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sudamen photos Miliaria adults - is the appearance on the surface of the skin of small erythematous vesicles, which are usually accompanied by swelling and pruritus.Sudamen adults considered to be not too frequent, but it is worth to know that it can develop in any individual during the sweltering heat.Most often prickly heat affects people with any stage of obesity, or those with sensitive skin is tender.Also, people who suffer from excessive sweating, often suffer from manifestations of prickly heat.Sudamen occurs in areas of skin that are firmly against your clothes, thus creating a kind of greenhouse effect.

Miliaria in adults causes

The causes of prickly heat in adults may be presented in the form of trigger factors for its occurrence or as a result of the underlying disease.The main cause of prickly heat is considered to be sweating.When hyperhidrosis, which is characterized by excessive sweating, symptoms prickly heat are considered frequent.Hyperhidrosis - a malfunction of the a

pocrine glands.The reasons for its occurrence can be a great set.But people who suffer from this disease, complain of chronic prickly heat.

Chronic diseases of the endocrine system, such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, may be the reason for the occurrence of prickly heat in adults, because when such violations may occur sweating.Diseases of the cardiovascular system and nervous system also contribute to excessive sweating, and as a consequence, prickly heat.

hot and dry climate also contributes to the development of prickly heat.Sweating during colds, which are accompanied by fever, body, provoke the development of adult prickly heat.

addition to all the above, other triggers prickly heat factors are: physical labor with increased sweating, wearing tight and close-fitting clothes (synthetic fabric), high temperature and humidity, increased body weight, long stay in direct sunlight, the use of tonal creamsand the use of nourishing creams in the summer time.

Wearing poorly ventilated or tight shoes provoke prickly heat on the legs of adults.

use of makeup, especially with the use of foundation, prickly heat can provoke the development of women.Such women usually have sensitive skin on the face.An increase in body temperature in the environment created by the so-called greenhouse effect on the skin.And the use of tonal creams well contributes to its development.

Miliaria adult symptoms

Miliaria adults divided into three types.

Crystal sudamen characterized as a rash of small red multiple bubbles, which are located quite close to each other.This kind of prickly heat is considered to be the safest.Eruptions in the crystal prickly heat can pass on their own after the removal of a provoking factor.There are times when such sudamen disappeared a few hours after its appearance.The cause of this kind of prickly heat is considered a fever in the environment.This entails an increased work of the sweat glands and the appearance of prickly heat.The bubbles in the crystal prickly heat painless and does not manifest itself, except for appearance.

Another variety called red prickly heat prickly heat.Red sudamen adults can deliver a significant discomfort, rather than crystalline.She is represented as puzyrkoobraznyh rashes on the skin red, often accompanied by inflammation of the surface layers of the skin.Often, the red prickly heat in adults can be seen in the armpits, groin and abdomen, in the area of ​​the elbow and forearm.Such eruptions can quickly switch to moist crust, indicating that the secondary bacterial infection.Independently red sudamen adult passes.As a rule, it is accompanied by a transition into a chronic skin disease with signs of infection.Because it is also called inflammatory views prickly heat.

In addition, the red crystal and prickly heat, heat rash papular there, which is more severe in adults red prickly heat.That is, it is the next step after the red prickly heat.There papular sudamen at sharp change of climate.It is characterized by an acute inflammation of the upper layers of the skin and is accompanied by the development of papular vesicles, which are also called vesicles-papully.The general condition of the patient at a variety of prickly heat may be impaired.There may be a slight rise in temperature to subfebrile, pain in the affected skin areas of swelling and hyperemia.

There is also this kind of prickly heat as apocrine.When it apocrine glands disrupted, which also gives its name to the disease hyperhidrosis.

apocrine sweat glands located in the armpits, groin, anus, nipple and areola.A certain number of apocrine glands located on the lips of the labia in women.Because the fair sex apocrine gland function more intensively than in the male population.At the same time, and the size of the glands, and the amount of discharge from their ducts depends on the hormonal status of the organism.Because hyperhidrosis is considered the main cause of apocrine miliaria.Often, this kind of prickly heat is developed due to inadequate treatment of the skin, for example, when there is insufficient personal hygiene.This is especially characteristic for those people who suffer severe and prolonged illness.

apocrine sudamen almost always affects children and infants, because their hormonal system, and therefore the system of apocrine sweat glands is underdeveloped, and its development, it will only be completed by puberty.

If prickly heat develop apocrine infiltrates, which are localized in specific layers of the skin in the area of ​​sweat glands.The complication of this type of prickly heat is considered to be the accession of secondary infection in the deeper layers of the skin.

itself sudamen in adults characterized by the development of small rash of bright pink or red.It can be located in those areas of skin that come in contact with clothing (armpits, elbow area, grooving area, legs, neck and head).And the appearance of prickly heat on the neck, on the head and on the face of the adult promotes hair growth, because that creates humidity of the skin in these areas.

photo adult prickly heat

sudamen adult photo

Miliaria on the legs of adults represented in the form of small bubbles in red, is localized mainly in the area of ​​the ankle and lower leg.It develops due to insufficient ventilation of shoes, wearing poorly ventilated and tight clothes in the warm season (jeans), personal hygiene legs.It should be remembered that the sweat glands on the feet are always working actively other glands in the body, because their feet need to provide proper care.

Miliaria adult treatment

In uncomplicated forms of adult prickly heat treatment is to eliminate the precipitating factors.These methods include: changes in ambient temperature, wearing clothing made of cotton or other natural materials, rational personal hygiene, especially in the care of bedridden patients.

itself prickly heat treatment is to eliminate sweating.For this purpose, the use of talc, powders for skin, in some cases, it may be useful formalin solution.When hyperhidrosis as in sweating due to apply Botox injections under the skin, hormonal and antihistamines.In some cases, with excessive sweating may have recourse to surgery.In this way, cross nerve endings that contribute to the innervation of the sweat glands.Such methods are used in long-term or chronic course in adult prickly heat.

Miliaria can also go by using phytotherapeutic methods.For example, can use a bath with herbal extracts of chamomile, succession, celandine, or St. John's wort.Take 1 tablespoon chopped herbs of any of the above plants, pour 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes.After the lapse of this time, the infusion is added to the bath with warm water.Such procedures not only facilitate disposal of miliaria, but multiple treatment of dermatological diseases (atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, eczema, pruritus, etc.).

the treatment of prickly heat in adults can also be used as a comprehensive reflexology treatment (especially when adult prickly heat on my feet), acupuncture and physiotherapy.

In more complicated forms of prickly heat (or red papular) may join the itching and inflammation on the skin.Because when an itch medications should be used based on menthol.Ointment in the prickly heat in an adult should contain zinc or other podsushivayuschee components.

addition ointments for itching skin, prickly heat can be used antihistamine medications.For example, diphenhydramine, Tavegil, Suprastin and Fenistil.And Fenistil can be used as an ointment in the prickly heat in an adult, which also gives the antipruritic effect.

Local media treatment of prickly heat also applies cream Calamine.It comprises the components zinc, which have a good dried and anti-inflammatory actions.This ointment should be applied to clean, dry skin up to five times a day.

Bepanten Cream can also be used in the treatment of prickly heat in the adult and the child.It is considered a universal cream for the treatment of various dermatological diseases uncomplicated.It should be applied to clean parts of the body with sudamen several times per day.

When the red prickly heat in adults need to consult a dermatologist, because such heat rash is accompanied by inflammation of infectious origin on the skin.The specialist may recommend the use of antibacterial creams and in complicated cases, the use of broad-spectrum antimicrobial action.Upon accession, weeping scabs, redness and swelling of the skin with its prickly heat should be differentiated from acute dermatological diseases infectious nature.

If installed diagnostically complicated form prickly heat (papular), then it is advisable to use local treatments in conjunction with the system.Local treatments include the use of prickly heat papular antihistamine ointment, ointments and anti-drying effect and the use of baths with herbal extracts and potassium permanganate.It may also require the use of ointments from prickly heat with antibacterial action (Tetracycline, ichthyol, Levomitsetinovaya etc.)

Systemic treatments complicated prickly heat in adults include oral antibiotics (doxycycline, azithromycin, Amoksilitsin, Ciprofloxacin).Antibiotics are used for at least five days, and even after the disappearance of clinical signs of inflammation in the skin for a further 2 days.Because the fast cancellation of antibacterial drugs in the process of calming the inflammation may contribute to inadequate erradikatsii pathogen, hence to persistent infection and the transition of the disease into a chronic stage.Recommended use of antihistamines in, in addition to local use.They are also used for at least a week.

Such therapies in complicated prickly heat it gives a positive trend during the recovery.Therefore, a favorable prognosis in prickly heat.

Prevention prickly heat in adults is timely care for the skin, wearing loose clothing and shoes made of natural materials, the timely disposal of sweating.

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