Allergies to chocolate

allergic to chocolate

allergic to chocolate photo Allergic to Chocolate - a kind of quite widespread in these days of food allergies, which most commonly affects children, since they are the largest consumers of this very tasty foods.The answer to the question of what causes provoke the development of this disease is on the surface: virtually all the components of chocolate - is obligate allergens, which have a very high sensitizing activity

allergic to chocolate - causes

Despite the fact that the main ingredientchocolate is cocoa, to meet the person with allergies is on the given component can be quite rare, although allergies to chocolate so much more.This is due to the fact that the chocolate confectionery is a complex multi-component product, which, though made based on cacao, but it has many additional ingredients that are used in the food industry.It is these supplements often become a cause of allergic reactions to chocolate.

To visualize exactly which supplements can cause the development of allergies, be

low we examine the composition of chocolate and the technology of its preparation.

basis of any kind to sell on the shelves of chocolate is cocoa.Its content in milk chocolate - 35% dark chocolate - 40% and 50% more bitter.Cocoa butter and cocoa powder to consist of 55% vegetable fat and 10% from protein structures.The human body is often responsible for these components sensitization, manifesting as allergic to chocolate.Despite this, the list of allergens to these components of chocolate ingredients occupy one of the last places.

modern food industry to reduce the cost of the product cost and increase profits, respectively, learned to change the original formulation of products, substituting cheaper counterparts expensive components.To date, most chocolate manufacturers to significantly reduce the cost of using such cheap vegetable oils like peanut, coconut or palm.This list is just a powerful allergen peanut butter!

According to the conventional manufacturing process of chocolate production, in all its varieties is added to milk, which often provokes allergic to chocolate, though in fact it is an allergic reaction to milk protein.Allergy both milk itself and its components is fairly common reaction to the child's body containing milk protein products, so if predisposed to this type of allergy baby after eating a piece of chocolate were allergic manifestations - is not particularly surprising.

tile virtually any chocolate in its composition optionally comprises nut butters, nuts (peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts), soy lecithin, vanillin, coffee, raisins, preservatives, stabilizers, dyes and fragrances.The most dangerous allergens from this list are the nuts and soy protein, though all other nutritional supplements the body can respond to the development of allergy to chocolate.

Another allergen is contained in all the chocolate bars is chitin, which is, paradoxically sounds, is a major component of the exoskeleton of arthropods.Where does chocolate taken this polysaccharide?In fact, everything is very simple - the cocoa beans is a favorite delicacy of living in all corners of the globe cockroaches that despite all the barriers erected in front of them do find an opportunity to get to the storage of fruits.Companies producing cocoa powder and cocoa butter are simply unable to separate cocoa beans from cockroaches and other insects had infiltrated, so the final product in the form of chocolate invariably get their particle shell.Most allergists chitin is considered to be the main component, which is developing an allergy to chocolate.Unfortunately, to get rid of chitin is not possible, because even in the luxury chocolate that a priori there are particles of insects

Allergic to Chocolate - Symptoms

After accumulation in the body of a large number of allergies in susceptible to this allergic reaction a person often appears itchyred rash, sometimes turning into blisters.Symptoms of allergies to chocolate often develop over an hour after eating chocolate, but in most cases the development of allergic reactions to the systematic use of the sweets.The most common symptoms of allergies to chocolate:

• Skin rashes.These symptoms appear as small red itchy rash on the stomach, back, arms and legs

• Hives.Appear on the skin accompanied by itching blisters raspberry, merging in combing vast areas.Typically, rash appears on the stomach, back, arms and legs, but sometimes red spots may occur on the face.Usually the symptoms of urticaria alone have consequences for twelve hours, and after taking an antihistamine an hour

• Angioedema.This allergic manifestations is the most dangerous, as is developing rapidly, accompanied by swelling of tissues.Laryngeal edema is the most dangerous, as can sometimes lead to asphyxia and subsequent death

In the case of severe illness, allergic to chocolate can lead to breathing problems, and with the presence of a man of such diseases as asthma, allergic to chocolateit could trigger a serious attack.In rare cases, anaphylactic shock may develop

Allergic to Chocolate - treatment

During the opening or acute illness symptomatic treatment while taking the necessary measures for elimination from the gastrointestinal tract provoking allergen.Usually treatment of allergies to chocolate does not last more than a month and includes:

• Colon Cleansing and blood.In some cases, an allergic reaction develops due to dysbiosis or slagging of the body.To eliminate these factors are assigned sorbents, the most common of which is a conventional activated carbon.However, despite the fact that the sorbent clean the intestines, often due to violation of the microflora of their intake can lead to constipation.Therefore, the second step is to establish the normal operation of the reception gastrointestinal lactobacilli.Blood purification using plasmapheresis is performed only in extreme cases

• Reception antihistamines.These drugs are medications used to reduce the production of histamine and local relief of itching.In the case of extensive clinical picture, the presence of such symptoms as conjunctivitis, rhinitis and enterocolitis, shows systemic use of these drugs.In the presence of only allergic dermatitis may exclusively antihistamines, topical application as ointments or creams

• Diet.An important step in the treatment of allergies to chocolate is properly chosen for each patient diet, which excludes the entire treatment period upotreblenieya sugar, chocolate, fruit, red, strong tea and coffee

allergic to chocolate in children treated according to the same classical scheme, only antihistaminesshould be taken in minimal doses.In addition, during the exacerbation, the child should be protected from any sweets, even though they are made from natural ingredients.

Patients with allergic reaction to chocolate, is the period of exacerbation, to determine the cause sensitization of the components of this product should be tested in a specialized allergotsentr.After identifying the allergen provoking the patient performed specific allergen immunotherapy, which in most cases relieves a person from denying this delicacy.Children usually outgrow this disease on their own, without conducting any specific treatment.

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