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Ichthyosis Treatment

ichthyosis treatment

Ichthyosis (crocodile skin, fish scales) - a rather rare, manifests in early childhood and runs a chronic hereditary anomaly of skin keratinization


Causesthat contribute to this disease is still not completely known except that develops due ichthyosis gene mutation. also important betray a lack of vitamin A and endocrinopathies (hypofunction of the sweat glands and the thyroid gland).In the blood, there is a large number of amino acids, resulting in impaired protein metabolism, but because of high cholesterol disturbed fat metabolism.These symptoms suggest a genetic fault and lead to the development of ichthyosis.Patients with this gene mutation slows down the metabolism and impaired thermoregulation

Signs and forms of ichthyosis

Currently there are several clinical forms of ichthyosis, which are caused by the different groups of mutant genes.
most common form - is ordinary ichthyosis .It manifests itself in early childhood and is inherited in the au

tosomes - dominant type.This form of ichthyosis characterized by increased dryness of the skin and formation on the skin flakes of gray or off-white color, which in some severe cases, take the form of coarse brown plate very dense to the touch.Unaffected skin remains only in places and large folds of skin folds.On the palms and soles underlined drawing skin becomes lines.Peeling of the skin on the face is usually negligible.Sweating is markedly reduced.You may experience the degeneration of hair and nail plates.Ordinary ichthyosis often combined with asthma, seborrheic eczema and atopic dermatitis .

Congenital ichthyosis quite pronounced at birth of the child and divided into ichthyosiform erythroderma and ichthyosis fetus (developing 3-5 months pregnant and is rare).
At the birth of a child with ichthyosis fetus, his skin covered with thick horny layers that resemble the skin of a crocodile or tortoise shell.Very often these children preterm and unviable.
When a child is born with ichthyosiform erythroderma, his skin covered with fine, dry, yellowish film, after the rejection of which begins the so-called lamellar exfoliation, the extent of which age only increased


Depending on the severity of thedisease, ichthyosis is treated in a hospital or on an outpatient basis.Patients were allocated to long, repetitive courses of vitamin groups A, B, E + Vitamin C + niacin in high doses.To reduce the hardening scales used lipotropic containing vitamin U and lipamid.To strengthen the immune system, the patient should receive medication with a high content of iron and calcium, as well as transfusion of blood plasma.In cases of lesions of the thyroid gland it is recommended to take - tireodin, and with the defeat of the pancreas - insulin.In congenital ichthyosis, or in severe cases, hormone therapy is appointed.In terms
topical treatment of ichthyosis good effect on the patient having trays with potassium permanganate treatment of the skin and subsequent baby cream (salicylic petrolatum 1: 1 lanolin with vaseline oil, the oil concentrate retinol).For therapeutic doses of useful ultraviolet irradiation, carbon dioxide and sulphide bath tallasoterapii.

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