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Reactive arthritis

Reactive arthritis

reactive arthritis pictures Reactive Arthritis - purulent inflammatory disease of the joints, which in most cases develops as a consequence of infectious diseases gastro - intestinal tract, urinary tract and genitals.Reactive arthritis usually develops within two - four weeks after infection, during which time, the disease is an infection provoked can be in humans, but its presence does not endorse any one symptom.

reactive arthritis most commonly affects mature (around 40 years) and young (20 years) men.The development of this disease may be preceded by some sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc.).Despite the fact that sexual infections can cause the disease also in women - they get sick less often.If the occurrence of reactive arthritis contributed to foodborne illness, morbidity rates among both sexes is almost identical

The causes of reactive arthritis

infection getting into the human body can cause not only the development of infectious diseases, but also to hit a variet

y of organs.For example, the flu can give complication of the kidneys;angina - heart;and some infections - the joints (often this germs).In most cases, the infection is accompanied by discharge from the genitals, pain when urinating (gonorrhea, chlamydia) or bowel disorders (yersiniosis), but may also occur with a complete absence of symptoms.That is why the exclusion or confirmation of these diseases in some cases mandatory to survey infectious diseases, gynecologist or urologist

forms of reactive arthritis

are the two most common forms of reactive arthritis: after acute urogenital or intestinal infection.The men in the age range from 20 to 40 years, most often a sexual transmission of the disease and the most common cause of genital infections are different.In both men and women, arthritis can develop after an intestinal infection.Reactive arthritis are caused by inflammation of the joints that develops after acute infection.Despite the fact that there is evidence of the presence of microorganisms in the synovium in reactive arthritis, all attempts to discharge from the joint fluid of the culture unsuccessful

symptoms of reactive arthritis

the first two - four weeks, the patient is an intestinal disorder, acute respiratory disease, or ailment, very similar to cystitis in the initial stage.Further symptoms of reactive arthritis is becoming a classic and conventionally divided into three groups:

- inflamed mucous membranes of the eyes (developing conjunctivitis), and the eyes themselves

- There are pains in the joints (limited their activity, there is redness and swelling)

- inflammation developsin urogenital

In most cases, the initial inflammation occurs in a joint, and then to the disease affects the entire joint team.Clinical manifestations of reactive arthritis range from transient monoartrita until quite severe multisystem disease.

Common symptoms include: fatigue, malaise, fever.Intensity of these manifestations may be a fairly small and very strong.There may be asymmetric oligoarthritis or polyarthritis, which predominantly affects the toes or large joints of the lower extremities.In severe disease may be pain in the back.

mucous membranes and skin in most cases are small superficial ulcerations, which are most often develop in the mucous membranes of the tonsils, mouth, and head of the penis (balanitis ringed).Equally important is the discovery of the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands and around the nail so-called vesicles (vesicles resemble at pustular psoriasis).Sometimes there are disorders of the peripheral and central nervous system, pleurisy, and various complications of the heart - sosudis.system (atrioventricular conduction disturbances, aortic regurgitation, and aortitis).

also when reactive arthritis in some cases after seven - fourteen days after sexual contact may be a development of urethritis;arthritis and conjunctivitis develop only after a few weeks.

inflammation of the eyes accompanied by unpleasant sensations of sand in both or one eye, they stick together, redden and become painful.Conjunctivitis slight inflammation in the majority of cases resolve spontaneously.However, a deeper eye disease - iritis (acute anterior uevit) can significantly decrease vision.Therefore, the ocular symptoms as soon as possible you need to see an ophthalmologist

Diagnosis of reactive arthritis

Today, modern medicine does not exist any - any particular one analysis that can confirm the presence of reactive arthritis in humans.Diagnosis is established after the collection and subsequent comparison of data obtained.

To monitor treatment, and determine the severity of the condition to rule out other possible diseases, blood tests.In some cases, a mandatory inspection gynecologist or urologist and appropriate analysis of this part.To exclude intestinal infection take a stool.X-ray examination is often picture sacrum

treatment of reactive arthritis

treatment of reactive arthritis usually fairly time-consuming and in most cases it takes about six months (sometimes up to six years).After 30 - 40 days assigned antibiotics, for pain relief applied anti-inflammatory agents.For treatment of a bacterial infection which is caused reactive arthritis, antibacterial agents are selected based on the infectious agent.In severe articular lesions to inject corticosteroids directly into the inflamed joint itself.

In most cases, reactive arthritis treated successfully and never repeats itself, but all the same, in some cases it becomes chronic or transformed into other rheumatic diseases.

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