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lumbago photo Lumbago - a vertebral syndrome, which manifests itself by changes in lumbar range of motion, severe pain, deformity of the lumbar spine with the diseased tissue and muscle tension.And if you say it simply, it is the so-called "cross back" when a person after the occurrence of sharp shooting pains in the lumbar spine can not straighten bent and forced to accept the position.It is in a position in which a man overtook the pain he and freezes.Most often lumbago exposed men after the age of thirty years

Lumbago - Causes

Lumbago can overtake a person completely at any age, but children adolescence the syndrome appears extremely rare.That popular definition of a "cross" is very well characterized by the manifestation of the disease in the form of a sudden, appears out of nowhere sudden acute pain in the lumbar spine.In most cases, lumbago occurs against the background of a certain movement, it is often lean forward while turning aside.

a long time it was believed that the catalysts o

f this disease are bacteria, viruses and toxins that cause inflammation.Currently Vertebrogenic proven cause of disease, ie,lumbago reason - any pathology of the spine and most often it is lumbar osteochondrosis.The nucleus of the intervertebral discs lose their cushioning ability and elasticity, respectively, that ultimately lead to deformation and reduction in the amount of discs, and they are split shifted.As a result there is lumbago.

human body at the time of the attack he currently has the necessary emergency care.The brain receives a signal to shift the intervertebral disks and to prevent even greater damage occurs blocking the movement of the injured area spasm.At this point the patient is very important to ensure complete peace in the most optimal for this situation pose - lying on his back on the most rigid perfectly smooth surface, while bending your knees.According to statistics, about 30% of cases, the cause of development of lumbago can not be established

Lumbago - symptoms

attack sudden sharp pain in the lumbar region may take several minutes or hours, and usually occurs suddenly during heavy lifting, minor bumpsduring the awkward movement, or spontaneously as if from nowhere.Home attack patients is characterized by a strong electric shock as boring arching burning pain, stabbing or piercing pain in deep tissues.Often at the same time there is profuse sweating.If the patient is in a state of rest, the pain somewhat weaker, but they immediately increase with bowel movements, sneezing, coughing, or the slightest movement.As soon as the severity of the pain decreases, its location can be seen much more clearly and primarily limited to low-lumbar and sacral regions.In some cases, the pain may issue in the thoracic spine, thus making it difficult to breath.

so-called defensive posture lumbago quite varied, most often the patient is in the jackknife position;lying on his back, legs bent at the hip joints;It is planted with a pillow under the stomach (syndrome "skid cushion"), etc.The bend in the lumbar becomes practically impossible (symptom of "strings" or "board").Typically, the pain is accompanied by decisive defensive posture tonic muscle tension of the lumbar, which subsequently could lead to hyperlordosis, scoliosis or kyphosis rotation.The attack of lumbago usually lasts five - six days, the number of peak moments of pain in different people can seriously falter (two or more).In between exacerbations the patient feels discomfort and heaviness in the lumbar region

Lumbago - Diagnosis

initial diagnosis of lumbago conducted visually on the basis of characteristic of this syndrome is the external manifestations.The presence of the disease suggests limiting the mobility of the lumbar and strong sharp pain.To exclude other similar to symptoms of disease and the installation of more accurate diagnosis is assigned to MRI of the lumbar spine (X-rays are also sometimes held, but not so informative)

Lumbago - treatment

Treatment of lumbago should be conducted on an individually tailored to a specific patient programthat in order to achieve the desired result must be complied with.In addition to the mandatory compliance with bed rest for the first seven - ten days, with a sharp attack shows the use of sedatives and painkillers and novocaine blockade.In addition, in the period of acute lumbago should adhere to a certain diet, the main purpose of which - is completely excluded from the diet, water retention products (smoked, spicy and salty dishes) and to limit the use of meat and fatty bacon.But potatoes, vegetable soups and a variety of cereals on the other hand, will bring enormous benefits for lumbago.

Integrated lumbago treatment program includes the use of the following methods: vacuum therapy, acupuncture, and various manual therapies, pharmacopuncture, laser, dry traction, treatment with leeches (hirudotherapy), electrical, magnitopunktura.In most cases, treatment is limited to ten - fifteen sessions, and for pain enough from one to three sessions.It should be remembered - the earlier the treatment was started, the result will be better.After elimination of the acute symptoms, the patient is assigned to a course of medical gymnastics and hydro

Lumbago - prevention

As a long time ago it became known, the main enemy of the spine can be considered as physical inactivity.That is why the best prevention of lumbago considered swimming, fitness, cycling and hiking.Prevention of diseases of the spine should be started since thirty years, thus it is necessary to remember a simple rule to help maintain the spinal column in good condition Below are the main ones:

- Everyday workplace should be organized more ergonomic and comfortable.In the chair, or the chair have to be anatomically shaped backrest, headrest and armrests, are well unloaded shoulder girdle muscles

- The car seat must be optimally adjusted to the most comfortable position back.During long trips behind the wheel, you must wear a seat special massage cape allowing relieves muscle tension

- In the case of the forced lifting weights, you first need to bend your knees, straighten the back, and only then to get up, the maximum loading thereby legs rather than the spine.In case you need to move a load, the severity should be prorated on both hands

- Sleep on your side, it is desirable, as it is in this position during sleep as much as possible the spine is unloaded (during his sleep on his stomach may be impaired blood circulation of the brain).Pillow exactly should match the height of the shoulder

- Be sure to avoid hypothermia

feasible Through regular training, bereguschie spine pathologies and disorders of the muscular system well developed.Thus, we can confidently assert that the key to a disturbing lack of acute back pain is a healthy sport lifestyle.

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