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blepharitis.Treatment of blepharitis

Blepharitis - an inflammatory disease of the eyelid margins, which is probably one of the most common and difficult to cure eye diseases.Blepharitis can occur many years in the form of ulcers, scaly or simple form


factors that contribute to the emergence and development of this disease are many, is:
- Reduced immunity
- Chronic allergic and infectious diseases
- Diseasesgastrointestinal
- worm infestation
- Lack of vitamins in the body
- Diseases of the nasopharynx and teeth
- Anemia
predispose blepharitis :
- Diseases of the lacrimal
- uncorrected refractive error ( astigmatism , nearsightedness and farsightedness)
- chronic conjunctivitis
- Regular eye irritation by dust, smoke, etc.
Blepharitis often combined with such diseases as adenoids , dental cavities, nasal polyps, tonsillitis and other diseases of the paranasal sinuses


Blepharitis can cause mild or severe.
In less severe diseases of the lid margi

n redden, swell slightly, but the roots of the eyelashes are covered with small greyish scales (they are easily separated thereby exposed reddened eyelids).There is a feeling of gravity and itchy eyelids under eyelashes.There is increased sensitivity to bright light, and eye fatigue.

In severe blepharitis ( ulcerative blepharitis ), the formation of purulent crusts edge of the eyelid, which after separation expose bleeding ulcers, scarring that may cause hair loss or abnormal growth of eyelashes and deformation century.The edges of the eyelids in ulcerative blepharitis red, wet, thick and seem to be oiled, and with pressure on the cartilage observed allocation of oily secretions.During this type of blepharitis is chronic


blepharitis allergic
main safe and effective treatment for this type of blepharitis is to eliminate from the body of the allergen, which has led to the emergence of the disease.Treatment consists of lubricating edges century anti-inflammatory eye ointment (hydrocortisone-PIC) in conjunction with anti-allergic eye drops (alomid, lekrolin).If blepharitis mixed (infectious-allergic) - lubricate the lid margin such as an ointment or maksitrol index-gentamicin

Blepharitis Demodectic (caused by ticks of the genus Demodex)
main goal of treatment is to reduce the level of destruction ticks.For these purposes, it is recommended:
- The edges of the eyelids Hydrocortisone salve-PIC (2.5%) or ointment index-gentamicin
- Wipe the lid margin swab dipped in a solution of 70% ethanol with ether (twice daily)
- Doubledaily eye drops drip deksapos
- massages century

seborrheic blepharitis
paramount importance in this type of blepharitis has quality hygiene century.For this purpose, appointed by blurring the edges of the affected age-POS ointment hydrocortisone (1%) and instill eye drops "artificial tears".If you have conjunctivitis Maksideks prescribed eye drops (1%) or deksapos (1%)

blepharitis ulcerative
As seborrheic blepharitis, treatment of ulcer should begin with a thorough hygiene century.Detachable wet crusts should be removed with a cotton swab.If peel rough, they must first be softened using ointments or lotions wet.The treatment is applied to the edge of the eyelid complex ointment that contains an antibiotic and corticosteroid - Dex-gentamicin (0.3% gentamicin plus dexamethasone 0.1%).If the patient is intolerant of gentamicin, it is assigned a complex maksitrol ointment (polymyxin B 6 thousand. IU / r + neomycin 3.5 mg / g plus dexamethasone 1 mg / g).In case of concomitant marginal keratitis and conjunctivitis appointed eyedrops maksitrol or Dexa-Gentamicin.
In severe cases of ulcerative blepharitis the irradiation rays Bucca, autohaemotherapy and physiotherapy.

In conclusion, I want to add that to self-medicate, based only on the external manifestations of blepharitis is not recommended, as has been described above, it is a consequence of the disease, and the true reasons lie in the anomalies of the body and systemic diseases.

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