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Walleye (leukoma) - a clouding of the cornea, caused her scar changes.Walleye can occupy all or cornea, or some part of it.Often there are cases of congenital corneal opacity, which are caused by intrauterine inflammation.

Depending on the intensity and size opacities are distinguished:
- Walleye (extensive dense haze pure white or slightly yellowish color, which is located on the most or the entire surface of the cornea, and partially or completely covers the pupil)
- Spot the cornea (characterized by limitedclouding of the cornea)
- The cloud (difficult to distinguish very slight corneal opacity)

Causes of

- Keratitis (tuberculosis, viral and so forth.)
- The effects of surgery on the eye
- Various eye injuries (chemical and thermal burns,wounds, etc..)
- Trachoma
- Congenital corneal opacity
Impact on the quality of walleye primarily depends on its size, location and intensity.
So in the case of formation of clouds light rays passing through the cornea of ​​the eye b

egin to properly break, resulting in an unclear image and a slight distortion of objects.Spot
corneal central location if it significantly reduces visual acuity.In cases where the walleye is the result of alkali burns or other aggressive chemicals decreased visual acuity may already be up to the global conservation only light perception.If
thorn is located at the periphery, the visual acuity decreases not so much than if its location is directly in the center of the pupil just opposite.
surface walleye, which was formed after mechanical damage or as a result of ulcerous processes of the cornea rather rough, and very surface of the cornea in cataracts quite strongly thinned


little cloud, or so-called minor corneal clouding do not require any treatment, but the treatment spotcornea and cataracts of the only operative.
Keratoplasty (corneal plastic) in most cases, to achieve positive results even in cases of very large dense haze.If a thorn emerged as a result of severe burns and even re-keratoplasty has not brought the desired results - resorted to keratoprosthetics (keratoprosthesis implantation).
Medication conducted only for the elimination of residual inflammation in the cornea.

Forecast favorable in most cases, but if the cataract has developed as a result of severe thermal or chemical burns - rather doubtful.

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