Thrush treatment and course of the disease

Thrush treatment and course of the disease

Most modern women think thrush quite harmless disease because of the abundance on our television screens advertised drugs that supposedly can cure candidiasis (yeast infection) just a couple of dayswithout visiting a doctor.Thrush and perhaps really is not quite a dangerous disease, but only under the condition that its treatment in any case should not be treated as described above.
Yearly incidence of vaginal candidiasis women throughout the world is increasing and according to experts at the moment is about forty percent of all infectious diseases of the lower genital system.The causative agent of thrush are
fungi Candida, of which there are currently more than one hundred and fifty species.Although according to numerous studies the major causative agent of the disease (about 95%) is Candida albicans, which met during the research scientists in seven percent of the samples of dust and fifty percent of the air samples.These fungi can live not onl

y in the environment, but also on the mucous membranes and skin is quite healthy person.Under the influence of certain favorable factors of Candida albicans and cause disease

Thrush causes

Unlike many STDs not micro-parasites and various infectious bacteria cause thrush.Blame is yeast fungi that inhabit our body from birth.The fungus Candida is usually sufficient to peacefully coexist with the human body, but is only supercooled or weaken due to stress, illness or fatigue;start abusing hormones, antibiotics and vaginal douching - harmless fungi immediately become aggressors.You should also know that thrush may develop as a consequence of such diseases as mycoplasmosis , trichomoniasis , chlamydia and bacterial vaginosis - therefore in any case it is not necessary to put a diagnosis on their own, based only on the familiarfeelings.Properly assess the overall picture of the disease and assign a quality and effective treatment can only qualified gynecologist

Thrush symptoms and effects

Most women known names form of vaginal candidiasis.The very first symptom is usually a rapidly rising sharply itching in the vagina and perineum.After that, there is a characteristic whitish coating on the mucous membrane of the vagina and "cheesy" discharge grayish color.
According to statistics candidiasis urogenital system ten times more likely to happen in women than in men.However, after sexual contact with a sick woman - Forty percent of males develop genital candidiasis .Currently classified three forms of genital candidiasis: Kandidanositelstvo - the complete absence of complaints and expressed picture of disease in a patient;Acute urogenital candidiasis - a disease with a distinct picture: swelling, itching, redness, rashes on the skin and mucous membranes of the vagina and vulva;Chronic (recurrent) urogenital candidiasis - moderate or contrary abundant cheesy discharge, irritation, itching, burning of the external genitalia, odor

Thrush treatment

Most women are thrush quite serious, resulting inrecent years dramatically increased the number of patients who suffer from chronic relapsing forms of candidiasis.
treatment of thrush should be gradual and should include not only getting rid of the fungus, but also the mandatory elimination of predisposing factors and treatment of opportunistic diseases.For a complete cure and to prevent re-infection should be licensed antifungal drugs, not only locally, but certainly inside.Also necessary is the parallel treatment of sexual partner.
duration of treatment and dosage of medications are selected purely physician individually for each patient on the basis of the results of bacteriological crops and all kinds of tests.In the treatment of thrush should be strictly adhered to a diet which aims to limit the intake of sugar, carbohydrates, milk, yeast bread and to increase the consumption of foods with vitamins, minerals and protein.

In conclusion I would like to add that the treatment of thrush in three days as advertised in the media - it is impossible.In summary quite effective famous "pimafutsin" says that the recommended course of treatment is not less than seven days, but as practice shows - this time increased to ten, and often more days and then under the condition that the patient's primary infection.

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