Pregnancy and childbirth



pregnant women pregnant women - it is a miracle of new life, a new cell, which turns into a man.The duration of 9 months pregnant woman, but in medical practice, practice counting by week pregnancy.The path of new life before birth to the light lasts 40 weeks.Calculate pregnancy (day of conception) is simple: add the date to the day of the last menstrual period of 14 days, and you will come out the date of ovulation, but it is provided that your cycle is stable and no more than 28 days. Doctors believe ovulation date is the day of conception.Recall that ovulation is the output of mature egg capable of self-fertilization.And how to calculate the correct day of birth?It is necessary to add the date of last menstrual period of 9 months and 14 days.For example, last month did you have on 1 September.This means that ovulation has occurred on September 15 and the alleged birth of a child falls on June 15th.This date can not move because perenashivanie child is very harmful impact on the health of future

moms and babies.Prolonged skinny child may be born with a greenish-yellow color, with regrown nails and flaky skin.Lack of oxygen entering through the placenta lead to hypoxia, and hence the problems in the nervous child development and mental retardation.

pregnant women divided into three stages.The first - a restructuring of the whole organism.The second - the laying and setting up a small organism to the development and growth.And the third - is to prepare the little man to the birth.

Each day future mom pregnancy contributes to the physical and psychological well-being of your baby.This well-organized daily routine, balanced diet and rest, perform hygiene procedures.In our turbulent times, many moms are solved at first childbirth after age 30, and this has implications both for the baby and mother.For women age 35-year-old crossed the line, have an increased risk of birth and development of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus.This risk is increased when the old woman had children with congenital anomalies.One of chromosomal disorders - Down syndrome.This pathology is very common and if you are not sure what the trouble will pass you, then go to a specialist - genetics before pregnant.Pregnancy after 40 years at higher production antiinsulinovyh hormones that cause gestational diabetes.To prevent possible disease should consult a nutritionist.Older pregnant women run the risk of adding to the list of their diagnoses hypertension, which in turn will provoke the appearance of pre-eclampsia (toxemia of late).The result is that the fruit will be delivered to a limited amount of blood that trigger premature labor.Heavy flows pregnancy in obese women: on the brink of permanent interruption due to hypertension and various complications.The older a woman is, the more genetic abnormalities occur in the fetus, resulting in miscarriage.Therefore, the best age for pregnancy ranges from 21 to 26 years.And to pregnancy was well taken in the first three months of folic acid.Normal folic acid for pregnant women is 400 mg per day, and in some cases, the daily dose is increased to 800 mg per day.Its purpose is to prevent the emergence of various ailments in the fetus and the woman.Women during pregnancy becomes more sensitive, vulnerable and touchy, she changing tastes, habits and desires.All this must be considered next of kin and to help a woman is psychologically ready for childbirth

Signs of pregnancy

first signs of pregnancy in women are: delayed menstruation, fever, darkening of the areola-peripapillary region, increased basal body temperature (above 37 degrees), a slight pain in the abdomen, and chest pain, morning morning sickness, fatigue, depression

symptoms of pregnancy

The symptoms we put those changes that a woman finds herself at the first days of an interesting situation.If you delay menstruation and increased basal temperature, measured in the rectum, and in addition to this are heavy colorless selection, we can safely say that you are waiting for the baby.

Hormonal changes women leads to increased fatigue and headaches, difficulties with stool (constipation) and frequent urination, vomiting, back pain, digestive problems

toxicosis treatment

Treatment of toxicosis include primarily observationdoctor, eating dosed and often, and by the need to go to hospital to avoid dehydration.Treatment of early toxicity suggests a natural way - eating ginger, sunflower seeds, one tablespoon of honey in the morning.Typically, morning sickness in pregnant women is held closer to the 14-week.

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