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birth baby photo Women childbirth - a natural, but a very complex physiological process.Births equate to a small operation.During childbirth comes natural expulsion of the fetus and placenta from the uterus through the birth canal.The structure is part of the placenta umbilical cord, placenta, fetal membranes.At the heart of the delivery mechanism is a definite delivery.

Births can occur in different variations :

- the traditional way in a medical hospital

- water birth

- vertical birth

- birth in your home

mechanism of normal classicaldelivery includes translational and rotational movement of the fetus as it passes through the pelvis, as well as when driving through the soft birth canal.Passage of the baby's head comes with the onset of regular labor.While moving through the birth canal head crumbs slowly doing a series of sequential movements.Fetal movements are directly dependent on the very presentation of the fetus.For normal healthy births tend occipital previa or in t

he front or in the back as a kid back.The mechanism of childbirth during which the child's anterior occipital previa occurs in 95% of women.When these genera kid turned his head to the entrance to a small basin itself and the crumbs back to front.

are 4 time during delivery mechanisms:

very first moment - bending the baby's head (flexion), namely its rotation around the front (lateral) axis.As a result of the bending of one of the poles of the head (fontanelle small) ceases lowest point, which is moving forward heads.This point is called the most wired point, since it was she who first lowered into the pelvis and the first woman emerges from the genital slit.

The second point is the internal rotation of the baby's head neck anteriorly (rotation), namely, the rotation of the baby's head around the longitudinal axis.This rotation causes the crumbs that the neck is rotated anteriorly, and the region itself is large fontanelle - backwards.By making the rotation, the head moves from the transverse dimension or skew pelvis in a straight line.And on this head the crumbs turn ends, and the small fontanelle refers to the pubic symphysis.

third point would be the extension of the head (defleksiya), and it will be when the head suboccipital fossa region will take place under the pubic arch.Area suboccipital fossa has a fulcrum point and at the same time fixing it around which the extension is carried out at the time of rotation of the head.The very beginning of the extension of the head is the head of the eruption.

On the fourth point hanger crumbs getting across, begin to go sideways or across a small basin.The pelvis is their turn and when coming out of the pelvic they unfold live size.One Shoulder refers to the pubic symphysis, and the second will be turned to the sacrum.During the rotation of the torso and shoulders head child doing an outer turn and takes place at the first position: the backrest is directed to the left side of the uterus, and the back of his head to the left thigh woman.At the time of the second position back fetal looks at the right side of the uterus, namely on the right thigh.Once born the shoulder girdle.It appears the upper third of the shoulder, directed anteriorly, and then the shoulder, facing backward.At the end of the trunk and there is, of course, the limbs of the fetus.

¬ępregnant will not stay" - that usually support expectant mothers doctors.And the word "tune in to a positive and favorable labor" sound more like acceptable to the mind, anxious pregnant.Fear of the unknown birth covers all pregnant women, and when the baby decides that the time has come to stand in front of my mother, everything happens fast and scripted.If there are no medical contraindications, a woman gives birth to traditional.

Childbirth - a complex active process.Before birth a few days the female body begins to prepare.There are harbingers of battles that have no clear periodicity.Woman feels unpleasant nagging pain in the abdomen and lower back.

1st period labor

During this period fights regularly remind myself.They are characterized by the presence of pulling pain in the abdomen and lower back.Over time, the battle intensified.For the first contractions characteristic interval of 9 to 15 minutes, and the duration of a few seconds.Feeling unpleasant and painful.Then battle gaining strength pain, as well as duration.This period may last up to 12 hours.

amniotic fluid or amniotic fluid - a fluid surrounding the baby environment that ensures his normal activities.The withdrawal of amniotic fluid and mucus plug often occurs at the onset of labor.Getting into the birth canal, the water washed them and then continue to help the crumbs to move forward.The lower part of membranes contributes to successfully open up the cervix.

himself since the beginning of the first clashes and before the disclosure of the cervix up to 5 cm is called a latent phase.Then comes the active phase.After the disclosure of the cervix went top of intense labor and disclosure of uterine throat to 8 cm. By the time it takes up to 4 hours.Emphasize the most pain, and in the meantime the child's head is lowered to the level of the pelvic floor.Then comes the phase of deceleration, which lasts up to two hours.At this point, the cervix can open up to 15 cm. All intervals are specified conditionally and fights about.The generic process is the concept of expedited deliveries for women giving birth for the second

2nd period labor

The moment attempts.What it is?This reflex contraction of the abdominal muscles, the uterus, as well as the diaphragm.If a woman in labor to breathe correctly, thus it can help itself in vain attempts.During this period, there is the presenting part of the fetus.And if it was cephalic presentation of the child, it is possible to observe the eruption of the head.

birth crumbs or self reception childbirth, occurs as soon as the head stops and go deeper into hiding after attempts.On average, the birth of the baby takes place within ten attempts, and lasts about an hour.After the birth of the baby, cut the umbilical cord at the time of termination ripple

third period of labor

During this period, there is a separation of the placenta, as well as the release of the placenta.All it takes up to 3 fights.And then begins a thorough examination of the newborn and the mother.For generations responsible doctor and the midwife is already helping the mother and the newborn is doing the processing

Caesarean section

This birth, which are converted by Caesarean section from a standard physiological processes in complex surgery.During Caesarean section baby is removed from the abdominal incision and the uterus.This method is used when absolutely necessary and when there are medical contraindications to give birth alone.The decision is made in advance or at the time of childbirth or during adverse raskladah.Disadvantages of this method in heavy rehabilitation after childbirth.The first few days of giving birth needs medical care, special meals.And only child, brought to the next day, helping to move with dignity all difficulties and pains

Genera with her husband

has long been no secret that her husband's presence at childbirth helps women cope with the moral pain.Joint labor combined with her husband of two loving people, strengthens their marriage;man begins to appreciate a woman, its heroism, imbued her pain. Childbirth - is the strongest positive emotional experiences in the lives of men.So, if deliveries are possible with her husband, do not give up on this.

If your husband is radically against the presence at the birth of a child, do not insist on their own.Perhaps, that is, its causes and fears.Let the mystery of the birth remain a secret for him.From that your love will not weaken.You can find a middle ground.When the husband attempts to present, and then waits for the door and comes after the appearance of the child.As a result - the husband at birth and was not hurt his psyche.

Childbirth is a very complicated process.Nature provided for stretching the perineum for birth.But the perineum has its limits, and as a result there are gaps.They occur for the following reasons:

- physiological inelastic tissue.This applies primarily to first-time mothers to women older than 30 years, and if mothers large fruit if there is scarring from past births, anatomically narrow pelvis, there is inflammation of the vagina, uterine inertia, quick and swift childbirth;emergency surgery (if necessary use of forceps and vacuum extraction of the fetus).It may serve as a psychological factor breaks and improper behavior of women during childbirth and her unwillingness to heed the recommendations of the obstetrician.

breaks during childbirth are external and internal.External discontinuities occur at the output of most of the vagina, and on the internal walls of the uterus breaks.Breaks are subdivided by severity.External breaks:

I degree - the gap wall of the vagina and the skin of the perineum

II degree - join breaks the pelvic floor muscles

III degree - added the gap sphincter at the anus, as well as a small portion of the wall of the rectum

internal gaps:

I degree - perineal tears reach no more than 2 cm

II degree - more than 2 cm before reaching the vaginal vault

III degree - reach lateral vaginal vault and affect their

main symptom of rupture during childbirth will bleed.

Prevention ruptures during childbirth include relaxation exercises, massage the perineum with oils and proper breathing, which will help to control your emotions and fears.

If - after a break occurred, the doctor examines the woman, assessing the extent of damage and performing surgical procedures (sutures and stitches).With increasing bleeding doctor puts the clamp.The material often used for joints that dissolve on their own.With strong discontinuities using silk sutures are removed on the 5th day.

If gynecologist sees during childbirth strong discontinuity can not be avoided, it carries the incision of the perineum.These cuts are not carried out at the request of mothers in order to facilitate the generic process.

incision of the perineum produced to facilitate the passage of the child and reduce the load on the cervical and spine.Gynecologists doing a this operation with the following attributes:

- strong bulging of the perineum and tension fabrics to shine;tissue swelling and pallor of the skin and the appearance of cracks and development of hypoxia in the child;in the case of premature birth and high blood pressure;in the presence of various heart diseases and breech baby.

incision of the perineum to produce even when the head is visible and there were complications.But after the release of the placenta doctor makes stitching seams, pre-anesthetized woman in childbirth.

supervision of medical professionals in the nursing home in normal birth is up to five days, and cesarean section 7 days.

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