Diseases of the joints and spine

Disease and treatment of joints

Disease and treatment of joints

more of a school course of anatomy, we know that the joints called the flexible connection of bones, allowing them to move relative to each other.Surfaces that form the joints are covered with cartilage which provides for load distribution within the joint or in combination with the underlying bone provides elasticity. The joint consists of several elements - a joint cavity fluid bag, insulating cavity;some of the joints are discs, ligaments and menisci.
to the emergence of pain in the joints can cause a huge number of factors, it is all possible consequences of injuries, violation of certain metabolic processes of the body resulting in the deposition of salts in the joints, poor circulation sustavoformiruyuschih bones.Pain of any etiology look almost identical - they occur at rest or in motion, can be aching or stabbing, and knuckles look swollen, and often hot to the touch.
to select the correct and most importantly effective treatment is necessary to precisel

y determine the nature of the disease
most common joint disease is :
- fractures in the joints, sprains, bone fractures.
- arthritis (osteoarthritis and divided into deforming osteoarthritis) - is the destruction of articular cartilage.
- arthritis - an inflammation of the joint and its components.
If there is a common joint pain, but left untreated, this disease after a certain time and can affect other joints, gradually spreading throughout the body.The most commonly affected quite small joints, as they are much more prone to various injuries and suffer from impaired metabolism

Treatment of joints

Treatment of joints shall be required complex and includes:
- supplementation reduces inflammation andreducing pain.
- application of methods of maintaining and strengthening the musculoskeletal system.Unfortunately
methods of preventing joint pain to date have not yet been developed, so the most common method is the suppression of pain in the affected joints.
Until recently, quite good results in the treatment of joint pain medication rumalon shown, the components of which are bone marrow extract and cartilage calves.Also, there is a fairly wide range of ointments, tablets, and other drugs whose action is directed at the suppression of rheumatic joint pain.Also, doctors often prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have - ibuprofen movalis, diclofenac, Voltaren.
addition to medicinal treatment of the joints, with great success, and apply other methods of recovery:
- Physiotherapy (laser therapy, magnetic therapy, electrophoresis and so forth.).
- Physiotherapy.
- Acupuncture.
- Massage.
also want to note that if the start aching bones and joints, it is necessary to pay close attention to kidney , since they are often one of the main causes of diseases of the skeletal system.

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