes, and go for shoes made of natural materials.Wearing shoes is also on the season.The choice of socks or tights is also important in this regard.Cotton is the ideal option when sweating feet.Deodorant for shoes can give only a temporary effect, but you can try.Can help Galmanin powdery powder, paste Teymurova 1% formalin solution and foot baths with infusions of oak bark and chamomile.

Peeling the skin of a child

have a certain number of children skin peeling may be present up to adolescence.Therefore, it is necessary to know what the structure of the skin in infants differs substantially from the structure of the skin in adults, becausein children it is more delicate, especially in the stratum corneum.Because of this, the skin's moisture is retained for a short time, causing dry skin.

following factors can trigger skin peeling a child:

- external stimuli, such as the wet wind, cold air and the sultry summer weather.

- Various fungal infections, seborrheic dermatitis, scarlet fever and chicken pox.

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