Eye diseases

Dislocation of lens

lens luxation

Dislocation of the lens - is the offset from the lens of the eye finding its natural place in the vitreous (at break zonule of zinn) or in the anterior chamber of the eye.The displacement of the lens is partially (subluxation) or complete (dislocation)


When dislocation of the lens in the anterior chamber due to injury, it becomes visible in a very deep anterior chamber in the form of oily droplets golden color.Usually in this case it develops secondary glaucoma.When dislocation of the lens into the vitreous body is showing signs of aphakia, which can cause the development of iridocyclitis or secondary glaucoma.

When subluxation of the lens there is uneven anterior chamber (in the side of the displacement is more shallow), refraction shift towards myopia, trembling of the iris and a significant decrease in vision.During ophthalmoscopy seen: twice the fundus image and the edge of the lens


- congenital hypoplasia
- partially missing or weak zonule of zinn

- Break tsinnovyh ligaments due to trauma or degeneration


under easy dislocation or subluxation at the appointed correcting lens, in that case if they improve vision.In the case of complicated dislocation - is assigned to the complete removal of the lens.

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