Cervical erosion treatment

Cervical erosion treatment

treatment of cervical erosion Photo Cervical erosion treatment - is a list of therapeutic interventions aimed at eliminating abnormal epithelial surface area of ​​the cervix.Of its existence, probably knows every adult woman, because the presence of cervical pathology stated half attending antenatal clinic patients, and one in five it is the erosion.However, the representation of patients of this disease is not always reliable, because the sentence for "cervical erosion" take no specific diagnosis, and a collective clinical term for several related structural changes in the mucous layer of the cervix.

to understanding of the processes of formation of land erosion on the neck was true, you should know how to construct itself cervix.It is the lower uterine segment, protruding into the vaginal cavity.To the queen could communicate with the vagina, cervix lies within the cervical canal.It has two physiological narrowing - external and internal os.Both are located at the ends of the throat of the cervic

al canal.Outside the shed located at the base of the cervix and can be seen during the inspection.

surface of the cervix is ​​available gynecological examination mirror, so the presence on its surface area is determined by the pathological to the naked eye.Healthy cervix has a pale pink color and a smooth, slightly shiny surface formed by several layers of epithelial cells form flat.The mucous lining the cervical canal, structurally similar to the epithelium covering the surface of the cervix.Inside the cervical canal is lined with single layer cells of cylindrical shape.The place where these two types of mucous meet, called the transition zone (zone of transformation).It has a different location in the different age periods: the newborn can be detected on the surface of the cervix, while entering into the period of active sexual development of girls transition zone is gradually shifted to the outer opening of the cervical canal (outer zevu).Women whose ovaries are complete hormonal function (menopause), the transformation zone deeper into the cervical canal.

term "erosion" in a more general sense refers to several pathological states of the cervical epithelium of the cervix:

- True cervical erosion.It is characterized by a genuine local damage multilayered epithelium.It surrounds the outer mouth bright red spot, which is clearly seen surrounded by a pale pink mucous.In fact, true erosion - a wound, or a small ulcer on the surface of the cervix.It appears after birth, mechanical, chemical or burn injury of the cervix, as well as due to express infectious inflammation.Like any wound surface, true erosion completely heals on its own, but only if the elimination of the causes of its occurrence.Real erosion is diagnosed very rarely, because they exist on the neck of short duration - no longer than two weeks.

If true cervix diagnosed cervical erosion, treatment it corresponds to that in the other traumatic injuries.

- Pseudo (simple ectopia) of the cervix.It ectopia of the cervix often referred to as "erosion."When true healing process erosion takes place incorrectly, on its surface, instead of a proper stratified epithelium appears columnar epithelium, which normally should only be in the cervical canal.It is believed that it is distributed on the surface of the cervix from the transition zone to "close" the wound area.

So false erosion (pseudo, ectopia) - is wrong true healing cervical erosion.Treatment of ectopic should be mandatory, and the method is selected according to the specific situation.

- Congenital erosion.It is a kind of pseudo.The essence of the disease process is to shift the transformation zone of the tolerance range the external os, resulting on the surface of the cervix appears visible section coated with a flat, and columnar epithelium.This condition is associated with ill-timed properly shift conversion zone "up" and is considered to be physiological.It runs independently and is not subject to treatment.

Erosion can be seen on the cervix during a routine inspection, but distinguished from other similar diseases at her neck without additional tests impossible.Just as it is impossible to determine from what "is" the visible erosion.Full understanding of the nature of the pathological process in the area of ​​erosion may receive during colposcopy and cytology modified portion on the surface of the cervix clarifies its cellular composition.

About 80% of all diagnosed erosions, regardless of origin are complicated and require mandatory treatment.Infected true or false erosion can never properly epitelizirovatsya own.

In the arsenal of modern gynecology there are many ways to eliminate erosion.They all have a common ultimate goal, and differ only in the methods of carrying out.The best treatment of cervical erosion is chosen individually and are not always associated with the concepts of "expensive" and "new."

Methods of treatment of cervical erosion

true erosion is rarely diagnosed, almost all of them show up in the first days after birth and have a traumatic origin.Promotion of the fetus through the birth canal is sometimes accompanied by a slight or significant damage to the tissues of the cervix.Postpartum erosion is the result of damage such as rupture of the epithelium in the place appears small, slightly bleeding wound with signs of acute inflammation (swelling, redness, purulent plaque on the surface).Over the next four days it yourself heal.

Childbirth for anyone, even the most healthy patients, is a serious challenge, they strongly deplete the local immunity.At a time when all the protective mechanisms are aimed at reducing the period of true healing of erosion need to "help".Used by local irrigation and swabs disinfectant solution (Chlorhexidine, furatsillina and the like), and when the wound is cleared, proceed to antibacterial ointment appliques (sintomitsina, Levomekol and the like).Ointment "bandage" cease to apply after the full clarification of the ulcer.Epithelialization small postpartum ulcer ends after 12 days, and on the area of ​​considerable damages have to apply surgical sutures.

subsequent fate of postnatal erosion depends on the healing process.If the integrity of the restored reserves stratified squamous epithelium, healing is correct.If growths on the surface of the real erosion of the columnar epithelium formed ectopia.

Since in most cases are diagnosed false cervical erosion, treatment of this condition involves the removal of ectopic columnar epithelium.Method is chosen, which leads to degradation (destruction) of columnar epithelium.

methods of treatment of cervical erosion (pseudo) is not limited to the removal area "wrong" cells from the surface of the cervix.Before treatment, it is necessary to make a preliminary diagnosis, to establish reliable cause of erosion, to eliminate accompanying inflammation.

Pharmacological methods of treatment of cervical erosion successfully cope with the existing inflammation, but to eliminate the erosion of their insufficient.

Longer complicated treated cervical erosion, treatment that involves the removal of the local infectious inflammation.

ectopias Surgical treatment can be carried out in various ways, most often it is:

- treatment of cervical erosion cautery (diathermocoagulation);

- radiowave destruction;

- freezing erosion (cryotherapy);

- laser treatment of cervical erosion (lazerovaporizatsiya).

most "old" is considered the treatment of cervical erosion cauterization, but its high efficiency (93-98%), explains its popularity.It is based on the ability of electric current to cauterize the selected area of ​​biological tissue.

relatively new and so far is costly radiowave treatment of cervical erosion.

Often patients ask how to choose the best treatment of cervical erosion.All available in the arsenal of the physician treatment methods essentially meet the goals of treatment: they eliminate the "wrong" part of the mucous on the cervix.Therefore, they can be effective for a certain category of patients.Selects a method of treatment of a doctor.Wrong to compare the cost of treatment of cervical erosion and its effectiveness.Sometimes free treatment in a women's clinic is more effective than in private clinics, where the cost of treatment of cervical erosion is high.

The radio frequency treatment of cervical

In recent years, the radio waves are widely used in the treatment of cervical erosion.Treatment is carried out at the end of next menstruation (to avoid the development of endometriosis) after adequate local anesthesia.A feature of this method is its contactless: thermal degradation of the pathological section occurs without touching the electrode to the surface of the cervix.Emitted radio apparatus cause "heating" of the cells, as a result, they evaporate under the influence of its heat same.If the cervix are abnormal formation (adhesions, warts, cysts, and the like), during a procedure they are easy to remove "radionozhom."

Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion virtually destroys the underlying tissues, and allows not to injure a healthy epithelium surrounding area of ​​erosion.The healing process is faster and, most importantly, no bleeding and the formation of rough scars.This scarring not allow the use of the treatment of cervical erosion in nulliparous cautery to avoid rupture during labor.

Epithelialization lasts no longer than a month.Discharge after treatment of cervical erosion continued for long radio waves, are not abundant.

method does not apply if there is an infectious inflammation, so pre conducted laboratory tests (smear bakposev PCR) and subsequent treatment of inflammatory diseases of the vagina and cervix.

The radio frequency treatment is always accompanied by a pre-biopsy a small piece of land from erosion, to eliminate the possibility of cancer process.

As the high cost of the method does not allow to use it everywhere, reliable statistics about the "pros" and "cons" method is a little bit.However, available data to determine the radio frequency technique therapy erosion as the least traumatic.

treatment of cervical erosion by laser

very popular and effective laser treatment of cervical erosion in recent years has become a familiar procedure.However, the method requires careful selection of candidates for treatment because patients for each category requires a different kind of laser radiation.Laser treatment of cervical erosion involves the use of:

- low-intensity laser radiation;

- high-energy laser radiation;

- CO₂-laser.

laser irradiation causes the "evaporation" of the pathological area to a depth of 2.5 mm with the mandatory involvement of a small "rim" of healthy tissue and the lower third of the cervical canal.

Epithelialization completely finished in a month, it allows you to not be afraid of developing endometriosis.

healing after laser therapy differs from that of electricity and cold destruction.After the laser beam on the neck is not "wrong" cells because they evaporate, and in their place instead of the usual crust is thin plenochka covering the subject layer of healthy tissue.Such a film is rejected faster (on the fifth day), and shortening the process of epithelialization.

isolated after treatment of cervical erosion by laser beam are possible, but different short duration and low intensity, and the probability of bleeding and all small.

If the site is not large ectopia, to eliminate it does not require more than one procedure.Large areas of damage to the laser beam to "capture" can not, therefore, require re-treatment.

with the participation of the laser is eliminated not only false cervical erosion.Laser treatment successfully eliminates patients from the true erosion (complicated) infections, viral pathologies.

treatment of cervical erosion candles

Local treatment of cervical erosion is carried out frequently, however, contrary to popular misconception, it does not cure any erosion.

Indeed, in true erosions vaginal suppositories with anti-inflammatory and wound-healing component helps epithelialization process that takes place independently.But to eliminate the ectopic columnar epithelium when they are unable to.

Complicated pseudo always pre-treated with local therapy.The use of candles helps to eliminate inflammation and thereby reduce the size of ectopic stimulate local immunity and the process of regeneration of the damaged epithelium.

composition of vaginal suppositories for the treatment of erosion ambiguous.It depends on the purpose of treatment.Antibacterial candles Hexicon eliminate pathogenic microflora and Suporon candles, candles buckthorn accelerates healing and eliminates inflammation.Excellent antiseptic - candles Depantol.

Severe dysbiosis vagina maintains a constant local inflammation, can be eliminated with the use of candles containing lactic acid Femileks.

course of topical therapy can be carried out after the primary treatment of erosion to accelerate the healing process.

independently decide on the treatment of erosion candles patient can not.Also, the wrong decision is to follow the recommendations of friends and employees of the pharmacy with "similar" problem.Each has its own erosion, individual decision about the methods and timing of which takes only a doctor.

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