Diseases of the joints and spine

Types and treatment of arthritis

Types and treatment of arthritis

arthritis - a disease of the joints, which is accompanied by inflammation (joints become hot to the touch, swollen, the skin reddens).This person is experiencing pain in them and there is a limitation in motion


Often arthritis occurs as a consequence of closed or open joint injury when repetitive minor injuries, colds, systematic physical stress.
- arthritis of infectious origin.The so-called reactive arthritis, which is caused by various infections (urinary, bowel, and so on.).
Worsening food joints in the investigation of metabolic disorders may also be one of the causes of arthritis


arthritic joint pain, increased local temperature of the soft tissues, there is stiffness in movement, swelling and redness appear.There may be clinical manifestations of autoimmune processes (general weakness and fever) and general intoxication.The results of analysis of the observed increase in the number of leukocytes and erythrocyte sedimentati

on rate may also be observed the presence of c-reactive protein.
timely and accurate diagnosis difficult symptom uniformity at different etiology.For proper diagnosis play an important role related arthritis symptoms - airway, kidneys, heart , skin (rashes, etc.)


Traumatic arthritis
amazes most large joints, whichIt has the greatest load: the shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle.There swelling, pain and often bleeding into the joint cavity.
Acute suppurative arthritis
With this type of arthritis affects mainly the ankle, elbow, wrist, shoulder, hip and knee joints.Symptoms of acute suppurative arthritis:
- inactive, weakness, chills and fever.
- Constant pain in the affected joint and sharp pain when attempting to traffic in it.
- Increased local temperature and redness of the joint.
- Violation of the limb.
- Swelling of the periarticular tissues.
psoriatic arthritis
arthropathy or psoriatic arthritis occurs in seven percent of patients with psoriasis.The most common in this type of artrta affects the interphalangeal joints of the feet and hands.
while there is swelling and pain in the joints, and the skin over it becomes purple-cyanotic.
arthritis in ulcerative colitis
arthritis in ulcerative colitis occurs most frequently during exacerbation or complicated forms of the disease.Predominantly affects the hip and shoulder joints.The color of the skin over the affected joint is practically unchanged.
gouty arthritis
gouty arthritis always develops in the precipitating factors: nervous shock, physical stress, hypothermia, excessive alcohol consumption.It is characterized by an increase in local temperature, redness, swelling and tenderness sharply in the affected joint


mainstay of treatment for arthritis - this treatment caused his illness.Arthritis treatments are divided into:
- Pharmacological treatments are: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ointments, creams and gels;glyukokortikosteraidov intra-articular injection.
- Nefarmalogicheskie treatments are: the selection of orthopedic shoes, reduced stress on the joints, getting rid of bad habits, physiotherapy, massage, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and electric pulse stimulation of the muscles.
- Surgical treatment or total joint replacement is only applied when the most advanced forms of arthritis

Treatment of infectious arthritis

In conventional infectious arthritis requires only a few days of hospital treatment.And then in a period of several weeks to several months should receive prescribed drugs in combination with physiotherapy

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Existing current treatments can not completely cure rheumatoid arthritis.However, due to timely put the correct diagnosis can improve joint function, reduce inflammation and thereby prevent the disability of patients.For a qualitative treatment of rheumatoid arthritis are two types of drugs:
- Hormones and aspirin.They relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
- basic drugs, in particular methotrexate.They eamedlyayut or prevent the destruction of the joints and cause remission.

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