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allergic to the face photo Allergy to face - an allergic reaction to any stimulus, which manifests itself in the form of flaky skin, red spots and areas of rash.Also, allergies to the face of the child often appears rezyu eyes, heavy breathing, sneezing and swelling of the nasal mucosa.Cutaneous manifestations may be different: in the form of edema, dermatitis, urticaria and so forth., And in some cases, the allergic reaction is manifested gradually, in other almost instantaneously.

allergy on the face of the child is a kind of protective reaction of the body's immune defenses to penetrate into it a hostile foreign agent (the allergen).Allergies in children have to be treated as if it is the lack of progression of the allergic reaction often leads to such serious diseases such as angioedema, asthma, atopic dermatitis, etc.

Allergy to face - the reasons

For children, the most common allergenssome foods are: seafood, cow's milk, nuts, eggs, and others. In addition, allergy on the face of the newbo

rn may occur due to the use of medications like salicylates, sulfonamides, penicillin and topical anesthetics.There is also common allergens include: a variety of chemicals, household chemicals, pet dander, insect bites, especially the seasons, dust, molds, dust mites, pollen of various plants.

main reason for the development of allergies in children on the face - weakened by any external or internal reasons, the immune defense.In most allergic reactions in children are shown after its introduction into the edible product of the new menu.Parents should know that if on the face of the child were seen manifestations of an allergic reaction, you should not delay to consult a dermatologist.Usually in such cases, a diagnosis diathesis.The progression of the disease can not be tolerated, as the characteristic spots on the cheeks will become bright red color (red face) and can spread to adjacent parts of the body of the baby.

As mentioned above, one of the most common in children of allergic skin disease is atopic dermatitis.For this disease is characterized by a tendency to migrate to the new eruption fate of the body, which is directly linked to the child's age.For example, if atopic dermatitis began to emerge from the age of two, it is usually localized allergic rashes on the flexor-extensor parts of the extremities and the face of the child.The most common lesions are located in skin folds at the wrist, around the large joints and in the folds of the neck.In the case of the transition to a chronic form of dermatitis there are areas of hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation.In addition, there is the formation of more wrinkles of the lower eyelid.In adolescence, the rash is usually localized in the demarcated areas of the skin of the upper limbs, neck, face and upper torso.

Most parents at the first allergic symptoms start to panic and wonder quite natural question: Allergy to face - what to do?The main thing is not to panic, but to try as soon as possible to eliminate these symptoms.If your child has an allergy to the face, you first need to determine what kind of allergen causes a reaction of the organism.Often, once it is not possible to determine, especially in those cases where the home diet and received no changes.In such cases, can actually help just personal observations, especially if someone in the family has the slightest idea of ​​the allergic reactivity of the organism, and the allergen.

In cases where the allergen is able to quickly identify the (small dose of drug intolerance, etc..) And has complied with all the recommendations, all the manifestations on the face disappeared fairly quickly without the use of any therapeutic drugs.

Unfortunately, not always possible to independently determine the cause of the allergy on the skin.In such cases, the only solution will appeal to the allergist.

allergy symptoms on the face - accompanied by burning and itching of various types of skin rashes on the face, neck and hands.Very often people in the case of the onset of allergic reactions on the face wash with hot or cold water with the lotion, soap or cologne.It is strictly forbidden to do so as an inflammation of the skin will only increase photo allergy on the face

Allergy Facial - treatment

allergy on the face gives the most unpleasant, because in addition to the usual for this disease continuing discomfort, significantly affected the appearance.Swelling of the face with allergies - one of the main manifestations of angioedema, the development of which requires immediate emergency care.

as emergency measures used by intramuscular and / or intravenous administration of antihistamines like diphenhydramine, suprastin, Claritin, and so on. If you can not injecting the drug, it is not excluded oral intake at which medication is best placed under the tongue.

Allergy treatment on the face directed on removal of stimulus is present, and to block allergens.The most effective treatment is considered to be consistent, in which the therapeutic measures aimed not only at withdrawal symptoms, but also to eliminate the causes of allergy in the skin, as in the case of repeated allergen exposure on the child's body, his response could be much worse.

Treatment of allergies in children include several directions simultaneously performed.First of all, this diet therapy, appointed strictly individually to each child.At the same time it should be carried out treatment of opportunistic diseases (often this intestinal dysbiosis, biliary dyskinesia, gastritis), as they often are the initiators of developing allergies.In addition, treatment should be carried out parallel to the skin.

the topical treatment of facial skin dermatologist prescribe the necessary cream or ointment from allergies to the face, helps to relieve allergic inflammation.If the cream of the allergy on the face to find the right, the transition of the disease into a chronic form, and further complications are almost always avoided.

most commonly used allergy facial corticosteroid ointment - ftorokort, Advantan, ecological, Skin-Cap.

Allergy Treatment Facial children does not end with the local media, so both should be carried out and the internal treatment of the disease.The fact is that many allergy ointment on the face remove only the external symptoms of allergies, so if the internal treatment is not applied, the disease will remain.In case of delayed and inadequate treatment may develop complications such as pathological changes in the gastrointestinal tract, bronchus and nasopharynx.Strictly based on the current age of the child allergist assigns certain allergy medications.Swelling of the face with allergies are usually removed by subcutaneous administration of hydrocortisone hemisuccinate or 0.1% solution of adrenaline.

good disinfectant and anti-inflammatory action has azulene, which is part of chamomile cream allergy on her face.Good health effect of this cream on the face has an allergy and other skin lesions, sunburn as well.To remove the allergic reactions successfully used washing herbs (chamomile, succession, etc.), Which have a calming effect resistant.

allergy skin of the face is usually treated for more than one year.The main method of treatment is desensitization, consisting of a wide range of therapeutic interventions, which aims to reduce the body's response to the presence of foreign bodies.One of the main methods of therapeutic treatment of the complex is the systematic introduction of miniscule doses of the allergen.This method leads to the fact that the body spends allergen intended to combat-related substances, which after reducing the amount of reaction to the allergen becomes not so strong.

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