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Recklinghausen's disease (Neurofibromatosis)

disease Recklinghausen (Neurofibromatosis)

disease Recklinghausen (Neurofibromatosis) - hereditary or familial disease in which the skin appears a lot of fleshy soft to the touch tumors that consist of a modified nerve tissue (called - neurofibromas).
This disease can occur in the first ten years of life.Men suffer from it about two times more likely than women


- tumors of the auditory, visual, vestibular-cochlear, peripheral nerves
- Brown spots on the skin surface
- often there is a change of bone tissue and skin
-Bone deformities
- The emergence of soft pink nodules on the skin (but sometimes in the subcutaneous tissue)
- Mobility limitation or dizziness
- Deafness and blindness
- Curvature of the spine


Recklinghausen's disease is caused by gene changes.There are two types of the disease:

- first type .Initial changes appear only on the skin (on the skin surface of the entire body appear spots of color "coffee with milk").Most often, these spots are

observed at birth or appear in childhood.Then, over the years the child begin to appear benign skin tumors in a soft pink nodules.Less common are nodules that form under the skin surface or on the background of changes in the spine and bones.

- second type .Lesions can be extremely heavy since in this case (often at puberty) may form neurofibromas peripheral nerves.Though and neurofibromas are benign tumors, but if they occur on the spine can happen spinal cord lesions.In cases of tumors of the optic nerve in the iris appear characteristic nodules, fundus changes, resulting in a high probability blindness can occur.As a consequence of the defeat of vestibulocochlear nerve deafness occurs frequently.In most cases, patients with difficult movement and having dizzy spells.Also, Recklinghausen disease accompanied by abnormalities of blood vessels and heart


In the case of Recklinghausen's disease is manifested only pigment spots on the skin - treatment is not necessary.Tumors of the presence of abnormal functioning which the body is removed surgically or by means of radiation therapy.

In conclusion, I want to add that Recklinghausen's disease is a very insidious and attempt to cure her is strictly prohibited.In the case of increasing the number of pink nodules or pigmented spots on the skin, you should immediately consult a qualified dermatologist or neurologist.

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