Vulva in girls and women

vulva in girls and women

vulvitis photo Vulvitis - an inflammation of the external genital tract (vulva) non-specific nature.Depending on the cause of inflammation, vulvity may be nonspecific and specific.Specific vulvity are secondary and develop on the background of the pathogenic process in the genitals.Often there are allergic vulvitis develops as a result of allergic diseases in women with weakened immune systems.

vulva form structures located between the pubis and hymen: labia (small and large), the clitoris, the external opening of the urethra.Fabric of the external genitalia is well supplied with blood vessels and nerves, causing easily injured and respond to any damage and / or inflammation of the brightest clinical symptoms.

Vulva is highly sensitive to hormonal changes in a woman's body, so often isolated, non-specific vulvitis diagnosed in children and the elderly due to the unstable hormonal levels.

Primary vulvity represent only an isolated inflammation of the vulva, are relatively rare,

mainly in the elderly and children.

Primary vulvitis in children is caused by a variety of reasons, but usually children vulvitis associated with violations of the rules of personal hygiene or contact with dirty objects and hands.

Older women primary atrophic vulvitis develops in the decay of hormonal function.

largest group of secondary inflammation of the vulva make vulvity arising from the spread of the inflammatory process by descending from the vagina.

Clinically vulvitis may occur in acute and chronic forms.Vulva chronic treated heavier and often recurs.Usually, chronic vulvitis is erased clinic and difficult to treat.

vulvitis often diagnosed during pregnancy.Provoke vulvitis during pregnancy may natural hormonal changes and reduced immune defense.

vulvitis therapy involves the use of common drugs and topical treatment.Properly selected therapeutic tactics vulvitis provide a complete cure.

reasons vulvitis

Inflammation of the external genitalia is diagnosed more often in patients with a poor background process.For example, vulvitis often arises against hormonal and endocrine disorders, diabetes, obesity, thyroid dysfunction, etc.

By precipitating factors of inflammation of the external genital tract are gastrointestinal disease and immune disorders.

Mechanical damage vulva also create favorable conditions for the development of local inflammation.Because the vulva is well supplied with blood vessels, ranked in the damaged tissue infection quickly causing an inflammatory reaction.

allergic vulvitis often occurs in women with chronic allergic diseases (asthma, chronic eczema, hay fever, dermatitis and so on).

physiological causes of vulvitis is an elderly age, pregnancy and menstruation: primary atrophic vulvitis develops in older women due to lower estrogen effect on the tissue of genitals;changes in the body of pregnant hormones and local immunity, as occurs during menstruation prolonged contact "rough" pads with delicate skin of the vulva.

specificity of inflammation in vulvitis determined by the type of agent.It refers to a specific group of inflammation provoked by chlamydia, gonococci, trichomonas, or viruses.Specific vulvitis often develops secondary to the overall inflammatory diseases transmitted through sexual contact from the partner.

nonspecific inflammation opportunistic microorganisms: staphylococci, streptococci, yeasts.These microbes are present in the composition of the normal microflora of the genital tract in small quantities, but under adverse conditions begin to proliferate uncontrollably and provoke inflammation.

Antibiotics against the backdrop of a weakened immune system often leads to the development of fungal (Candida) vulvitis.

Uncontrolled hormonal agents (particularly contraception) leads to the development of vulvitis.

cause of secondary vulvitis are inflammatory diseases of the overlying region (vagina and cervix) - obesity, cervicitis, etc.However, vaginal discharge, containing a large number of pathogen infection downward method covers the vulva.

the vulva leaves the external opening of the urethra.Secondary vulvitis may be a consequence of inflammatory processes in the urinary system, such as cystitis, when an infection of the bladder and / or urethra by downward falls on the fabric of the vulva and provokes inflammation.

important role in the development of vulvitis plays a banal failure to personal hygiene and promiscuity (especially without PPE).

Women using tight, uncomfortable underwear and underwear made of synthetic fabrics, are more likely to inflammation of the external genital organs.

Primary vulvitis in children often develop non-compliance with hygiene standards.Lack of proper hygienic care of the girl from the mother, as well as excessive hygiene can contribute to the development of inflammation of the external genitalia.Sometimes children vulvitis appears on the background of common infectious diseases (scarlet fever, tonsillitis), exudative diathesis, or helminthic invasion.

Symptoms of vulvitis

severity of the clinical picture when vulvitis depend on the nature and form of the pathogen of the disease.Acute vulvitis flows more pronounced, and the chronic form characterized by scanty and protracted symptoms with alternating exacerbations and remissions.

Patients with vulvity complain of pain of varying intensity, discomfort in the entrance to the vagina, worse with walking and / or urination.Menstruation provoke strengthen all signs of vulvitis.Often there is burning and / or itching.Like any acute inflammation, acute vulvitis may be accompanied by fever.

Because the vulva is the opening of the urethra, the inflammatory process extends to the urethra with a possible ascending infection of the bladder.There are urinary disorders - dysuria.

Vaginal discharge occur in the secondary vulva.Their nature and amount depend on the causative agent.The specific process is characterized by profuse, malodorous discharge, Trichomonas accompany vulvitis purulent discharge characteristic foamy appearance.In acute vulvitis fungal origin (Candida) appear copious cheesy kind.Older women secretions little.

In some cases, the patient can accurately indicate the situation provoking vulvitis: antibiotics or hormonal methods, common infectious diseases, unprotected sex, violations of sanitary norms, etc.

Symptoms of acute vulvitis inhibit normal sexual life.

In chronic vulvitis symptoms are mild, but in the period of remission may abate.If the active woman has no complaints, symptoms of vulvitis may only be detected during a pelvic exam.

Intensity of the above symptoms is individual!

vulvitis preliminary diagnosis is established during a pelvic exam.Visually determined by the swelling of the external genitalia, diffuse or focal hyperemia of the small and large labia.In marked inflammation on the surface of the vulva can be found small hemorrhages and erosion, covered with a purulent coating.

Acute vulvitis is accompanied by severe local inflammation and edema, because of this inspection in the mirror causes severe pain.

Most vulvitis during pregnancy (90%) developed with the participation of fungi Candida, when due to lower estrogen effect of changing the composition of the normal flora and pH (acidity) of the vaginal environment.The leading symptoms of vulvovaginal lesions of the vulva are the painful itching, burning sensation in the vulva, as well as discharge from the genital tract similar to cottage cheese.Less frequent urination disorders and pain during intercourse.

Identification of inflammatory processes of the upper genital tract (vagina and cervix) when viewed in the mirror indicate a secondary character vulvitis.

During the conversation with the patient is necessary to clarify the presence of endocrine diseases and allergies.Sometimes chronic vulvitis accompanies extragenital pathology and can not be eradicated without adequate therapy neginekologicheskogo disease.

detailed conversation and a pelvic exam to help establish the presence of inflammation.To determine its immediate cause, the following laboratory diagnostic methods:

- Swabs from the vagina, cervix and urethra.A significant number of white blood cells indicates inflammation and changes in the composition of normal microflora point to the pathogen.If a particular process in smears appear trichomonas, gonorrhea or chlamydia.

- PCR diagnostics for major urogenital infections.A relatively new method of diagnosis, wherein greater reliability.It helps to detect even the smallest amount of agent in the material.

- Bacteriological research.Material for the study were collected in tubes.Seeding is required not only for the detection of pathogens, but also to determine the appropriate antibiotic, able to destroy it.

- The general analysis of blood and urine tests are relevant for acute vulva, especially with a high fever.

- Blood test for RW and HIV.Taken in all patients regardless of diagnosis and clinical disease.

screening women with secondary vulvitis may be extended by additional methods, depending on the primary disease.

parallel survey of the sexual partner is necessary for suspected specific process.

vulva in girls

Primary isolated vulvitis is diagnosed in most cases in newborns and in young girls.

Children's vulva is different from that of adult women: it is more delicate, thin, has fewer sweat and sebaceous glands, making it more vulnerable to the surface of bacterial infections.

Despite the increased sensitivity, thin skin of newborn quite robust and copes well with the adverse external influences in compliance with proper hygienic regime.To baby was healthy enough to perform the most basic hygienic measures and avoiding injuries anogenital region.It should contain the baby's skin clean and dry, use diapers and clothes only from natural fabrics, to create access for air.

Some mothers are too often tempted child using unnecessary ointments, creams and powders with antibacterial components.All of this does more harm than good.

Vulvitis infants manifested as redness and swelling of the anogenital region, which may join the selection.Severe inflammation causes restless behavior of the child.

self-treat vulva in neonates is not recommended.Sometimes recovery want to restore the proper hygienic regime and eliminate the traumatic factors.If the inflammation of the phenomenon do not pass, you should seek professional help.

Primary vulvitis in early childhood is also associated with errors in hygiene.Little girls can carry infection with dirty hands or objects such as toys.Appeared on the background of inflammation itching and discomfort forced children to comb the thin, vulnerable surface of the vulva.As a result, there are small sores and scratches, which can cause minor bleeding.Over time, these lesions are infected, exacerbating the disease.

often vulvitis in children caused by helminths (worms), develops on the background of inadequate antibiotic therapy.Allergic vulvity diagnosed in children with hypovitaminosis, and immune disorders.

If the mother during pregnancy has not passed the treatment of genital infections, it can infect the baby during delivery, when it moves through the birth canal.In that case, agents of infection in the newborn and the mother will be similar.

vulva in girls occurs in acute, subacute and chronic forms.Most often, the girls who have not attained the age of seven, vulvity are nonspecific and occur in the chronic form.Along with the typical symptoms of vulvitis in this age group prevail different allocation - from watery to pus or bleeding.

a long-term infection due to lower local immunity can be lifted into the vagina, causing inflammation.In this case, the symptoms of vulvitis joined vaginitis symptoms (vaginal inflammation), and the disease changes its name to "vulvovaginitis".

Diagnosis and treatment of vulvitis in girls carried children gynecologist.External examination reveals signs of inflammation and the presence of secretions in speculum examination is performed.If you suspect the presence of a foreign body in the vagina resorting to instrumental methods - Vaginoscopy.Vaginoscopy by a special device that allows to look beyond the hymen and examine the state of the vagina, as well as to remove the foreign body.During the inspection of the posterior vaginal fornix using a special tool taking swabs and culture.

Often the initial symptoms of vulvitis are easily overcome with simple hygiene procedures.However, as in the case of neonates vulvitis, independent treatment of vulvitis girls not recommended.Inadequate therapy in ignorance of the exact causes of the disease can only worsen the disease process.

One of the most common adverse effects of chronic vulvitis in children is the formation of dense "gluing" of small and / or the labia majora - adhesions, which are eliminated by only instrumental.

vulva in women

In healthy women after menarche until the waning of hormonal function of the vulva is under the protection of estrogen and is able to withstand the inflammatory and degenerative processes.Therefore, the primary inflammatory disease of the vulva among adult women are rare.The majority of patients have vulvity secondary.

The basis of secondary inflammation of the external genitalia is a descending infection.Pathogens fall on the vulva with vaginal discharge.Secondary vulvity diagnosed in women in the vulvovaginitis and obesity, are a common cause with them, and the pathogen.

clinical picture of secondary vulvitis in women supplemented with symptoms of the disease, which served as its cause.

vulvitis symptoms are not specific and are similar to any other signs of inflammation of the external genitalia.Independently correct diagnosis impossible.Some women do not feel the symptoms of vulvitis serious cause for concern or a reference to the doctor and try to treat themselves, using folk remedies or selected at random antibiotics.Despite the fact that in some rare cases, they are able to "guess" method of treatment, such tactics could lead to the fact that the process will move into the chronic form, or worse, as an adequate antibiotic therapy involves laboratory confirmation of the nature of the infectious agent.Do not go to the pharmacy and ask random ointment vulvitis or buy advertised in the media candles at vulvitis for self-treatment.

Since the cessation of menstruation in a woman's body begins to gradually decrease the amount of estrogen.

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