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Underbelly during pregnancy

Underbelly pregnancy

stomach pain during pregnancy photos Pregnancy wonderful time for women and waiting for baby is exciting.Of course, any mom will experience when a strange feeling in the abdomen during pregnancy.A little sore or pulls a long, abdomen during pregnancy is absolutely all women.It's not a pleasant feeling of visiting women still quite often in the early stages.The feeling when sore abdomen during pregnancy is strong enough scares future mothers.Not for no longer a secret that when pulling the lower abdomen, it may be a prerequisite to an abortion in the early stages.Therefore, when such concerns notify your gynecologist and do not tighten it.Of course, the doctor who leads you will not jump to conclusions, but you will be persistent when describing your pain in the lower abdomen.Although, you will calm down and call not to panic, listen to their feelings in the abdomen during pregnancy.Remember that normal abdomen ache during pregnancy should not and that I would not write on forums, websites, always listen to y

our body, and in the event of pain lie down, relax, try to relax, take a stab shpy (or take a pill But-shpy), use candles with papaverine.Taking leadership these simple tips, you remove the hypertonicity of the uterus.Do not believe?Check.You risk nothing, except that a new life was born within you.If pregnant women knew these simple things, how much could prevent miscarriages.Or maybe you are afraid for unauthorized adoption Nosh-nN without consulting a doctor?Not worth it.Nosh-pa, adopted once the baby no harm will not bring.The same applies to candles with papaverine, which immediately relieve hypertonicity of the uterus, giving a sense of relaxation while the lower abdomen during pregnancy immediately calms down.

And now, when you have removed the symptoms of pain in the abdomen, we will try to understand all the reasons when sore abdomen during pregnancy.Why is there pulling or stabbing pain in the abdomen?

colitis or sore abdomen during pregnancy while reducing the muscles of the uterus, and putting his hand on your stomach may feel it hardens.A firm belly and tone of the uterus is a danger to the baby.But often, there is no threat and that nagging pain serves a sign of pregnancy and it is connected with the rush of blood to the uterus.Reminiscent of the sensations she was menstruating.But if the pain does not stop and came out of the vagina brown and pink highlight, it is likely that the crumb is really in danger.In such a situation without a doctor can not do.There's also a pathology of pregnancy, you need an urgent examination.In the early stages of pregnancy and allegedly pulled a stomach ache due to the attachment of the embryo in the fallopian tube.This means that you have an ectopic pregnancy .For ectopic pregnancy characterized by recurring and worsening pain.If there is a rupture of the fallopian tube, it is fraught with massive bleeding, which in turn is dangerous for the mother.Prolonged pain in early pregnancy is not tolerated and without delay, consult a doctor.You appoint ultrasound, and you relax when will remove this diagnosis.

But it happens that the pain occurs and for physiological reasons, it is not related with the fetus, as well as the uterus.Often in early toxicosis intestinal function gets worse, there is vomiting, flatulence, and nausea.This is normal.Added to this are also intestinal cramps.All these symptoms are not afraid of the baby, unless it clearly is not growing.pulls the lower abdomen

If sore abdomen at birth abortion, then do not worry.With that faces every expectant mom.

himself growth of the uterus and an increase in the weight of the crumbs stretches the muscles of the abdominal wall much and if this is the first pregnancy , they are still quite resilient and durable enough will support the tummy, and it will seem that pulls the abdominal muscles.Already in subsequent pregnancies weakened muscle tone and the stomach begins to droop.To avoid such troubles should wear prenatal bandage.Only he will prevent stretch marks on the stomach muscles, as well as save you from discomfort.

can still hurt the abdomen during pregnancy when threatened premature detachment of the placenta.This is possible in the third trimester of pregnancy.Symptoms such pain, bleeding.

happens that slightly pulls the stomach because the uterine scar.The reason appears the previous operation - Caesarean section, as well as other carried out the operation - appendectomy.

last weeks of pregnancy deliver pain in the lower abdomen almost all future mums.Sam baby is large and it is difficult to sit for a long time, get out of bed, walk a lot.Pregnancy is coming to its logical end, so in recent weeks mommy faces the harbingers of sorts.

If pulling the lower abdomen during pregnancy since 37 weeks , it says that soon delivery.Take care of yourself and your birth light!

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