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Boca pregnancy

Boca pregnancy

sore hips during pregnancy photos Pregnancy difficult time for women and often with increasing gestational age increased physical problems, namely the sides begin to hurt badly during pregnancy.This problem occurs because of the growth of the baby, which is very close to getting a tummy mommy.Pains are flowing and wandering character.Initially worried about his right side during pregnancy, and after a while starts to hurt his left side during pregnancy.But sometimes, when the situation is aggravated and it is not just a tingling sensation associated with the growth of the baby. Let's analyze in detail the causes of what is happening and describe the nature of pain in the sides of pregnancy.

Remember that sharp pain in your side is a alarm bell, especially, it is dangerous if prolonged pains to 30 minutes.In such a painful situation should not delay the visit to the gynecologist, and if you feel unwell, when the sides during pregnancy concerned unbearable pain, call an ambulance.In this situation, you will be as

signed examined by different doctors (gynecologist, gastroenterologist, infectious disease specialist, surgeon), and find out the cause of pain in the flanks.But you

for themselves should clearly distinguish the symptoms of your pain, as well as a place of localization.And for this you need to know about the schematic division of the stomach into four parts.This segment of the upper right - the right side on top, then the left upper segment - in the left side on top;below the lower right segment - at the bottom right side;below the lower left segment - in the bottom left side.

If you have any pain in his right side on top of exposed organs such as the gall bladder, liver, intestinal tract, as well as the right-hand side of the diaphragm.In the event this is the area of ​​pain suggests injury or illness that occurred in this place.These include hepatitis or inflammation of the liver and gall bladder and pancreas.If you experience pain in the pancreas accompanied by severe bout of nausea, sweating and vomiting.I think that sends a tingling pain in the back.Infection and poor performance of the liver;Stones found in the gallbladder is often to blame for the pain in his right side on top.It happens that on the occurrence of pain in his right side on top affects renal pathology.The load on the kidneys is enhanced by the growth of the abdomen.Go further examination, if you have previously observed pathology of such a plan.With this infection not to be trifled.It is very dangerous for the future of the baby and you.

When the pain in his left side on top in danger of stomach, bowel loops, spleen, pancreas, and including the left side of the diaphragm.Employment spleen lies in removing from the blood erythrocytes and it is located close to the body surface.In certain diseases spleen increases in size, causing severe pain.If deterioration occurs ruptured spleen.In this situation, the strengths of pain and skin in the navel area becomes blue.

But we should remember that the pain in the sides of pregnancy may carry a diverse character.For example, pain is localized in the left side on top of a close relationship with diseases of the stomach (gastritis, dyspepsia, peptic ulcer disease, gastric cancer), but may be in the nature of the disease diaphragmatic hernia.Sometimes, the pain in the upper left square gives the pancreas, while having a wandering character.

Persistent pain during pregnancy is located in the bottom-right side may indicate inflammation of the appendix, fallopian tubes or ureters.If you have appendicitis pain increases with time.It is possible that the sides ache during pregnancy infections that are sexually transmitted, and at the time of rupture of ovarian cysts or tumors.

But we should not exclude that in the early stages of pregnancy when the sides could get sick if there is ectopic pregnancy.side ache during pregnancy

Suggested Localized pain in the left side bottom of pregnancy shows there is a problem such as that in the bottom right side, but should be excluded from this list appendicitis.

at a later date hips during pregnancy begins to ache a bit, to give a sense of gravity, as well as bursting into the right side of hypochondria.Often - it says dyskinesia of the gallbladder and bile ducts, which is probably contributes to the development of the inflammatory process, as well as stone formation.Simultaneously, dyskinesia can act as a manifestation of gallstones or chronic cholecystitis, as well as an anomaly of the biliary tract.

It is possible that the occurrence of pain in the pancreas simply provoked by a special state of the pregnant woman.The very activity of women in this period decreased, and internal organs slow down its operation.For example, the uterus relaxes under the influence of progesterone, and with it the other organs (gall bladder, etc.).

Boca pregnancy start to hurt when there is insufficient work, as well as the emptying of the gallbladder.The increase in dyskinesias can occur for mechanical reasons: the growing uterus puts pressure, the pressure of the fetus on the organs of the chest cavity, as well as the liver or gall bladder.As a result violated the usual process of secretion, and pain themselves often come with nausea, lack of appetite, the presence of bitterness in the mouth, as well as belching, heartburn or bloating.The very nature of pain in the liver and gall is dull and aching tone.

Boca pregnancy is hurt so much that he gave in the back and hypochondrium.Pain in the sides during pregnancy intensifies in moments of perturbation crumbs and woman eating during meals.Remember this!And, of course, watch your diet.To all this can join pain, localized in the heart, numbness of fingers, headache, sweating, insomnia.A diagnosis is that - vegetative crisis (hypotension).In this case, do not delay, because without the help of doctors can not do.Preventive measures are as follows: change the diet, rest and work, remove stress and positive emotions help to cope with this condition.

So you made sure that the sides ache during pregnancy for various reasons.Listen constantly to their new experiences and, of course, try to understand the reason for what is happening unpleasant condition.Take care of yourself and the easiest pregnancy you

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