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Albino photo albino - a man with a rare hereditary property, which is characterized by a lack of pigmentation in the iris of the eye, skin, hair.This anomaly, speaking hereditary phenomenon, largely depends on the presence of overwhelming recessive gene is in the homozygous state.The average incidence of this gene in humans - one case per 20 000 thousand.

Albinos people are the owners of rare diseases on the planet, and this figure is different in all countries.For example, the United States and Europe have five albino 100 000 people, and Nigeria finds albinism every 20th person per 100 000 people.Albinism name in Latin means white.According to statistics from the parents of children with inherited gene are not albinos and have normal hair color, eye irises.Parents should exercise albino attention to children and the need to address in a timely manner to physicians with the appearance of unusual manifestations.

Albinos people always attracts attention and often act because of its unusual appearan

ce object of ridicule.

Albino reasons

albinos are from birth.This anomaly is associated with the lack of melanin - the pigment responsible for hair color, skin color and eyes.

Albinos people do not have the enzyme tyrosinase.Themselves parents of albino albinism can not hurt, but the child to pass this feature.Scientists have found that the enzyme tyrosinase is essential for the production of melanin, which in Greek is set to black.Healthy people possess melanin, but is not albino.The more human melanin, the darker will be in his skin.If the tests show that the problem with the production of tyrosinase is missing, then the cause of albinism in favor mutation in the genes.

Albinos are distinguished by different types of albinism and each, of course, to varying degrees dependent on the lack of pigment.Each state of albinism is accompanied by various problems associated with vision, skin diseases, neurological disorders.Albinism is able to provoke such diseases: skin cancer, cataract, neurosis, psychosis, depression, sunburn.Terms of inheriting albinism is the transfer of genes by both parents.If the gene is present in one of the parents, the disease does not occur, but it should be noted that the body retains the mutated gene, and transmits it to the next generation.This is the inheritance he named autosomal - recessive.

albino girl pictures

photo albino girl

Albino signs

albinism may have different problems.This short-sightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness, nystagmus.

Albino skin is pale pink hue, with translucent capillaries, and the hair is very fine and soft with a white or yellowish tinge.

Signs of the albino will be expressed in the issues related to the coordination of eye tracking and fixing.In albino able to dramatically decrease the depth of vision and photophobia occur.

Albinos people melanin in the skin do not have, and it causes sunburn, as well as the inability to sunbathe.In the absence of skin protection sunscreens, skin cancer develops.

albinos with red eyes - is the manifestation of the effect of the horizontal nystagmus and photophobia.And because in the pupils no pigment, the eyes give a red tint.

oculocutaneous albinism is very common.Severe forms are expressed in white skin and hair, which remain as such throughout their lives.In albinos with less severe signs of hair and skin in the process of life a little bit darker.It is associated with the aging process.

next symptom is ocular albinism albino, which is the second most common.It is manifested in the lack of pigmentation of the iris eyes.The skin color and hair while maintaining normal.Some types of ocular albinism can create vision problems.

exist three types of Albinism.It is a total, partial and incomplete.For total inherent dryness of the skin, the presence of such diseases: actinic cheilitis, hypertrichosis, keratome, epithelioma, hypotrichosis, a violation of sweating, burning in the sun.

Albinos people have crossed eyes, poor vision, and such diseases: cataract, microphthalmia, mental retardation, immune deficiency, nystagmus.For partial albinism is characterized by hypopigmentation of hair and skin and eye iris.

Partial albinism is able to emerge from the birth.It is characterized by pigmentation or brown spots on the legs, abdomen, face and grizzled strands of hair color.

Negro albino photo

photo Negro baby albino

Negro albino

As already mentioned, Europe and North America by 20 thousand people have one albino.In Africa, the same number there is much more.Tanzania is one area with an abnormally high number of albinos.Their number is 15 times the average of the world.Scientists find it difficult to explain the reason for such growth.Most likely the reason are forced marriages between albinos and hence the birth of such children.The problem of the country is that the government can not provide security to any citizen.West Africa builds and helps albino saved in special boarding schools with security.Ironically proportion of white African American forced to flee from their own environment.

albino Negro suffers not only from ignorant people, as well as the hot African sun.White albino skin and eyes suffer from powerful ultraviolet.These people need to hide from the sun at home, and use sunscreen before going out drugs, which because of poverty they have no money.

Albinos people blacks hair at birth are yellow and those they remain for a lifetime, but it is a kind of darkening.Their skin is very white and not able to sunbathe.Iris blue-gray, and some people still have dark spots on the body.South Africa is rich in superstitions and one of them says that the Negro albino after his death disappears before our eyes, melting into the air.For this reason, always willing to check it, killing albinos.Life albino people turns into a nightmare, because they do not know how many will survive.African authorities blame in the current situation of the village shamans as to their opinion and to this day heard."Black magicians" also confer different properties of these accidents are not backed by scientific knowledge.African people are illiterate and shamans use it.There are also terrible cannibalism.

albino negro can not live in peace in Africa.Fear is always present in his life.Shamans are always ready to pay for his eyes, blood or other body parts, widely used in rituals.Hunters albinos also motivated by a desire to acquire otherworldly force after taking life miserable.Local authorities are powerless to influence the situation or they can not.Albinos are trying to assert their rights to life, marching, but to no avail.At home, they do not understand, and only the West can really help them.

In Africa, killing an albino Negro has become the norm.Africans medical nuances and causes albinism are not interested, and education relate to unnecessary studies.But superstition is a green light.Villagers are unanimously believe that the albino would bring to the country a solid disaster.Killers driven greed as dismembered bodies of albinos are sold for big money.Hunters for albinos to kill someone without a difference: the child, man, woman.This product is in demand.By selling one victim can live comfortably a couple of years.

Albinos people face discrimination everywhere: at school, at work.In the past, the midwives at the birth of these children were killed.In Africa, albinism, lack of timely qualified help and very rarely can live up to 40 years.By the age of 18 albinos because of the susceptibility to UV light for 80% of deprived, and by the age of 30 can develop skin cancer.

albinos live is very difficult, and especially so in Africa and the problem of understanding and tolerance of society at the present time to the color of people's skin remains open.

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