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Osteoarthritis treatment and prevention

Osteoarthritis treatment and prevention

Osteoarthritis - a degenerative changes of the articular cartilage is not inflammatory, which arises in most cases as a result of natural aging.According to statistics, arthritis is considered to be quite a common disease, as they are affected by various estimates from ten to fifteen percent of all inhabitants of our planet

Osteoarthritis is divided into primary and secondary

Primary arthritis - a disease that occurs as a consequence of naturalchanges in the cartilage with age.The disease can develop as a result of metabolic disorders and for genetic predisposition.Nodular arthritis joints of the hands is a special kind of primary osteoarthritis.
Secondary arthrosis - is a consequence of ever trauma, chronic joint inflammation ( arthritis ), endocrine diseases ( hypothyroidism ), metabolic diseases ( gout ) and often occurs due to constant heavy load onjoints (overweight, specific working conditions)


Initially, the flow of the disease due to the reduction of joint fluid in the joint violated his normal work and manifest pain when moving.In most cases, these pains occur after intense exercise and go away to rest.But in case of resumption of load they immediately returned.
The next stage of the disease affected joint arthrosis starts to hurt at night, inflamed periarticular tissue and in the joints may cause excessive fluid.
In case of further progression of the disease, at the beginning because of the pain symptoms, and then because of the propagation of changes of cartilage resulting in joint deformity - develops limit movements


Unfortunately onToday, radical means for effective conservative treatment has not yet been developed.And all of the existing methods are applied solely on the basis of the general state of the patient, the place of occurrence of osteoarthritis (localization) and the degree of joint damage.
In the initial stages of the disease are used as a treatment - massage, physiotherapy, therapeutic mud sessions and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.However, despite the fact that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are able to significantly reduce the pain, they should be taken with extreme caution, as in the case of regular consumption, they are able to change the composition of the blood, affect the correct functioning of the liver and lead to the development of gastric ulcers and intestinal


Alas, it is impossible to prevent the occurrence of osteoarthritis, but try to keep your body from its early appearance and often further progression - can be.The first step is to eliminate excessive stress on the joints and possibly try to avoid injuries.Having a weight - must reduce body weight to reduce stress on the joints.It should be treated promptly endocrine diseases efficiently and properly fed.
Moderate physical activities (skiing, walking) in front useful in the prevention of osteoarthritis, because they significantly improve nutrition and blood supply to the joints.

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