Symptoms of cervical erosion

Cervical erosion symptoms

Symptoms of cervical erosion Photo Cervical erosion symptoms - a set of indicators of the presence of delimited epithelial defects, covering the vaginal surface of the cervix.

Availability Usually a visual inspection of the cervix, like the surface of the vagina, is covered by several layers of epithelial cells flat shape, and the inside of the cervical canal is lined with a single row of cylindrical epithelial cells.The confluence of the multilayer surface epithelium of the cervix with a single layer of columnar epithelium its channel is called a "transformation zone" or "zone of transformation".Generally, it is normally not visualized as located inside the external os - physiological narrowing of the cervical canal, the available visual inspection.

Under erosion realize presence on the neck wound surface (ulcers), traumatic or inflammatory origin.However, this term is often used to denote a false erosion - ectopia of the cervix.This confusion of terms is not an error, because both states represe

nt different stages of the same process.

With the participation of traumatic factors (abortion, childbirth, gynecological tools incorrect manipulation) or expressed by the local infectious inflammation in the neck portion of the surface epithelium breaks down, exposing the layers to be, that is, there is an open wound - a true erosion.Like all of the wound surface, it exists for a short time (no longer than 2 weeks), and then gradually begins to epitelizirovatsya.

Epithelialization eroded surface is made of multilayered epithelium reserve cells surrounding the area of ​​erosion.Sometimes, however, restore the integrity of the epithelium covering the uterus goes wrong - with columnar epithelium.He literally "crawl out of the cervical canal and covers an ulcer formed.Thus, on the cervix appears abnormal portion, but not the wound and form a "wrong" cells - a false erosion, and ectopia.

Since the cause of ectopia is a true erosion, they are sometimes referred to simply as "erosion."True erosions heal quickly, their diagnoses infrequently (2%).Pseudo may exist on the neck for years, they are found in every fifth patient having a gynecological pathology.

Causes of erosion known not all, but an analysis of existing cases can reliably confirm the effect of the infection, mechanical and hormonal dysfunction.

By ectopia is also inherent erosion.She appears in girls in utero and can pass on their own at the end of puberty.

Uncomplicated erosion is rarely diagnosed because the majority of healing without outside involvement and shows no clinically.Most (80%) physicians have to deal with complicated erosions (more precisely, ectopia).

Any erosion of well visualized during a simple inspection, it looks like a spot of different size and shape on the neck around the external os, which differs from the surrounding tissue in color.However, the presence of the modified portion on the neck may indicate many pathologies.For a detailed study of all the features of the pathological process requires additional examination.

symptoms of inflammation in cervical erosion match infection that has caused them.Complications erosion necessarily accompanied by abnormal discharge.

Among patients there is an incorrect view of the mandatory appearance due to erosion and childbirth.Symptoms of cervical erosion in nulliparous not associated with birth trauma of cervical, but not always differ from those of patients who have given birth.Cervical erosion, the symptoms of which appeared in the first days after birth, is always true, that is a superficial wound or ulcer.

Cervical erosion of any origin may recur.Most relapses cervical erosion, which eliminates the symptoms correctly, regardless of the method.When the degradation in the performance of a diseased portion of the mucous left "raw" edge erosion, stay there "wrong" cells become a source of re-formation of ectopic.

Cervical erosion (any) - it is not a disease but a condition of cervical mucus.It occurs in young girls, pregnant women, pregnant women and elderly ladies.Her reason determines what the symptoms of cervical erosion are present in the patient.

Cervical erosion symptoms allocation

not often found in the real diagnosis of cervical erosion, whose symptoms are not manifested clinically without a concomitant infection.It is present on the neck of short duration and does not manifest itself until the complete healing, and the first signs usually appear when in its place formed "properly healed" section - false cervical erosion.Symptoms false erosion also manifested clinically, may go unnoticed or be diagnosed by chance.

first subjective complaints at any erosion appear after infection.The patient appears abnormal muco-purulent discharge (leucorrhoea).The infection on the surface of the cervix gets vaginal epithelium as obesity and vaginitis of various origins or "down" from an upper cervical canal when cervicitis and endotservitsitah.Number of cables depends on the severity of infectious inflammation in the surrounding tissues.Erosion itself is not so great area to provoke a significant bleach, but if the process involved the vagina and / or cervix, they become abundant.

Often the presence of erosions on the neck associated with the emergence of sukrovichnyh contact discharge.Area erosion in infectious inflammation becomes edematous, friable, bared infection damaged blood vessels.Such erosion bleeds easily during sexual intercourse, douching, contact with the gynecological instruments or vaginal swabs.

often at spotting the anomalous origin of any patient believe their triggers cervical erosion.Symptoms of major bleeding not peculiar to erosion.

Symptoms of cervical erosion pregnancy

detected in a pregnant erosion can be:

- Congenital.Uncomplicated congenital ectopia are asymptomatic and, if the patient does not pass the inspection of non-pregnant, are not diagnosed.

- Acquired ectopia columnar epithelium.Before pregnancy, the patient could appear true erosion, which subsequently epitelizirovalas independently and transformed into ectopia.Symptoms of cervical erosion in nulliparous in the absence of clinically manifest complications, so it can be on the neck of a long period of time and occur after pregnancy.

Typically, planning a pregnancy, the patient comes for a visit.In this case, time revealed any erosion of the cervix, which no symptoms, is treated in advance.Otherwise the situation diagnosed during pregnancy.

- physiological, ie natural causes: estrogen deficiency and the weakening of immune defense mechanisms.

reason for the appearance does not affect what the symptoms of cervical erosion observed in pregnant women.As a rule, the subjective symptoms are abnormal vaginal discharge, sometimes mixed with a small amount of blood after intimacy.

It is the presence of contact bleeding against the backdrop of ectopic pregnancy in patients with associated probability of early termination of pregnancy, but the existence of any threat of erosion on the neck of a pregnant woman can not be held.Uncomplicated erosion of a pregnant woman is under observation, but does not need special care and treatment to the issue of return after childbirth.Much more harm to the fetus may cause existing in the vagina infection complicating erosion.Many disease-causing microbes (pathogens especially sexually transmitted infections) are able to overcome the protective barriers to the fetus, so it must be promptly eliminated.In this case, during pregnancy, any erosion of the cervix, the symptoms that point to an infectious inflammation, should not be left untreated.

Symptoms of cervical erosion after childbirth

Postpartum true cervical erosion formed on the background of mechanical trauma when passing through the birth canal fruit bursting cervical tissue or breaks them.In the context of a sharp decline in immunity over the damaged surface begins acute infectious-inflammatory process.

first signs of real erosion after birth are found in pregnant women in the place of the damage of the cervix.After four days in obstetric patients with a good immune small ulcerated surface begins epitelizirovatsya independently and completely heal within 10-12 days.In the vast ulcer sutured.

Also at the break or damage the mucous neck during birth formed and complicated real erosion of the cervix, her symptoms consistent signs of an infectious inflammation: cutting congestion, edema, dense layer of purulent plaque on the surface of the damaged, brittle vessels and bleeding.

severe inflammation in the area of ​​erosion provokes copious purulent discharge.Sukrovichnoe or bloody discharge from the eroded surface is usually not seen in the background Pregnant Women physiologic postpartum discharge.In the first few days post-partum period in the uterine cavity occur the healing process of the wound surface remaining after separation of the placenta from the uterine wall, this process is accompanied sukrovichnye or dark spotting - lochia.They are "masked" bloody discharge from erosion.

presence of postpartum erosion is often accompanied by malaise, mild fever, vaginal pain.

Complicated true erosion, formed in the first days after birth, self-heal poorly, so in terms of postpartum department conducted spot healing and anti-inflammatory therapy.After the preliminary cleansing a wound disinfectant (furatsillina, chlorhexidine) it is treated with antibacterial ointments (sintomitsina, Levomekol, Vishnevsky ointment).When the wound is completely free from infection, it begins epithelialization.

When true postpartum wound surface erosion heals incorrectly, instead of a proper stratified squamous epithelium growing cylindrical, which normally has to remain in the cervical canal.Thus, after the delivery is formed and false cervical erosion.Symptoms of postpartum ectopia, as well as methods of treatment have no distinguishing features.

symptoms after cauterization of erosion

«Burnt" cervical erosion (diathermocoagulation) refers to the "old" therapeutic methods, but not as effective (93-98%) and ease of implementation of more modern techniques.It is based on the ability of electric current to coagulate biological tissue.

procedure is almost painless (the cervix is ​​no nerve endings), performed once.The purpose diathermocoagulation - complete destruction (destruction) of the surface layer ectopia.

electrode during the procedure is moved dot by surface erosion.After each touch of the neck is a small area of ​​the burn, as you move the electrode burn zone merge, and after the procedure in place on the cervix ectopia is her equal in size scab - a dark crust, consisting of columnar epithelial cells burned.The scab is torn away in two weeks, when the wound is prolonged.The process of full restoration of healthy tissue takes about three months.When epithelialization ends on the former site of erosion remains a healthy cervix surface evenly coated with a multilayered epithelium.

Like all other methods diathermocoagulation possible when the symptoms of inflammation in cervical erosion eliminated.

properly conducted "moxibustion" erosion of serious complications is usually not accompanied.A small amount of serous or sero-bleeding after the procedure is not considered a complication.Sometimes, like vaginal discharge may be present until the full restoration of normal mucous layer.If such allocation are abundant, until rejection of scab neck treated with a disinfectant solution, and after the rejection - healing wounds.

During diathermocoagulation sometimes affected by a small "rim" of healthy tissue around erosion.This leads to a slight and brief (no longer than three days) bleeding.

Diathermocoagulation not shown nulliparous patients.After the procedure on the neck form a dense scar, and the neck loses its ability to stretch well during childbirth.Also, do not "cauterize" complicated cervical erosion.Symptoms of infection previously eliminated.

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