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The test for color blindness online

test for color blindness online

be tested for color blindness Color blindness or color blindness - in most cases much less common hereditary or acquired feature of human vision, which is reflected in the inability to distinguish between multiple or single color.One type of color blindness was first described by John Dalton in 1794, based on their own feelings.

clinically distinguish between partial or complete color blindness.Very rarely, a person may experience a complete lack of color vision.The most frequently observed infringement of the red receptors (Protanopia, dihromiya).

For more information on color blindness, you can read the detailed article blindness , but here we want to introduce you to a test for color blindness, which with precision will help determine if there are or have disorders of color vision

a test for color blindness Photo test for color blindness isof special viewing Rabkin polychromatic tables which consist of a plurality of colored dots and circles, several different colors, but at the same brightness.For color-blind,

does not distinguish between being in the color table, this table will appear substantially uniform, but a person with normal color perception without any problems be able to consider a geometric shape and / or number that are specifically made up of circles of the same color


test for color blindnessIt can be considered complete.Now, check the table below for your color vision

answers to test color blindness

After verification, you can sum up the test for color blindness, if you see all the geometric shapes and figures correctly - congratulations from color perception there is no problem.If the result does not justify all assigned to the test of hope, absolutely no need to get upset, becausea lot of people quite comfortably live with this diagnosis

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