Acute vaginitis

Acute vaginitis

acute vaginitis photo Acute vaginitis - is a complex inflammatory changes in the mucous vaginal cavity infectious nature.In the structure of gynecological pathology vaginitis it owns almost 70%.The disease does not have a "favorite" of age and is found everywhere.Acute vaginitis diagnosed in young children, young women and older women.

In fact, acute vaginitis is vaginal epithelium response to infectious aggression.The inflammation can be triggered by specific microflora that falls outside of the vagina (sexual infections), or his own cause opportunistic pathogens.

Acute vaginitis can also have non-infectious origin.Most non-infectious inflammation of the vagina in children (eg, allergic vaginitis), and in adult women it is rarely diagnosed.

risk of infectious inflammation of the vagina depends on the condition of the vaginal microflora and the degree of preservation of the local immune defense mechanisms.The quantitative growth of opportunistic bacteria and reducing the pH of the vaginal envi

ronment against the background of reduced local immunity provoke inflammatory changes.

Among specific acute vaginal infections lead gonorrhoeal, trichomonal and fungal vaginitis.They are distinguished by bright clinic and rapid development.

isolated island vaginitis there a short time, the inflammation is spreading rapidly in the vulva and / or the cervix.

Acute vaginitis is accompanied by all the typical symptoms of an infectious inflammation: swelling, redness, abnormal exudation.Patients concerned about vaginal discharge and discomfort in the area of ​​inflammation.The number and nature of the cables depends on the infection that they provoked.

Diagnosis of acute vaginitis does not mean complicated methods.Visual inspection of the condition of the vaginal mucosa allows to establish the presence of inflammation, and laboratory testing determines the source of the infection, which it provoked.

Treatment of acute vaginitis consists of a small list of simple activities and do not take much time.Selected on the basis of a laboratory to enter into a local antibacterial treatment allows you to get rid of the disease.

Acute vaginitis, unfortunately, does not always lead the patient to see a specialist.Often, seeing the warning signs, patients tend to get rid of them yourself, buying in pharmacies most widely advertised drug.Indeed, the majority of local antimicrobial agents are able to save a woman from unwanted symptoms, but they do not always eliminate the infection caused them.A long-term acute vaginitis without adequate therapy can acquire features of chronic inflammation.

cause of acute vaginitis

only credible cause of acute vaginitis is considered to infection.The probability of the development of local infectious inflammation increases significantly with changes microbiocenosis vaginal environment.

healthy mucosa alone is capable of preventing unwanted pathological conditions.The vaginal epithelium is composed of several cell layers, the uppermost of the layers is updated regularly and "cleared" of undesirable bacteria.

vaginal microflora composition of different regularity, it represented 98% of lactobacilli.They are extracted from exfoliated epithelial cells of the outer layer glycogen and its use for the production of lactic acid, the presence of which ensures constant acidity (pH 3.8 - 4, 5).Most unwanted microbes at these rates acidity vegetate not capable, however vagina protected against inflammation and infection.

Along with lactobacilli in the vagina is a small number of opportunistic microbes.Their quantitative ratio individually, but the total microbial populations normally always remains low and does not cause inflammation.Often when a laboratory study of vaginal discharge discover Corynebacterium, Mycoplasma, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, fungi and other microbes.

When an abnormality occurs in the vagina proper ratio of lactobacilli and pathogenic microflora, changing the acidity of the medium, and well-read undesirable microorganisms to proliferate.The more germs appear in the vagina, the more lactic acid bacteria die.As a result, it formed an acute infectious-inflammatory process.Thus, acute nonspecific vaginitis can be formed without the participation of foreign flora.

Any factor that disrupts the normal vaginal environment mikroravnovesie, can provoke an acute vaginitis.To those include:

- violation of the elementary rules of hygiene;

- traumatic injuries of the vaginal epithelium;

- hormonal dysfunction;

- uncontrolled long-term antibiotic therapy;

- endocrine disorders.

Physiological predisposing factors include mentruatsiyu and pregnancy.Acute vaginitis during pregnancy is associated with the natural hormonal changes and decreased local immunity.

specific inflammation develops in the vagina after the microbial aggression from outside, when the mucous get gonorrhea, trichomonas, chlamydia, or viruses.

complete surprise to the parents is an acute vaginitis in children.And the age most girls suffering from vaginitis, does not exceed ten years.Slim and thin-skinned the vaginal mucosa against the backdrop of alkaline vaginal contents badly resists infection.Acute vaginitis in a child does not necessarily imply an infectious origin, it may be caused by mechanical, chemical or thermal factors, and sometimes provoke foreign bodies.

Symptoms of acute vaginitis

Acute vaginitis never asymptomatic.The clinical picture depends on the type of infection provoked an acute local inflammation.As a rule, the most striking symptoms appears on the background of a specific infection.

clinical picture of acute vaginitis any origin include:

- Abnormal vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea).They may be accompanied by unpleasant subjective sensations in the form of itching, burning and discomfort, and may be the only symptom of the disease.During the inspection, you can visually evaluate the nature and cables suggest their origin.

nonspecific inflammation provokes abundant serous or sero-purulent discharge.

If trichomoniasis copious, yellow-green, have an unpleasant odor of stale fish have a specific type of foam.

distinctive appearance features a fungal infection.Select with Candida vaginitis like a thick white curd or remind soured milk.Acute inflammation of Candida nature occurs with severe itching in the external genitalia, amplified at night.Acute vaginitis during pregnancy is often a fungal nature.It develops in the Physiological vaginal dysbiosis.

- distinctive visual signs of inflammation.Detected by external examination of the vaginal mucosa.As a rule, there is a diffuse swelling, redness vaginal cover and the presence on the walls of mucopurulent or purulent plaque.

with aggressive inflammation in the pathological process involved surrounding structures.During the inspection is often diagnosed with vaginitis vulva and cervicitis.

With proper survey of the patient often point to the cause of the disease: unprotected sex, stress, hypothermia preceding infectious diseases, antibiotic therapy.

diagnosis of acute vulvitis placed on the basis of the survey, a pelvic exam and a simple list of laboratory tests (smear "flora", bakposev, PCR diagnostics).

Treatment of acute vaginitis

There is a correlation between the onset of therapy and its effectiveness.Usually, the symptoms of acute inflammation even without adequate treatment in a short period of calm down, that does not mean recovery is simply an infection "goes" with the mucosal surface, penetrates into the underlying layers, forming a chronic process.It is this period the patient wrongly perceived as a "recovery."Begun during the "heyday" of clinical signs of acute vaginitis treatment in a short time can stop and completely eliminate the infection.

Acute vaginitis any etiology involves the use of antibacterial agents.To correctly select the antibiotic, followed by receipt of the recommendation of the bacteriological laboratory where not only tipiruyut pathogen, but also determine the necessary antibiotic for its destruction.

Inflammation in the vagina usually triggered by microbial association, but not the only pathogen therefore therapy using broad-spectrum antibiotics.

most rapid effect is achieved by using local therapy when the drug is injected directly into the vagina in the form of solutions for irrigation or baths, vaginal suppositories or tablets, ointments and gels.Acute vaginitis fungal origin implies the use of antifungal agents.

parallel with antibiotic therapy is a compulsory symptomatic treatment.Used painkillers, antipruritic and immunostimulatory agents.

Conventional therapy of acute vaginitis does not continue for more than ten days.When the source of the infection and its consequences eliminated, care must be taken to restore the proper vaginal biocenosis that the infection does not return.To do this, use a product containing lacto - and bifidofloru, lactic acid, which restore normal physiological indicators of vaginal microenvironment.

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