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Osteochondrosis treatment and prevention

osteochondrosis treatment and prevention

To date, perhaps the most common disease of supporting - motor apparatus is low back pain.According to statistics, this disease affects every second inhabitant of our planet.Osteochondrosis - a disease of the intervertebral ligament apparatus (cartilaginous joints). The disease manifests itself quite diverse, as it depends on the nature and extent of changes in the intervertebral discs and surrounding tissues.Osteochondrosis diagnosed in the lumbar, sacral, cervical and thoracic spine and is quite common low back pain, which affects all parts of the spine, shoulder, hip and knee joints.
In consequence of osteoarthritis there is a significant deformation of the intervertebral discs, vertebrae themselves and their surfaces, followed by the growth of the so-called "spurs" and "spikes" that injure nerves and muscle tissue outside the joint, causing extreme pain.Quite often, the pain caused in the heart diagnosed as a stroke, but in fact they cause osteochon

drosis of thoracic spinal


The appearance of the disease can result in the following factors:
- Diseases of the back . First of all, it is curvature of the spine - lordosis, kyphosis and scoliosis.Also an important factor is the weakened back muscles.In sum this leads to uneven loading on the spine, resulting in development of various defects in the cartilage.
- Metabolic disorders and various spinal injury . Even the most common vitamin deficiency may be a result of irreparable changes in the intervertebral cartilage.
- heavy or monotonous work . a result of heavy physical exertion exceeds the maximum permissible load on the spine, which almost always leads to osteochondrosis.Also, people exposed to the disease, providing a working day in one position.
- Heredity . Quite often inherited by the direct structure of the intervertebral cartilage - this affects the susceptibility to the disease


Unfortunately completely cure osteochondrosis of modern medicine today are not able to, so the main goal of the current treatment is to eliminate pain symptoms andthe suspension of the disease.Treatment of degenerative disc disease, there are several, but which one to use - can be solved only by the attending physician based on the clinical picture of each patient

Medication . It involves the use of various decongestants, anti-inflammatory and pain medications.The use of cleaning pain ointments, drugs improve blood circulation and helps to restore cartilage.This type of therapy requires periodic repetition, since its effect is very limited

Physiotherapy . to this type of therapy is electrophoresis, treatment with current or ultrasound, magnets and various therapeutic muds.In some cases, a popular lately spine traction, carried out on special couches

Chiropractic . is a popular treatment for degenerative disc disease.It consists in carrying out various manipulations of the vertebrae and ligaments using effort alone arms.This method is considered effective and very productive, but under one condition - manual therapist must have extensive experience and high qualifications, since the patient was in the hands of amateur, manual therapy can cause irreparable damage to health

Reflexology . This type of treatment has come to us from the East.He is focused on the impact on well-defined active points of the body.It may be a special warming and acupuncture, and a certain kind of injection.Though traditional medicine and refers to this type with a certain degree of skepticism, but after the positive results of acupuncture can be traced clearly - is significantly improved blood flow, relieves muscle tension and pain disappear

Surgery . This type of treatment is used only as a last resort, and is the result of neglected diseases.Surgery is most often performed to eliminate strain and for the removal of vertebral hernia

Exercising . If the above treatments are chosen strictly individually, physiotherapy is needed for each patient, but of exercises can vary depending on the location and stage of a particular disease.Begin to engage in physical therapy is desirable in a rehabilitation center or clinic, and after the acquisition of specific skills required to do unlearning exercises at home


Since we all know that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat it - prevention of osteochondrosisIt is of paramount importance for both children and adults, especially because it does not have to make any special effort or excessive.Just need even in small doses, but must constantly deal with bracing gymnastics.Through such exercises will improve blood circulation and improve spinal muscular corset.Babies should focus on proper posture and gait, as in the period of its formation, the spine is most susceptible to various changes and deformations.

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