Moxibustion cervical erosion

Cauterisation cervical erosion

moxibustion cervical erosion Photo Cauterisation cervical erosion - group of methods of local influence on pseudo cervix with a view to its complete destruction.The incidence of abnormalities of the cervix has contributed to the emergence of many of various methods of treatment. However, techniques that lead to destruction (destruction) "wrong" area of ​​the cervical epithelium, have proven to be most effective.

The term "burning" is used in everyday speech to all therapeutic methods of erosion, but in reality to eliminate the abnormal portion of the epithelium from the surface of the cervix is ​​possible to execute a number of different ways, the use of which does not always mean literally "burning" of the epithelium.For example, cauterization of cervical erosion is essentially nitrogen freezing and after exposure of the epithelium of the cervical cells erosion laser literally evaporate from its surface.

The existence of cervical erosion, perhaps, have heard all the women, because more than h

alf of them are faced with the state of the person.To understand the therapeutic methods and their objective, it is necessary to determine the true and figurative sense of the term "cervical erosion".It combines slightly different causes and course of the states, but in reality a true erosion is rarely diagnosed.

protruding into the vagina surface of the cervix is ​​covered by squamous epithelium, which also lines the vaginal cavity and.It is located in several rows, and is in a state of renovation, with the participation of cyclic estrogen.The uppermost layer of the squamous epithelium exfoliated and replaced by a new one, thus mucosa is cleaned and resists infection.In the center of the base of the cervix is ​​the opening - the entrance to the cervical canal, covered with a protective connective tissue "flap" - the outer end wrench.Self cervical canal is lined inside by a different view of the epithelial cells: they are arranged in a single layer and have a cylindrical shape.Two types of epithelium (flat and cylindrical) "found" in the depth of the external os in a place called the "zone of transformation" (transformation).If you examine the cervix vaginal mirror, you can not see the conversion zone.

Cervical erosion - a collective term, which implies a number of similar interrelated states cervical epithelium:

- True cervical erosion.The investigation of mechanical tissue neck injury or the result expressed infectious inflammation.This is - a small open wound on the surface of the cervix, often surrounding the outer mouth.True erosion occurs after traumatic childbirth, abortion, incorrect medical procedures.As a rule, there is a wound surface on the neck long, and no later than two weeks after the appearance of a fully self-epithelialized.Therefore, the true cervical erosion is practically not diagnosed.

Since true erosion - a wound, its treatment should be directed at eliminating the inflammation and stimulate healing, and moxibustion is not carried out.

- Pseudo (ectopia).It differs from a true lack of cervical erosion damage to land surface epithelium.Ectopic formed through incorrect wound true erosion.Normally, on the site of the wound there is a new layer of squamous epithelium, and the former site of the erosion is nothing left.If ectopic healing occurs by means of columnar epithelium, which "crawls" on the erosion zone of the cervical canal.As a result, at the former erosion appears portion, characterized in appearance and structure from the surrounding tissue.

To restore the normal structure of the cervical epithelium ectopia zone liquidate "cautery".After the destruction of the area of ​​the cylindrical epithelium, instead, there is a "correct" mucosal layer.

- Congenital cervical erosion.It is considered a temporary physiological state.Formed on the background of irregular differentiation mucosal surface of the cervix and cervical canal is columnar epithelium ectopia.Usually, by the end of the period of sexual development inherent erosion takes place independently.Treatment of uncomplicated congenital ectopia require.

Thus, moxibustion cervical erosion involves the treatment of pseudo.

when viewed with the naked eye can detect any erosion.It looks like the surrounding outer mouth spot, a different color from normal epithelium.However, a similar appearance have many cervical pathology.To establish the nature of cellular changes and confirm that they belong to erosion, a mandatory colposcopy and cytology.

80% of all diagnosed ectopia are complicated.The existing infection prevents successful treatment, so it is necessary to eliminate the cautery.

When the patient will undergo the procedure of destruction of cervical erosion, it increasingly concerned about the following issues:

- Price cauterization of cervical erosion.The traditional procedure of cauterization can go free under normal antenatal clinic.It is also possible to apply to the multi-disciplinary private clinics.The choice is made by the patient, but all you need to know that there is no 'bad' treatment, all used methods are effective, but different equipment used and the timing of recovery.Price cauterization of cervical erosion, contrary to popular opinion, is not always linked to the performance of the method, since the latter is more dependent on the professionalism of doctors.

In addition to the cost of treatment of cauterization may be included preliminary examination, treatment of opportunistic infections and control tests.

- Pregnancy after cauterization of the cervix.No problems with conception, birth of child-bearing or right after cauterization of erosion does not occur.The method of treatment is always selected individually.Electrical cauterization of the cervix, in spite of the high efficiency, giving birth is not carried out because of the scarring on the neck.

- Monthly after cauterization of cervical erosion.Sometimes after cauterization procedures appear spotting.They are not usually long and heavy, but they are mistaken for the patient take an extraordinary menstruation.

Cauterisation erosion of the majority on the menstrual cycle has no effect.In all patients, menses after cauterization of cervical erosion continues in the usual rhythm.

- Candles after cauterization of the cervix.To prevent inflammation, improve the local immunity and stimulation of reparative processes after cauterization is sometimes prescribed vaginal suppositories.Local therapy does not mean that the procedure was "bad", so any spark appointed after cauterization of cervical erosion - is just part of the usual therapy.

Cauterisation cervical erosion radio waves

relatively new method until it became widespread because of the high cost and lack of appropriately qualified artists.It requires mandatory prior histological study of the cervical area, which will be disposed of (biopsy).To start radiowave treatment only if histologists conclusion does not contradict the initial diagnosis.

Radio waves can raise the temperature of biological tissues by thermal effect on the intracellular fluid, and that their capacity is used to eliminate a layer of "wrong" cells from the surface of the cervix.

«Burnt" ectopia produced using a thin electrode that emits radio waves.Liquid filling the cells of columnar epithelium, is heated so that its boil-off occurs, and the surface of pseudo literally "evaporated."Unlike similar hardware techniques, it baring is coagulated blood vessels and do not bleed.At the bottom of the wound instead of traditional rough "scab" appears thin shiny plenochka and healing is faster, no longer associated bleeding.

significant advantage of the method is the possibility of parallel bloodless removal "radiowave knife" of existing adhesions and structural defects in cervical mucous and its channel.

Cauterisation cervical erosion by laser

The success of laser therapy are not limited to true erosion and cervical ectopia.It is used for the treatment of viral infections and lesions of the external genitalia: obesity, endotservitsitah, vaginitis, genital warts and others.

to laser cauterization of cervical erosion provoked the expected effect, to the selection of patients should be treated with special care, as in various pathologies requires a separate kind of laser radiation: low-intensity, high-energy or carbon (CO₂ - laser).

more extensive site, which should be affected, and the longer it exists on the cervix, the greater the intensity of the laser radiation chosen.

success of the procedure depends on the absence of infection, so the laser treatment of cervical erosion is always carried out after preliminary laboratory examination and the necessary preparatory anti-infective therapy.

professional name of the method - laser vaporization ("evaporation").The anesthesia and the creation of "special" conditions does not need, so an outpatient.It lasts no longer than seven minutes.Previously, if a pencil, a laser beam is shaped portion, which should act.Thus necessarily captured small rim (1-2 mm) on the periphery of healthy cells erosion.Evaporation begins from the entrance to the cervical canal and ends at the borders of the planned erosion.Subject to coagulate blood vessels and do not bleed.

large areas of erosion can not be a single lazerodestruktsii, the procedure should be carried out in several stages and at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

Laser irradiation is superior moxibustion cervical erosion nitrogen maturity epithelialization, absence of scab and bloodless.In the coming month after the procedure, the cervix is ​​completely healed successfully.

After lazerodestruktsii may experience slight vaginal discharge and bleeding is unlikely.

Cauterisation cervical erosion current

electrical cauterization of the cervix (diathermocoagulation) is considered the "old" hardware treatment, but high efficiency (93 - 98%) and the widespread availability does not enable it to abandon it in favor of more modern methods.

Diathermocoagulation conducted after preliminary sanitation of the vagina.If the erosion zone has an infectious inflammation, it does not allow her to epitelizirovatsya.

based on the ability of an electric current "burn" biological tissue.Point electrode touches the chosen site for the destruction of the mucosa as long as it is covered all the "crust" (scab).Thus, on the surface of the cervix instead of the plot appears ectopic ulcer wound with exposed blood vessels, covered with a scab.

epithelialized wound finally two months, and the crust is torn away from the surface after 12 days (or a little earlier).Electrical cauterization of cervical erosion rapid coagulation of vessels to be able to provide not so after the conference marked slight smearing dark isolation.Sometimes crust improperly rejected, and the allocation last longer.Then the neck of "help" local procedures: irrigate raster potassium permanganate and lubricated wound healing ointments.

diathermocoagulation significant drawback is the formation on the former site of the erosion of coarse connective scar tissue.Pregnancy after cauterization of cervical erosion in the background such effects could be completed traumatic childbirth: the presence of scarring on the neck of violating its elastic properties and leads to a generic divide.Diathermocoagulation suitable "giving birth" neck and does not apply to the first delivery.

Discharge after cauterization of cervical erosion

appearance of unusual vaginal discharge after cauterization of erosion often correlated with the physiological process of epithelialization of the wound area.The appearance and the number of cables is determined by the feature of cauterization procedures and processes need to restore stratified epithelium on the former site of ectopic.

All methods of treatment involve the removal of ectopic site surface layer of the cervix, it is possible to say that the artificially created defect in the surface epithelium.At the bottom of the resulting wounds are located small blood vessels and glandular elements.In response to the damage to the gland responsible excessive production of secretions to clean the wound surface and protect it from the potential infection.Thus, there are signs of non-infectious inflammation, including an increased amount of serous discharge.

small amount of blood in the discharge is due to a neck injury local small vessels.Also, the blood may appear in the incorrect rejection of scab.However, any bloody discharge short-lived and resolve spontaneously.Bleeding after cauterization of erosion should not be.

In connection with the most aggressive method of abundant vaginal discharge present in the first days after diathermocoagulation.After kriolechenie pseudo less abundant serous discharge, and bleeding risk is significantly reduced.

laser vaporization and radio-wave method to be coagulated blood vessels, preventing blood and stretch film to place the remote columnar epithelium does not irritate the surrounding tissue and reduces traumatic exudation.

patient after any procedure cauterize erosion always warn about possible atypical symptoms and their causes.

Effects of moxibustion cervical erosion

ideal therapeutic methods do not exist, each has specific advantages and disadvantages.That is why the presence of a qualified professional is far more valuable benefit than the "good" equipment.

Complications cauterize erosion conventionally classified as coming developing in the first two months after the procedure, and remote.

immediate complications:

- bleeding (except for minor sukrovichnogo discharge);

- menstrual irregularities;

- Aggravation salpingitis, salpingoophoritis.

Long-term effects:

- «coagulated neck syndrome" - the scarring to be layer;

- endometriosis.When epithelialization happening slower than expected, and does not end at the time of arrival of the next menstruation, menstrual blood is torn away from the endometrial cells are able to get into the wound on the neck and "settle down" form of endometriotic lesions;

- stenosis or complete fusion of the cervical canal scar;

- Relapses erosion.

Short atypical symptoms after cauterization of erosion, which appeared after the procedure, and then disappear on their own, are not associated with complications.Typically, the patient warned of possible atypical symptoms.

entire healing period of erosion observed physician and ends after ascertaining complete epithelialization of the wound.

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