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Knott's disease treatment

Knott's disease treatment

Knott's Disease (The spring finger Trigger finger flexor ligament Stenosing fingers) - quite a common disease finger flexor tendons and surrounding ligaments.At the initial stage of the disease extension finger is still possible, but it is accompanied by a characteristic clicking (hence the name "snapping finger").As the disease Knott finger extension becomes impossible


Causes of this disease are not fully understood.Possible causes (except children) physicians include:
- Hereditary predisposition
- Rheumatism, and various inflammatory processes
- Overvoltage fingers and microtrauma (especially manufacturing)
Children most often suffer from Knott's disease at the age of one year.Sometimes this period of growth is outstripping the growth of ligaments tendons, resulting in it getting crowded in the channel and bundle turns into a kind of constriction on the tendon.Clicking arises when forced overshoot thickened portion of the tendon through the narro

w channel of the annular ligament


- Limitation of flexion - extension movements finger
- a click when moving a finger
- At the base of the finger appears dense rounded education
Stagedisease :
- first stage.Limited mobility and there is the clicking finger
- Second Stage.The finger can straighten just by applying some effort
- The third stage.Finger takes a certain fixed position and it is no longer possible to straighten
- The fourth stage occurs in the case of no treatment.As a result of the secondary deformation joint mobility limitation becomes irreversible


Conservative treatment is carried out in cases where the extension of the finger is still possible, but difficult, and is imposing a special medicinal compresses and application of physical therapy.Treatment includes:
- Gymnastics and pneumomassage hand
- warming and bath
- Applications paraffin
- Elektoroforez with drugs (Trilon B, Lydasum)
- Iontophoresis
Lately a lot of popularity to get treatment, carried out with injections of hydrocortisonethat is done under the annular ligament or thickening in the region.After they used massage, physiotherapy and manganese bath, and at night during the month of superimposed bus.
Conservative treatment lasts for several months and in the case of a negative result is assigned to surgery.

Surgical treatment is carried out in a surgical hospital under general anesthesia and involves the removal of the anti-fragment the movement of the tendon ligament.The residence time in the hospital three to five days, and in most cases sutures are removed on the tenth day.If necessary, carried out physiotherapy.

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