Ectropion of the cervix

ectropion cervix

Cervical ectropion photo ectropion cervix - a pathological condition of the cervix, which manifests itself in reversing the mucous coating on the underside of the channel.As a result, cervical mucous is facing in the vaginal cavity.This deviation from the normal state of the cervix can occur absolutely quiet, without the presence of symptoms.Disturb ectropion cervix starts, if joined by an inflammatory component.A woman complains of separation, not peculiar to her by the abundance and quality.Discharge bloody character after sexual intercourse is alarming bell for women and can prevent post-traumatic diagnosis of cervical ectropion.Pathology may be involved in pain in the small female pelvis, and even failure in the cycle of menstruation.

ectropion cervix for the first time can reveal the doctor examining the patient in the chair, but its presence can be confirmed only by using a colposcope, followed by research at the cellular level.When the diagnosis of cervical ectropion installed, prescribe, b

uilding on the degree of explicitness changes.There are medical and surgical treatment of cervical ectropion.The disease can not ride, so women need to visit your doctor every six months.But once a year it is reasonable to do detailed colposcopy - consideration neck under a microscope.

Causes Cervical ectropion

Monographs on gynecology, cervical ectropion is presented, as a complication of ectopic occurrence of changes in the cervix, which includes tandem scar modifications in the structure and endocervicoses.Inflammation of the cervix, but rather a place of transition in the neck of the uterus and a mucous to another - by definition, cervicitis and endometritis can arise in case of deterioration of the flow, which leads to complicated by the form of cervical ectropion bacterial harmful microbes.In chronic microbe living in the body, can occur earlier cancer disease eroded ectropion of the cervix (the true erosion), and that the worst - cancer of the cervix.The neck is vulnerable to the impact of carrying pathogenic organisms, as its slimy literally exposed to the outside.It is necessary to identify congenital and acquired forms of cervical ectropion.

women of childbearing age, recent hath sexual life, eroded ectropion of the cervix is ​​the result of an imbalance of hormones in the background.It is a form of congenital ectropion cervix.

Posttraumatic ectropion cervix - acquired form is diagnosed, usually after childbirth.Poorly executed gisterorrafiya in the early postpartum period, subsequently leads to the formation of ectropion.Just traumatic defect of the cervix can happen as a result of medical stop pregnancy for a period exceeding 16 weeks.When cervical trauma, whole condition of the tissue collapses, circular muscles are weakened, there is a direct impact on the longitudinal muscles is their contraction that leads up to the throat hiatus from the outside of the cervix.This state of the throat leads to the so-called inversion channel to the underside of the mucosa, which is what we call the ectropion.

diagnosis of cervical ectropion can not meet their medical history, be prevented if its occurrence.It depends how the woman and from the doctors of the maternity ward.Prevention from obstetricians is to streamline the process of childbirth, to prevent the rupture of the neck.The woman must abide by all rules of contraception chosen by her, to exclude abortion in an unwanted pregnancy.

Symptoms of cervical ectropion

specificity in the manifestation of cervical ectropion is not seen.A woman can not bring any complaints at all, or do not pay attention to the modification of the quantity and quality of vaginal discharge.Most often ectropion detected at a planned medical examination.

ectropion of the cervix can be congenital only when the account refers to the consultant lady, recently it started its journey in the sexual lives.As a rule, young visitors of complaining about the failures in menstruation cycle.Acquired ectropion of the cervix can be exhibited, as compared with previously modified neck that the doctor had seen in the previous inspection in the mirror.

If a cervical ectropion joined pathogenic factor of inflammation, the woman complains of active vaginal discharge is white, incredible itching, sometimes bleeding after sexual intercourse.

to prodiagnostsirovat ectropion, to start looking woman doctor on the couch, where he sees the painful picture of the area of ​​the vaginal cervical os.Two lips, neck, often on the front, we see areas of red - columnar epithelium based channel neck (cervical).When ectropion cervical congenital pathogenesis, the epithelium is lined with flat, in the form of spruce branches.When ectropion posttraumatic cervical epithelium vystilanija chaotic and scattered in sight.The cervix is ​​changed, pharynx, facing into the vagina, gaping.

Women with congenital ectropion check the amount of hormones in the blood, as well as ovarian function.To refine the final result of diagnostics, carried out a study of cervical tissue at the cellular level.Take a collection of material on the PCR, bacteriological and bacterioscopic methods.

important method of identifying a colposcopy.This examination of the cervix under a microscope - colposcope.Procedure simple and painless, but carrying a lot of information.To begin with the doctor fixes the neck of the woman mirrors, lying on the chair.Next section examines ectropion under a microscope.After doing a test with Lugol, they stained cervical and again study it under glass.When ambiguities pictures or confirm the assumptions could take a piece of neck, small 0,5h0,5 see and send it to a biopsy.We must remember that the cervix is ​​not innervated, and fence bad, but absolutely not painful.

for young girls, in violation of the menstrual cycle, it is obligatory to view the cervix in the mirrors to eliminate congenital ectropion cervix.The consulting other experts in this disease is usually not necessary.

Of course, we must understand that ectopia and ectropion are two different things, and if more precisely are the shadow each other.After all, we spend between differential diagnosis, when the mirrors see redness on the cervix.If ectopic no such explicit eversion cervical epithelium.But at the same time, ectropion is usually the result of an untreated ectopic.

Treatment of cervical ectropion

Once diagnosed with cervical ectropion should start treatment.Every treatment carries a purpose.In the case of ectropion, they are to the exclusion of related inflammatory processes, restore the right "architecture" of the cervix (the epithelium of each in its place), as well as its anatomical shape, and of course, the restoration of normal vaginal environment rich in lactobacilli.Restoring the integrity of the cervical canal, restored its protective function, in fact it is a barrier mechanism between the vagina and the uterus.Preventive function is achieved in relation to previous tumors and tumor formation.

treatment chosen, given the multifactorial every woman.Age, state of reproduction, as well as the result of colposcopy.Hospitalization made only for the purpose of surgical treatment.

treatment without the use of the achievements of pharmacology, suited ladies with congenital ectropion cervix.The method of choice is cryotherapy.The procedure is performed with liquid nitrogen, which is aiming to a reduced temperature in the areas of ectropion, destroying pathogenic cells.In the absence of the results, it is necessary to resort to surgical methods eliminate cervical ectropion.

with medical treatment becomes necessary to use causal treatment against inflammation.It consists of antibiotics intended to destroy pathogenic organisms.Sensitivity to the drug is determined by means of special crops.Further, immunomodulators should be used, especially if the disease is under chronicle.After the abatement of the acute period, is to apply a topical treatment, such as irrigation of the cervix and the walls of 1% or 3% solution protargola.

to restore an adequate environment in the vagina, first to kill all pathogens.The drug of choice - pills for vaginal Terzhinan at 1 in the vagina before bedtime course of 10 days.Since this drug would kill bad and good inhabitants of the vagina, after the course of 10 days, you need to drink Atsipol, 1 tablet orally 1 p / day.In the vagina Laktozhinal 1 overnight rate two weeks.

necessary to resort to surgery to virtually all women with cervical ectropion.Reconstructive plastic operate only at high rupture of the cervix.The main method is a cone biopsy.There are 4 variations of this procedure:

1. electroconization cone biopsy or loop, is the most used method.

2. Laser, the most expensive of the cone biopsy.

3. Ultrasound cone biopsy of the cervix, leading to a lot of complications, not the method of choice.

4. Radio wave conization.When excision immediately coagulate the wound edges, which helps prevent the development of bleeding.

All kinds conization performed under local anesthesia.The resulting material (neck piece) is sent to a detailed examination in the laboratory.

after conization in the hospital, was discharged patient gets sick leave for a week or two.Sexual intercourse can begin no earlier than the end of 30 days.When the reconstruction - up to two months.Women are prohibited from using tampons and vaginal douching to hold, as well as stay in the spa - complexes.Pool banned, as the land is not yet healed after surgery can get pathogenic organisms living in water and is not affected chlorine in the pool.After a couple of months, women's health is completely restored.

Unfortunately, if the cone biopsy performed before the first birth, you may have a problem with carrying a pregnancy and later in childbirth.If the neck is the scar deformity, and this tissue, which is not supplied with blood, in other words she is dead, then the cervix during labor will not open.It can only break, and the wound will creep up to the uterus.These changes in the cervix are urgent indications for cesarean section.When pregnancy is detected, it is sure to come to the consultation.The doctor will help in the conduct of pregnancy and the choice of method of delivery.

ectropion of the cervix does not choose a group of women.He can catch the little girl and the young lady, and well over thirty.Prevention of cervical ectropion is monitored by your doctor.We must remember that ectropion may be congenital.Only a gynecologist is able to see a "picture" in general, and to advise the best treatment, and contraceptive method that is suitable and not harmful.

If ectropion cervix diagnosed in pregnant women, it has expanded colposcopy.Biopsy in any case is not taken!If there is no suspicion of cancer, a woman quietly wears pregnancy, giving birth and just after childbirth treats cervical ectropion.If you detect heavy dysplasia or cancer, the management of pregnancy should be developed individually and require consultation and supervision of an oncologist.

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