Pregnancy and childbirth

Thrush and pregnancy

Thrush and pregnancy

Thrush in pregnancy photos Thrush is a common phenomenon during pregnancy expectant mothers.The disease causes a fungus of the genus Candida (Candida), so the second name of the disease candidiasis.To put it more precisely, the disease itself is not the fungus and its excessive amount.Many women this disease is accompanied by a lifetime, and according to statistics, every third encounter it

Thrush in pregnancy - Causes

cause thrush set.It provokes her preference to wear synthetic underwear;rough sex acts, traumatic vaginal wall; tuberculosis , past infectious and oncological diseases;hypoglycemia, circulatory system diseases, dysfunction of the sex glands, hypothyroidism , diabetes , gastrointestinal disease, beriberi, bacterial vaginosis , chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.Aggravation can be triggered by medication, the use of brute force in sweets.There is expert opinion that thrush in pregnancy is able to be transmitted through sexual contact.The emergence of thrush m

ay result from physiological changes in the microflora of the vagina.Increased female hormones during pregnancy creates favorable conditions for the development of thrush

Thrush in pregnancy - symptoms

main symptoms appear itching of the genitals, as well as intolerable cheesy white discharge consistency, which is characterized by a sour smell.These symptoms yeast may be present during pregnancy and in the presence of other infections.Therefore, it is strongly recommended for the final diagnosis will certainly come to the reception to the gynecologist, which is scheduled to pass a series of tests.

How does thrush pregnancy?The percentage of Statistics pregnancy thrush in small quantities does not affect and harm to the fetus does not work, so the disease is not dangerous, but it should not be ignored.It is important to treat it before birth, because at birth the possibility of infection candidiasis child.The fungus can live in the mouth baby, causing stomatitis candidiasis.For moms fungus in large quantities can lead to erosion of the uterus, and further internal and external ruptures during childbirth.

thrush treatment options during pregnancy lot.And how to treat and how prompt doctors.Medics found that carriers of candida may act as well as women and men.Candidiasis has a feature to live in the body for a long time and occur at lower immunity.Also it found that during pregnancy the immune system decreases and many women experience thrush as the first sign of pregnancy


first analysis to identify the fungus is bacterioscopy.It is a usual smear made gynecologist special disposable spatula during the inspection of the vagina.The procedure is easily tolerated.This analysis is sufficient for the diagnosis of disease.If there is a negative result is used further culture method pathogen.Taken material is placed in a favorable environment and waiting for it to behave

treatment of thrush in pregnancy

treatment during pregnancy candidiasis includes a special restrictive diet of sugary, spicy, spices, pickled foods.All these products trigger reproduction of fungi and also increase vaginal acidity.But milk products, on the other hand, will be useful.It should be remembered, and a daily presence in the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.Sometimes it helps to personal hygiene and diet adherence, that the disease has receded.It's really at the beginning of the disease, and the first signs.

But the abuse of drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy and do not recommend self-medicate.Treat thrush running during pregnancy is difficult.Many drugs are prohibited.Safe in the treatment of preparations from yeast topical - "Clotrimazole" or "Miconazole" well proven "Pimafucin", which is not toxic to the baby at high doses.Effectively cure yeast infection during pregnancy folk remedies, which include cleaning the soda solution, as well as oak broth.Facilitate the state trays of calendula, chamomile douching solution, and then swab dipped in a solution of glycerin, sodium tetraborate, left up to 30 minutes.

One of the proven methods of treatment during pregnancy offers a warm soda-iodine bath (1 liter of water put a spoon tablespoon baking soda and one tea spoon of iodine).Pour the solution into the basin and sit up to 20 minutes.We do the procedure in the next 3 days.In parallel with the traditional methods take a multivitamin and means for lifting immunity.

treatment of thrush in pregnancy is recommended complex.So appoint a profound study, including the surrender of the general analysis of blood, urine, swab on Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV test.Consultation endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist.And having the results of research to develop effective tactics of treatment of thrush in pregnancy


the presence in the past of this unpleasant disease, you need to plan conception during remission (disappearance) of candidiasis.Follow all doctor's instructions, turn in a timely analyzes sin not to diet, you should check for the presence of the fungus partner, stick to constancy in relationships, monitor the amount of consumed drugs, especially antibiotics, wearing cotton underwear.Groin keep perfectly clean and dry.Pregnant women should use the daily sanitary napkin completely eliminate physical stress, as well as finding the heat, to eliminate sweating and diaper rash.So getting rid of Candida forever impossible, but it is permissible to do so relapses causing trouble as little as possible

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