Endocervicoses cervix

endocervicoses cervical

endocervicoses cervical photos endocervicoses cervical - a violation of the normal arrangement of the epithelium of the cervical canal, in which it is partially shifted beyond its normal location.Uncomplicated endocervicoses cervix does not apply to gynecological diseases, it can be considered a physiological state, non-pathological causes.It is shaped like a completely healthy women (39%) and patients with gynecological diseases (50%).The largest number of endocervicoses cervix diagnosed in nulliparous patients not overcome the barrier of 25 years, including young girls of reproductive age.

Congenital endocervicoses cervix associated with the imperfection of ovarian hormonal function, and acquired forms endocervicosis are many reasons why an external or an internal nature.Conventionally, they can be divided into traumatic and dishormonal.

cervix, despite an erroneous opinion of some patients is not an independent body.It is lower, considerably narrowed segment of the uterus, and resembles a hol

low tube.Inside the neck is narrow spindle-shaped skylight - the cervical canal or cervical canal, which connects the vaginal and uterine cavity.Before each of them forms a physiological cervical canal narrowing (mouths), acting as a barrier.The outer jaws is located in a place where the cervical canal opens into the vaginal cavity and internal - of a compound with the neck of the uterus cavity.

cervical portion located in the vagina, as well as the vagina itself coated with an identical layer of slimy.It is formed by several layers of squamous cells (stratified squamous epithelium).The cavity is lined with a cervical epithelial cell layer is the cylindrical shape (columnar epithelium).The confluence of the two types of epithelium is abroad (above) and the external os is called the "zone of transformation".Normally, it can not be seen during the inspection.

When endocervicoses epithelium of the cervical canal is shifted to the vaginal portion of the cervix, settling around the external os.When the columnar epithelium of the cervix begins to "crawl" on the surface of the cervix, it drags and the transformation zone, which becomes visible when viewed.

Uncomplicated formed on the surface of the cervix intact, endocervicoses not bother the woman.Symptoms of cervical endocervicosis complicated, in fact, coincide with the symptoms of the disease, which it accompanies.

Diagnostics endocervicosis cervix usually does not cause difficulties.He clearly visualized at the initial examination "in the mirror" as an unusual, different from the surrounding mucosa, area, often arranged around the external os.It helps clarify the diagnosis colposcopy and cytology cell structure of "suspicious" of the site.

endocervicoses small size without the presence of complications does not require special treatment measures, the annual monitoring is sufficient.Sometimes endocervicoses disappears on its own, together with its cause.For example, when endocervicoses cervical triggered hormonal dysfunction, it is often self-liquidated after the restoration of normal functioning of the ovaries.

Complicated endocervicoses cervix never passes without proper treatment.

Therapies endocervicosis very much needed therapeutic choice depends on the type scheme endocervicosis, its causes and complications.Correctly chosen treatment eliminating the disease completely.

reasons endocervicosis cervical

mechanisms that trigger the formation of endocervicosis not completely understood, so to talk about the factors that provoke unusual structural relations in the epithelium lining the cervical canal and the surface of the cervix.

endocervicoses cervical congenital origin, appears to be associated with irregular epithelial differentiation on flat and cylindrical.From the moment of birth until the onset of puberty, the displacement of the columnar epithelium beyond the external os refers to the physiological period of "maturation" of the cervix.When the amount of estrogen in women begins to conform to that of women of reproductive age, the boundary of the cylindrical and flat epithelium "rises" in the proper place.Therefore endocervicoses congenital cervical refers to a temporary physiological phenomenon, does not require additional treatment measures, as well as the fair is considered safe event.

Congenital endocervicoses not always be liquidated in time and may be present on the surface of the cervix in adolescent and adult women with hormonal dysfunction due to relative deficiency of estrogen.

endocervicosis appearance of cervical pregnancy on the background as a physiological condition associated with normal ovaries and restructuring of the change in the balance of hormones in the body.

purchased endocervicoses formed on intact cervical mucus under the influence of provoking a large number of reasons.They can be divided into external (or exogenous) and internal (endogenous).

exogenous causes acquired endocervicosis cervix:

- Infectious-inflammatory (including viruses) cause.They provoke early sex, a large number of partners, the presence of inflammation in the genitals.

- Traumatic causes.These include mechanical damage of normal cervical mucus during the abortion, childbirth, instrumental manipulation in the area of ​​the cervix and its canal.

Regardless of the nature of the causes of acquired endocervicosis cervix, it often has a single mechanism of development.First, under the influence of a provoking factor in the mucosa surrounding the outer mouth, there is a defect in multilayered epithelium - true erosion.In fact, it is a small wound surface which does not exist for more than two weeks, and then begins to heal.The process of restoring the integrity of the epithelium in the area of ​​erosion can occur in two ways.In the case of the physiological healing eroded surface of the closed stock reserve cells stratified epithelium, and the cervix becomes normal.Sometimes this process takes place with the participation of the columnar epithelium of the cervical canal, it "crawls" on the damaged area of ​​the mucosa and closes it, then on the former site of land erosion occurs atypically located columnar epithelium - endocervicoses cervix.

Symptoms endocervicosis cervical

endocervicoses diagnosis of cervical cancer can not be made without the direct examination of the surface of the cervix because often there are no active complaints in patients.

Even if endocervicoses present simultaneously with inflammation, pathological symptoms will match only available form of inflammation.Therefore, the greatest number of cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed endocervicosis on preventive examinations or found by accident.

endocervicoses During the inspection of the cervix looks like located near the external os (near or around) section of the mucous red with a velvety surface of different shapes and sizes.In the presence of inflammation in the cervix and / or vagina is hazy yellowish cervical mucus, which serves as a source cables at endocervicoses.

Seen from inflammation, loose surface endocervicosis cervix can bleed a little, which explains the presence of complaints about the appearance of minor contact bleeding.

valuable diagnostic method for studying the changes in the cervix is ​​the colposcopy.Under high magnification the surface of the treated area of ​​the cervix and the external os.

endocervicosis picture that sees kolposkopist not always the same.Therefore, it decided to allocate:

- ferrous endocervicoses.It is characterized by the presence of well-developed glands.

- Papillary endocervicoses.Strom epithelium grows into a towering papillae.

- Epidermiziruyuschiysya endocervicoses.Formed in the case where the surface among the portions of cylindrical cells have stratified epithelium.

ferrous endocervicoses often accompanied by whites, and epidermiziruyuschiysya endocervicoses sometimes indicates the beginning of the healing of the mucous.

There are also simple and proliferating endocervicoses (progressive endocervicoses) of the cervix.Proliferating endocervicoses characterize newly formed cancer and cell proliferation.

This allocation forms endocervicosis matter for the patient.The conclusions kolposkopistov may be mentioned a variety of terms that indicate the content is the same, but unintelligible to the patient.For example, proliferating and progressing endocervicoses mean a single process.

endocervicoses diagnosis of cervical cancer is considered final only after the conclusion of cytology cell composition of the modified portion of the surface of the cervix.

Diagnostics endocervicosis inflammation in the background is complemented by laboratory tests to identify the cause of infection.

Chronic endocervicoses cervical

Complicated endocervicoses in the absence of timely adequate treatment can be on the cervical mucus for months or even years.

Complaints of patients with chronic endocervicoses identical to those in infectious inflammation of the external genitalia, namely:

- abnormal discharge (leucorrhoea) serous or purulent serous-type, sometimes accompanied by not a pleasant smell.

- The appearance of blood after intimacy, douching, or contact with the tools during the inspection (contact bleeding).

- burning sensation, itching in the area of ​​the external genitalia.

During the inspection of the vagina visualize inflammatory changes: edema, hyperemia (redness) mucosal whites.On the cervix are also visible signs of inflammation, and the area is covered with serous or endocervicosis seropurulent bloom.If an infectious inflammation of the vagina there is a long time, and in the pathological process involved the cervical canal, during the inspection revealed signs endocervicitis.

Chronic endocervicoses includes additional diagnostic measures.Conducted laboratory testing (swabs "flora", bakposev, PCR) is intended to identify the cause of inflammation.

Before treatment of chronic endocervicosis, held preliminary adequate anti-inflammatory therapy.

Treatment endocervicosis cervical

80% of all endocervicoses are complicated, they require treatment.The success of therapy is largely determined by the accuracy of treatment of opportunistic diseases.Prior to eliminate hotbeds endocervicosis cervix is ​​necessary to eliminate the infection, restore proper hormonal and immune background, lead to the normal performance of vaginal microbiocenosis.

Often, especially in young girls without a serious gynecological pathology, after a preliminary anti-inflammatory treatment zone endocervicosis reduced.

There are many ways to eliminate endocervicoses.Choosing a doctor does, after reviewing all the survey data and taking into account the possibility of a hospital.Most used


- Diathermocoagulation.The "oldest" traditional method based on "cauterization" mucous in endocervicosis using electrodes.

- Cryosurgery of the cervix.With the use of nitrous oxide neck is "frozen".

- Laser destruction.Expensive method to "evaporate" unwanted mucous cells with laser.

This list does not contain all the treatments, becauseMany clinics use modern advanced alternative treatment methods, which are not yet widely used.

All existing methods have the same goal - to eliminate the "wrong" overgrown cells of columnar epithelium to for a seat appeared normal mucosal layer, typical of the cervix.

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