The meager monthly

meager monthly

meager monthly photo meager monthly - is uncharacteristic of normal menstruation brief and minor bleeding at menstruation rhythm saved.Duration scanty periods, usually not more than three days, and reduced blood loss in several times, but the number of days between menses does not change.

scanty menses are many reasons that are not always correlated with pathology.Perhaps it is impossible to find a woman who has never happened unit change in the nature of the menstrual cycle.The nature of menstruation may affect stress, exposure to cold, infectious diseases, excessive physical and emotional stress, certain medications and neginekologicheskie disease.Partly scanty menstruation may occur after scraping the uterine cavity for diagnosis or abortion.As a rule, any deviations from the norm, with which the body cope on their own, do not correlate with the disease.

scanty menses are also not pathology, if they manifest the beginning of puberty girls.Scant menstruation during this period are associated

with defective hormonal regulation.Gradual natural decay of hormonal function in menopause leads to a meager monthly, and then - to their complete disappearance.Similarly meager monthly puberty, distortion of menstrual function in a physiological menopause.

Menstrual disorders are the most common complaint of patients of any age group.Women often misinterpret symptoms appear, correlating any bloody vaginal discharge with menstrual disorders.To properly navigate in a variety of clinical signs of menstrual dysfunction, you must submit, how the hormonal system of the female body, and why menstruation occurs.

menstrual cycle is measured by the number of days from the start of menstrual bleeding before the next.Usually this period is 28 days, but allowed fluctuations of 25 to 35 days.Menstruation at most lasts longer than a week, but should be less than three days.The most difficult to measure the amount of lost blood, each woman this quantity strictly individual and can vary depending on many factors.Conventionally, this value is considered normal if it is in the range 40-150 ml.For convenience, it is believed that if the day a woman does not have to be changed more than four pads of her menstrual blood loss is normal.The meager monthly differ significantly decrease lost blood (less than 40 ml), while maintaining the normal interval between periods.

menstrual cycle is designed for the sole purpose - to provide the possibility of pregnancy.

in the formation of the menstrual cycle involved:

- the brain.With the help of biologically active substances synthesized in the "pituitary-hypothalamus" central nervous system "runs" the ovaries.Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), the pituitary hormone responsible for the first phase of the menstrual cycle, and luteinizing (LH) - in the second.

- ovaries.They are a source of estrogen (estradiol and estriol) and progestogen (progesterone).Ovarian hormones are synthesized as cyclic and structural impact on cyclical changes in the mucous layer of the uterus (the endometrium).In the first phase of the cycle is dominated by estrogens, and in the second place is their progesterone.

Month formed in the ovaries and the egg matures.In the first phase it is in a special anatomical structures - follicle, which protects and provides nutrients.By the middle of the cycle and the egg is fully mature, destroying the follicle wall, beyond the ovary for potential fertilization.This process is called ovulation.

- uterus.Structural changes in the uterus depend on the ovarian hormones.In the first phase under the effect of estrogens endometrium grows and increases in volume, sprouting of new blood vessels.In the absence of pregnancy during the second phase of the cycle, all changes occurred liquidated, overgrown endometrium gradually rejected.The culmination of the complete rejection of uterine epithelium is menstruation.

reason meager monthly can be in any of the listed units, forming a normal cycle, so the diagnostic search often takes a long time period and includes an impressive list of studies.

Therapy meager monthly amounts to the elimination of their causes.

be recalled that the meager monthly always come regularly, coinciding with the expected normal menstruation, and differs from it only by the amount of lost blood.Slight blood loss is reduced to a few drops of red blood spotting or brown discharge, which are the only symptom of scarce menstruation.Any intermenstrual scant bloody vaginal discharge is not menstruation.

reasons meager monthly

scanty menstruation are evidence of violations of endometrial tissue proliferation in the first, follicular, phase of the cycle.Since the menstrual cycle is formed with the participation of many organs and systems, for such a change could lead to violations of the normal operation of each.For example, the meager monthly provoke some neginekologicheskie reasons, namely:

- sexual infantilism, expressed in underdeveloped genitals when they reach the position "maturity" and are like "children".Such a violation of women's monthly nature always comes first, that is poor is already a first period, and such it is in time, without disappearing without proper treatment.

also primary scanty menses have seen in congenital malformations of the genitals.

- Disorders of the endocrine glands.Hormonal function of the reproductive system is closely connected with the activity of the endocrine glands, so the thyroid gland and adrenal gland, diabetes can distort the normal menstrual function.

- Acute and chronic infectious-inflammatory processes also affect the menstrual cycle.Perhaps, many of the women mentioned communication of infectious disease to the nature of menstruation, when the background of even the usual "cold" or exacerbation of chronic infection comes scanty menses.Typically, these violations are always only sporadic and tested independently after the infectious process subsides.

- Diseases of the central nervous system.Pathological processes in the area of ​​the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus distort the processes of "managing" the menstrual cycle, as a result of changes right balance of hormones that affect the endometrium.

most common causes of the meager monthly localized in the gynecological field.Scant menstruation may occur as a result of:

- scraping the uterine cavity with a view to termination of pregnancy (abortion) or for diagnosis.The advent of meager monthly after such manipulations are explained traumatic injuries of the endometrium and its subsequent disability.

Scarce month after hysteroscopy also linked to endometrial trauma.Sometimes during this procedure is performed diagnostic curettage, removal of polyps and / or biopsy.

Excessive scraping the inner layer of the mother can lead to the destruction of the endometrial tissue, scant month after a similar situation there by reducing the area of ​​the endometrium.

also traumatic intrauterine manipulations are fraught with the development of infectious complications and their consequences are menstrual irregularities.

- hormonal preparations containing estrogen and / or progesterone.Scarce month after reception OK (oral contraceptives) does not always mean deviation.During their use of the menstrual cycle is partly artificially modeled so that ovulation is not possible.When a woman stops using hormones for contraception, the ovaries start to work in full force and try to restore the physiological cycle, for that they need a certain time period.The recovery period is changing the nature of menstruation.Scarce month after OK, as a rule, did not last long and then restored, provided that prior to their reception woman was healthy.

Often patients complain of meager monthly after duphaston or similar composition unique.It contained progesterone inhibits the production of estrogen, so the first phase of the endometrium grows slightly, and menstruation becomes scarce.

As with other hormonal contraceptives scanty menses after duphaston not continue for more than three subsequent cycles and then returning to physiological menstruation norm.

- natural hormonal changes in a woman's body.The period of formation of normal menstrual function in girls is accompanied by the natural hormone deficiency, namely gipoestrogeniya.Until the final maturation of ovarian monthly may be scarce, but at the end of puberty, they should become normal.

scanty menses after 40 years may also be the result of natural causes.Hormonal ovarian function decays slowly, allowing the body to adapt to a new life-span, so menstruation disappear immediately.A gradual, from cycle to cycle, reducing the number of menstrual blood, and the time of menopause periods expire.However, to believe that a scant month after 40 years always correlate with age physiology wrong.Menopausal changes occur at all in different ways and at different ages, so any change in the nature of monthly after forty years of study required.

brown meager monthly

Most scanty menstruation looks like a highlight brown smearing of character in two days or less, but even the very meager monthly remain cyclical and come only during the period of expected normal menstruation.Tanned menses due to the fact that a small amount of blood on the road separated from the uterine cavity has time to curl and turn brown.

Minor menstrual blood loss in the form of lean brown discharge may have a genetic basis.Sometimes patients with meager monthly indicate the presence of women in the family (mother, aunt, grandmother, sister) with similar changes.In this case, do not interfere with scant menstruation to pregnancy and does not affect a woman's health.

very meager monthly in the form of smearing brown allocation in the background are not considered disorders of menopause, as well as starting the first menstruation in girls entering into puberty.

should be noted that slight brown vaginal discharge are not sparse menstruation if they:

- does not coincide with the next menstruation date on and appear in the intermenstrual period (i.e., between two normal menstrual periods);

- begin a few days before the beginning of a normal menstrual period;

- appear in the last days of menstruation;

- occur in the first few days after the abortion, diagnostic procedures or childbirth;

- accompany pregnancy;

- are found in menopausal women overcome.

for scarce month after hysteroscopy patients may take little brown discharge associated with endometrial injury when a small amount of dark clotted blood from the wound site stands out.

Scarce brown discharge during pregnancy can not be menstruating, but with a serious pathology is not always linked.Particular attention should be paid any brown discharge, which appeared in a pregnant woman on the background pain.

Also, women are wrong in terms of when the point to scant month after IVF (in vitro fertilization).If fertilization went well and the pregnancy, brown discharge can not be menstruation, and so-called "meager monthly after IVF 'may have serious consequences, as well as being a sign of the beginning of the interruption of pregnancy.If brown discharge appeared immediately after artificial insemination, they may be associated with a slight injury of the endometrium.Typically, in this case, they spontaneously and are not harmful.

Often the patient is asked whether it is possible pregnancy after a meager monthly.The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist.The probability of pregnancy depends on the cause of scarce menstruation.The favorable situation is to preserve the two-phase cycle, and the presence of ovulation.

When thyroid dysfunction after a meager monthly pregnancy without treatment is unlikely.Excessive secretion of thyroid hormones in hypothyroidism provoked scant menstruation, leads to a lack of ovulation.Scarce month after a miscarriage are also often the result of thyroid disease.

scanty menses may not be self-diagnosed as a symptom they are more present in the clinic infertility hypomenstrual syndrome, inflammatory gynecological diseases, polycystic ovaries and sexual infantilism.Often meager monthly precede their complete disappearance (amenorrhea).

Diagnostic find the causes of the meager monthly difficult.It begins with a conversation with the patient, during which specifies the nature of menstrual irregularities and time of their appearance.Sometimes a woman accurately describes the situation, the field which has changed the nature of menstruation: stress, infections, abortion and so on.Then consistently held:

- Standard gynecological examination.

- Laboratory tests.Studied the composition of the vaginal microflora, the presence of pathogenic microorganisms therein.

- The study of hormonal status.Identify key hormones (FSH, LH, progesterone, estrogen, prolactin) in accordance with the phases of the cycle helps to establish the nature of the hormonal dysfunction.If you suspect a thyroid disease determine the level of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH, T3, T4) and an ultrasound scan of the prostate.

- Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs.It provides information about the structure of the endometrium, the presence of any (and including inflammatory) changes in the uterus and appendages, as well as diagnose faults of their development.

- X-ray of the skull and the "Turkish saddle."With increasing levels of the hormone prolactin in the blood exclude the presence of a tumor (adenoma) of the pituitary gland, which may affect the nature of menstruation.

- Hysteroscopy.The method allows you to examine the uterus and "pick up" a fragment of the endometrium for the study.

scan search is stopped only after the causes of menstrual irregularities.

scanty menses after a delay pregnancy and childbirth

If the delay went meager monthly, similar to a few drops of blood or dark brown spotting, do not sit at home, in the hope that the cause harmless, and everything will be restored.

Indeed, sometimes scanty menses on the background of delays there are no serious reasons.Such violations occur sometimes perfectly healthy women after exposure to cold, strong emotional experiences, physical overload.And against the backdrop of the craze diets to reduce weight in recent years is very meager monthly diagnosed more often as a sharp and significant weight loss leads to hormonal disorders and vitamin deficiency.As a rule, if the reason for the meager allotments has no pathological basis and due to external causes, to restore the previous normal menstrual bleeding often required to eliminate provocation.

If the delay went scanty menses the woman does not exclude pregnancy, it is necessary to conduct appropriate tests.

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