Diseases of the joints and spine



lordosis photo lordosis - congenital or acquired bulging forward curvature of the spine, often located in the lumbar and cervical spine.Typically, the disease manifests itself during the formation and growth of the organism in adolescence as a result of violations of the right posture, or the presence of any disease of the spine.Distinguish normal and abnormal lordosis.

pathological lordosis - a disease that occurs due to the impact of various external factors, which manifests decrease or increase the natural curves of the spine.

normal lordosis - it gives elasticity body and relieves the load on the spine is the natural curve of the spine.This violation is generated during the first year of life in the lumbar and cervical spine, thus providing compensation for physiological kyphosis

lordosis - the causes of

As has been described above, normal (physiological) lordosis develops at the very beginning of life a baby inlumbar and / or cervical spine and is compensating physiological kyp


pathological lordosis develops due to malformation, inflammation, or other abnormalities of the spine.In addition, lordosis may be caused by sprains, bruises and injuries in different parts of the body and result from a lack of protein, minerals, vitamins and a variety of diseases.Often the development of pathological lordosis causes obesity.

As a result of established pathological lordosis in the affected parts of the spine significantly reduced mobility, thereby affecting the adequate operation of the chest and abdominal cavity as a whole and of individual organs (kidney, liver, stomach, intestines, etc.) In particular.The pathological lordosis is divided into primary and secondary.

primary pathological lordosis is often due to various pathologies of the spine, which include: a failure in the development of the spine during growth of the organism, the offset relative to each other separate the vertebrae (spondylolisthesis), back muscle spasms and swelling and inflammation of the spine.

secondary pathological lordosis is usually a manifestation of congenital or a sign of injury of the musculoskeletal system, or hip dislocation.

depending on localization distinguish lumbar and cervical lordosis.Lumbar lordosis develops as a result of various pathologies of the spine and hip joints, overweight.Cervical lordosis - a consequence of sedentary work, violations of posture and running of osteochondrosis

lordosis - the signs and symptoms

Characteristic signs of pathological lordosis of the spine: divorced in the side of the knee, bulging belly, over a flat breastbone, the nomination of the shoulders and head forward.In addition to changes in posture, there are the following symptoms of lordosis: fatigue and chronic fatigue, metabolic disorders, back pain.As a result of overvoltage is limited mobility of the back muscles of the back.Patients are often observed omission of some of the abdominal cavity, followed by violation of their proper functioning.

In the case of high degrees of curvature (hyperlordosis), begin to falter adequate operation of the heart muscle.Also in hyperlordosis in the knee joints while walking notes flexion installation with a deviation of the body backwards.In the vertical position when the knee joints hyperlordosis unfolded, and the body and the pelvis tilted anteriorly

Possible consequences lordosis

In case of delayed seeking medical help and ignoring the common symptoms of lordosis may be quite serious consequences.When lordosis is disturbed unless the correct operation of the diaphragm that reduce the capacity of the lungs, which in turn leads to negative changes in intra-abdominal pressure.Because of the pressure on the internal organs, broken their correct operation that subsequently leads to chronic disruption of the normal functioning of the intestines, stomach, kidneys, liver and other internal organs lordosis of the spine photo

lordosis - treatment

Treatment of lordosis of the spinemust necessarily be complex, very close attention should be paid at the same time present comorbidities.To determine the specific causes of lordosis shows a survey using MRI and consultation of the neurologist.Priority MRI over conventional radiography given because x-rays can be seen only large bones and get a complete picture of the disease will not succeed.

After examination and recommendation of a neurologist, the pathological amplification of the disease to relieve acute pain is conducted medication.If the pain of a chronic nature, the treatment is most often carried out with the help of physical therapy, which include: acupuncture, physiotherapy, spinal traction, aimed at straightening the spine massage.

specific method of treatment is determined based on the individual physiological characteristics of an organism and the severity of the disease.That is why each patient personally selected individual method of treatment of lordosis given personal data (sex, age, etc.), The physical state and the current degree of lordosis.

Treatment of primary lordosis of the spine is carried out exclusively by the surgery and follow-up rehabilitation procedures.Lordosis, which developed as a result of diseases of the spine, can be corrected by means of wearing a special brace, special therapeutic massage and perform individually tailored exercise.This is especially important for pregnant women, who at the time of gestation of the lumbar lordosis is greatly enhanced, which can lead to poor general health and unpleasant pain in the back.If this issue can only help special exercises and find the right prenatal bandage.The main function of the shroud is a reliable fixation of the problem areas of the spine and preventing its possible deformation photo views of lordosis

Exercises at lordosis

As the lumbar lordosis, and the curvature of the neck often leads to pain and limitation of activity.Therapeutic exercise promotes a kind of corset around the damaged areas of the spine and prevents the appearance of factors of negative influence.The only condition is a physical therapy sessions run regularly assigned exercises, since only in the case of regular employment will be a positive trend.

also want to note that when lordosis exercises should be carried out not only in the inpatient and outpatient conditions, but also at home.Below we describe a simple, but nevertheless quite effective exercises that you can perform without any problems at home:

- Lie on the floor, legs at the same time put on a chair so that between the knee joints and hips formed a right angle.Then, trying to push his left hand into the gap between the floor and lower back.There will necessarily be hollow and the essence of this exercise is precisely in its elimination.The closer to the floor will lumbar better.In addition, to eliminate this depression can draw the abdomen and pelvis to move forward.Repeat the exercise five to seven times

- against the wall and try to touch her waist

- take a deep slopes, pulling at the same shin hands

- divorced in hand hands lie on his back, and then lift straight leg up, throwing themas if his head

Above we have described the most basic exercises therapeutic exercises while actually gymnastic elements and ligaments are much more complicated, but the question of their possible use and intensity will be solved only doctor.

Therapeutic exercises have to be done at the request of the patient, and not under duress.Feeling tired after exercise is permissible, but it should be easy and enjoyable.Up to the point of exhaustion should not drive themselves in any case.It is necessary during exercise to learn how to breathe through the nose, so many people during workouts hold their breath.It should not do, as strays rhythm exercises and an additional load on the respiratory system.

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