Diseases of the joints and spine

Back pain

back hurts

back pain Photo One of the main causes of back pain are various diseases of the spine.This results in loss of intervertebral discs, joints, ligaments, vertebrae and back muscles.It is understood that back pain - it is a symptom that can be held or renewed in the event of adverse situations.Termination of back pain does not mean recovery, as the pain may recur.But when this happens depends on the person, the adequacy of its conduct and strict compliance with medical recommendations.That is why, for the treatment and prevention of back pain should be treated in the same way as to heart disease - to treat not only pain, but also a disease caused it.

Everyone should know that the factors contributing to the development of diseases of the spine, are: weakness of the muscles of the trunk and back, bad posture, weakness of the ligaments of the spine, bad mechanics back (abnormal movements of the body), monotonous working posture, smoking, heavy physical work, injurymicrotrauma and spine, poor physical

development, congenital deformities of the joints and bones, obesity, cardio - vascular system, playing certain sports.

emergence of back pain clearly points to the manifestation of the disease of the spine.Pain leads to poor blood circulation, defensive back muscle strain and metabolism in all tissues of the spine, limited mobility

What to do with the appearance of back pain

1. Compliance with bed rest on a solid surface for forty-eight hours (can substantially reducepain).You must select a position that will ease the pain as much as possible: on the side with your knees bent, back to roll under the knees and so on. Bed rest should be extremely strict (up strictly prohibited).If you still need to get, you should fix the spine orthopedic belt (corset) and caution when driving or walking.It is strictly forbidden to lift weights, long-term stay in one position or "twist" the spine.

2. analgesics (baralgin, Analgin, etc.), Anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, Voltaren, etc..) To help relieve the discomfort in his back.A tablet formulation to be taken after eating, drinking milk, to avoid irritation of the gastric mucosa.Diclofenac (Voltaren) are best taken in the form of rectal suppositories in a dosage of 50 mg, 1-2 candles per day

When should I see a doctor

If back pain, despite receiving anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics,after 2-3 days was less than;when in a sitting position can not find brings relief position, if the legs (one leg) were areas with poor sensitivity, if there was a weakness in the legs (one leg), when you have problems with urination (incontinence, delay), if togetherback pain increased body temperature (more than 38 * C) - should immediately consult a doctor (you can call home)

gymnastics when back pain

Prevention overload the spine, as well as improving the function of the back muscles is conducted through systematic trainingspecial exercise.For primary prevention, recommended for employees of so-called "sedentary" jobs include physical training and fitness minute pause in the workplace.

physical activities consist of the following exercises while sitting on a chair :

- pressure both shoulder blades on the back of a chair for 3-5 seconds, relax (repeat 5-6 times)

- Lowering and lifting arms (6-8 times)

- The pressure on the chair back waist for 3-5 seconds, relax (repeat 5-6 times)

- Reduction - raising arm (6-8 repeats)

- Pressure on the back of a chair for neck3-4 seconds (repeat 3-4)

These exercises can be performed in various combinations several times a day.They help to remove accumulated tension from the neck and back muscles and prevents unpleasant sensations.It is important to remember that these exercises to perform better before the appearance of fatigue or back pain.That is why the time for the exercises is chosen individually.

Fizkultminutki usually carried out in a group of employees working in the same room under the supervision of an instructor in physical therapy or a staff member.

Sample exercises for fizkultminutki held in the initial position standing :

- Hands raised up on forward-breath, then exhale and relax to lower (repeat 3-4)

- Hands to shoulders: to take a breathelbows back, exhale them together in front of chest (4-6 repeats)

- Hands on his belt: the rise on the toes, then slowly lower the (6-8 repeats)

- Hands on his belt: a smooth tilt forward to the floor returnto its original position, tilt back and re-homing (5-6 repeats)

- Hands on his belt: dynamic walking in place

- Hand in hand: to lift up on the breath, then down, relax on the exhale (3Repeat -4)

At least two - three times a week necessarily need to deal with improving physiotherapy.Most shows species such as skiing (in winter) and swimming (year-round).Displaying holding group classes of aerobics, always under the guidance of a qualified trainer.Current programs include a variety of aerobic exercise to increase the mobility of the spine in different planes.They should be treated gently, and in some cases completely ruled out.

During classes in gyms should avoid exercises with elements of the axial load on the spine, especially the rolling elements.Classes with additional weights in the form of bars, dumbbells or weights should be performed only in the supine position on the floor or on an inclined plane.

In the case of established diagnosis diskosis, spondylosis, spondylarthritis, etc., Should be preferred Therapeutic exercises.Before beginning any exercise program, you need to discuss it with your doctor.It is important to perform daily gymnastic exercises.

approximate range of specially designed therapeutic exercises for back pain

starting position supine

- Simultaneous or alternating-bending the knees with pulling your knees to your chest (4-6 reps)

- Lifting andsubsequent retention in the raised position two (one) leg for 5-7 seconds (5 reps)

- Movement legs simulating cycling.Movements are performed before a noticeable fatigue in the muscles of the legs or abdominal (repeat 2-3)

- Hand in hand, legs bent at the knees: lift the body and hold this position for 3-5 seconds, then return to the original position, relaxation (4-6 repetitions)

- legs bent at the knees: the maximum lift up one leg and hold 5-7 seconds.Repeat the same movement with the other leg (5 repetitions on each leg)

- Hand in hand, bent at the knees: knees to tilt left / right to keep the position 5-7 seconds (repeat 4)

Initial pronation

- Alternate lifting your legs up straight and then hold at the top for 3-5 seconds (5-6 repetitions for each leg)

- Hand in hand: smooth lifting of the torso and then hold for 5-7 seconds (5repeats).In carrying out this exercise, you can change the position of the hands: outstretched, at the back, the sides with small weight dumbbells, etc.

starting position on all fours

- pelvis lowered on the heels, arms stretched forward as possible (4-6 repeats)

- Approaching the knee to the opposite hand (3-4 repeat for each leg)

starting position standing

- all leaning against the wall, legs spread shoulder-width apart.Slide down, bending your knees to an angle of 90 degrees (approx.)Crouching, count to five, rising and count to five (5 repetitions)

- Stand behind the chair, holding his hands behind his back.Slowly take the leg straight back, and then slowly return the leg and the chair.A similar exercise with the other leg (4-5 reps each leg)

- Stand behind the chair, keeping your hands on the back of a chair.Leaning back in his hands, to dismiss the pelvis backwards (stretch) and hold this position for 5-7 seconds (5 repetitions)

When performing these exercises, they should be alternated with the performance of well-known dynamic exercises for the upper and lower extremities, as well as breathing exercises.Without exception, all movements should be done at a slow pace, pausing for relaxation.If during any - or exercises there is pain in the back, or they should be temporarily excluded from the procedure or performed with a smaller amplitude and effort.

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