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ectropion (ectropion century) - a pathological change in the position of one (sometimes two) century, as a result of which the edge is wrapped, and the mucosal surface is facing out.Ectropion is scarry, paralytic, spastic and old.

Cicatricial inversion
arises due to the fact that the skin of the eyelids is contracted after the occurrence of pathological processes (ulcerative blepharitis , tuberculosis of bone orbit and so on.) In the century, as well as after their injuries and burns

Paralytic eversion
arises due to lesions of the facial nerve is observed only on the lower eyelid

Spastic inversion
arises as a consequence of reducing the orbital part of the circular muscles of the eye (keratitis as well as chronic and acute conjunctivitis )

Senile inversion
It arises as a consequence of senile weakness circular eye muscles

clinical picture

Edge century significantly affected (or not) behind the eyes or turn down in connection with the mucous membrane turns i

nside-out.It gradually dries and begins to grow in size.As with the age of the eyeball moves and lacrimal point, then this leads to watery eyes and possible skin maceration.Due to the withdrawal edge of the eyelid, eye slit stops link up properly, so that may develop keratitis and corneal opacity


Drug therapy, which aims to address the root causes that led to the emergence of this disease is only applicable in spastic and paralyticeversion.For other existing ectropion shows only surgery.

further outlook for the view is quite favorable.Full restoration of function and quality of lachrymal passage eliminate cosmetic defects in the first place depends on timely access to a doctor and time assigned to them adequate treatment.

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