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Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy

ectopic pregnancy photos doctors diagnose Ectopic pregnancy is when the embryo attaches to the further development and growth outside the uterus and the pregnancy itself takes place outside the womb.After fertilization the egg turns into an embryo, which grows and moves through the tube to the uterus itself within 4 days.And in the very uterus when the embryo gets favorable scenario on day 5.In the event of disruption of the fallopian tube patency of the tube decreases and there comes a naval base.This diagnosis has long sounded for expectant mothers, the verdict and the only treatment is the removal of the fallopian tube, and if there is a repeated pregnancy outside the womb, it was completely removed and the remaining pipe spontaneous conception in women in the future did not come.The percentage of pregnancies outside the uterus occurs in 2% of all pregnant women and is one of the causes of death in the first trimester of interest situation

Types of ectopic pregnancy

all depends on the point

of attachment of the ovum, and in accordance with this release:

- pipePregnancy

- abdominal

- ovarian

- cervical

- pregnancy is rare locations (it happens that fertilized a few eggs are attached outside the uterus in both the pipes - a Multiple naval base, or a part attached to the uterus - is a combined naval base. With a combined naval basedo surgery and remove the pregnant tube, and uterine pregnancy and remain successful woman wears a child)

Ectopic pregnancy causes

main cause of pregnancy outside the uterus acts age of the woman who turned 35 year milestone.Another reason is the disruption of the fallopian tube and reducing its permeability due to inflammation or myocardial disease in the past, so that the embryo can not implant in the wall of the pipe due to the narrowing of the lumen.The reason are the diseases such as adnexitis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, endometriosis, chronic salpingitis, tuberculosis tubal endocrine diseases.IUD use by women such as the IUD, IUD or "coil" can also lead to the naval base, as well as infertility treatment and in vitro fertilization.Sometimes doctors can not give an explanation of the onset of HMB and if a woman has had a naval base, the risk of repetition remains.Therefore, at the beginning of pregnancy to do ultrasound to confirm the presence of ovum in the uterus itself.Induced abortion is often complicated by inflammatory diseases and are also a cause of HMB.Different tumors and surgical interventions, leading to a spike in the pipes, as well as abnormalities in the structure of the genital organs and sexual infantilism, the length of the fallopian tubes and disruption in sex hormones secretion lead to a naval base

early signs of an ectopic pregnancy

No significant symptoms not,which can accurately ascertain the presence of an ectopic pregnancy.And with confidence the diagnosis can be established only by means of laparoscopic surgery.In the meantime, the doctor puts into question the naval base.But if you still suspect the naval base and on the face of deteriorating health: lowering blood pressure, severe abdominal pain, loss of consciousness, dizziness, weakness, extra call "ambulance"!

test can not confirm the existence of pregnancy at the naval base and it should alert a woman.

Quite often, women are bleeding and this fact is perceived as the beginning of the month, leading to very late diagnosis of the naval base.

Suspected naval base may be at a very meager monthly after a short delay.If the test showed the pregnancy, but the pain in the lower abdomen and bleeding are present, an urgent need to seem gynecologist.For a long time HMB diagnosed in the later stages when overt symptoms (abdominal pain, loss of consciousness, bleeding), and now, thanks to sensitive hormonal tests as well as ultrasound and laparoscopy can install early diagnosis.Hormonal tests include determination of the level of hCG and progesterone.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) - a hormone secreted by the tissues of the embryo and it is present only in the blood of pregnant women.When a woman is pregnant, the level of hCG increases and doubles every 2 days.If the increase is small, it indicates VNB or danger not communicate uterine pregnancy.The situation is similar to progesterone.If it rises slowly, it is also an unfavorable sign.The level of these hormones helps to suggest where the pregnancy, but you can not exactly rely on this feature.

Ultrasound examination - is very reliable assistant in determining the naval base.On US fertilized egg can be seen when the level of hCG is 1800 IU \ l.And if this level is not the egg in the uterine cavity, the high risk of a naval base.When the ultrasound shows the fertilized egg in the uterus, only suspicions are removed.At the 5 week ovum show in the womb, but sometimes accumulation of fluid and blood clots mistaken for fertilized egg.

If these methods are not enough, then resorted to laparoscopic surgery.The surgeon using the tool makes an incision in the skin and looks at the monitor laparoscope.Looking around the internal organs using a laparoscope, is seen precisely where the fertilized egg.And in confirming the diagnosis of HMB or remove the ovum from the pipe or the entire pipe.Everything will depend on the condition of the pipe ectopic pregnancy photo2

Rehabilitation after an ectopic pregnancy

First of all, the restoration of reproductive function.A warning adhesions, contraception, as well as the normalization of hormonal levels.The very same length of hormonal contraception is strictly individual, but not less than 6 months after surgery.And when planning the next pregnancy is advisable to make a diagnostic laparoscopy, which will assess the state of the fallopian tube

Ectopic pregnancy consequences

risk of death with the diagnosis 10 times higher than the death rate during childbirth, and about 50 times greater than deaths from abortion.It is highly probable that in a few weeks of pregnancy and the woman burst pipe will operate urgently.After an ectopic pregnancy in women at high risk to re-HMB or infertility

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