Diseases of the joints and spine

Diseases and treatment of the spine

disease and treatment of the spine

spine, or to be more precise the spine is the backbone of the human body, so that any, even small changes and diseases that may lead to his removal - cause different changesfrom some of the internal organs of the body.So for example, when changing the thoracic spine - disrupted heart and lungs;a change of the lumbar - disrupted kidney ;and when changing neck suffers brain.
diseases of the spine divided into :
- acquired (arise in the investigation of various diseases or mechanical damage);
- birth (congenital malformations of the intervertebral joints and vertebrae themselves)

Principles and methods of treatment of spine

fundamental principle of the treatment of all diseases of the spine is to maximize the elimination of all possible load on it, and only then can a correct diagnosis and adherence to other methodstreatment.
All methods of treatment of the spine can be divided into:
- Conservative .These include reflexology, physiotherapy, mass

age, medical treatment and manual therapy.
- Operational .They are carried out strictly according to the individual indications of the patient and only when conservative treatment for some - any reason can not be applied, or not help

spinal traction

spinal traction successfully used to relieve spasm of the back muscles, improve blood circulationspine and for increasing the distance between the vertebrae.Traction is of two kinds: dry - carried out with the help of specially designed couches and tables;and scuba - carried out with the help of special devices

Reflexology and massage

strictly metered massage courses are aimed at strengthening the back muscles and improving the blood supply to the tissues, which improves metabolism.
Reflexology - is focused on the impact various methods on specific points of the human body (acupuncture, moxibustion sagebrush cigarettes and so forth.)


Under manual therapy meant the elimination of all kinds of changes in the human body by hand.Some methods of this therapy is able to restore the ratio of the vertebrae, can improve the condition of the disc hernia and so forth.
However, the use of manual therapy has a number of contraindications: rheumatism, sprains, and fractures of the spine, ankylosing spondylitis, severe general condition, various injuries and malformations of the skulland spine, tumors of all kinds, old age


Because mud has on the human body is quite beneficial effect, it is successfully used for the treatment of diseases of the spine.Special mud applications are applied to the area of ​​the spine and the nerve roots involved.The most effective mud acts as if had been previously held magnetic affected spinal

Physiotherapy in diseases of the spine

Almost immediately after removing the patient from the acute condition should be the appointment strictly metered course specially designed therapeutic exercise, which aims toto increase the range of motion.Without such therapeutic exercises in a patient suffering from a disease of the spine may develop restrictions on movements.

In conclusion, I want to add that self-medicate diseases of the spine in any case impossible, and if in any doubt you must immediately consult a qualified doctor.

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